Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2010

This list compiles the movies released in 2010 that were the biggest disappointments.

The Top Ten

1 The Last Airbender

I am not one of those big Avatar fans that I know are everywhere. When it was still airing the show was a big hit and from what I'm told it all sounds pretty interesting (I just don't really do anime or manga - sorry - not my thing). So when I learned that M. Night Shyamalan was directing a live-action movie based on the franchise, I was terrified that all of my Avatar friends were going to commit Hari Kari after seeing it (since we're talking about a man who's one of Hollywood's most notorious screw-ups). And my fears were legitimized by the appalling reaction to the film. There goes another possible good movie franchise. - BKAllmighty

I've never seen it but I heard that it's one of the worst movies ever - Ajkloth

I Knew This Would Be Number 1. Because It Should. This Ruined Avatar. I Mean, it doesn't have the same humor that Avatar does. Nice Going, M. Night Shyamalan!

I Want To Fire M. Night Shyamalan's Balls So Badly - VideoGamefan5

2 Alice In Wonderland

Poor Tim Burton. I think he's legitimately trying to make good movies but what the heck keeps happening to them? My biggest problem with this film is that it is trying to promote a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with its audience by "re-introducing" classic characters to us as if this movie was a sequel. But it isn't a sequel. These characters are not known by us (sure, they may have the same names but they are totally different than anything we've ever seen before) and pushing aside character development because we're supposed to know and recognize these characters is ridiculous. It's like a guy who you've never seen before pretending to be an old high school classmate just to make you feel awkward and embarrassed for not remembering him (a popular gag used in various media types). Plus, the movie is cold, dark, twisted, and too CGI-heavy. Of course, we have another loopy Johnny Depp performance behind a pound of white face makeup to not look forward to, also. - BKAllmighty

Although Alice looks much worse (that pinafore was ridiculous looking), you're better off looking at the original film. - Swellow

3 A Nightmare On Elm Street

The last time we saw Freddy was back in 2003 when he faced off against Jason Voorhees in a battle to the death. It was fun, it was funny, it was cartoony (like all the other later 'Nightmare' movies). What we wanted was a back-to-basics horror show with rusty knives, burnt skin, and lots of sleep deprived tension. What we got was a cheesy accent and low-scare nightmares. Too bad. And with the negative reception and poor box office returns it looks like we won't be having any more nightmares for a while. Sleep easy, kids. - BKAllmighty

4 Tron: Legacy

The original 'Tron' from 1982 is a classic in almost every sense of the word. It's especially famous for its revolutionary CGI effects (which may look pathetic to anyone who wasn't alive to witness this film's initial release). So, naturally a sequel set 30 years later in an age where the technology exists to make really convincing digital environments sounded like a good idea. Plus, we had got Jeff Bridges back on board and we had a decent premise. Too bad both were not used to the best of their potential. The story ended up feeling clunky and uninspired, and the characters (both old and new) weren't given the attention they needed to be interesting. It was the brainless, special-effects-driven effects show everyone was hoping it wouldn't be. - BKAllmighty

Ouch... All I can say :/

5 The A-Team

'The A-Team' had the makings of a satisfying reboot. It had a very talented (and similar-looking to the show) cast, it had the action where it needed to be, and it had the van (for 5 minutes, anyways). What it didn't have was a grasp on the comedy side of the franchise, I think. The jokes probably seemed serviceable to the filmmakers at the time but, boy, did some of them fall flat on the big screen. To make matters worse, the whole movie felt like it was trying to convince it's audience that Quinton Jackson was a suitable replacement for Mr. T (nobody can replace him - believe me) as if they had zero confidence in his abilities. Bradley Cooper's performance as "Face" also felt a bit forced. I mean, the character was always a confident fellow but in this film he comes off as arrogant (which, a likable character, that trait does not make). There are a number of other things worth noting but, as a big fan of the original series, I do not want to bring further attention to how it is ...more - BKAllmighty

6 Jonah Hex

DC Comics has had a very inconsistent run when it comes to their movies. You'd think that the company behind Superman and Batman would be able to find success with more than just their poster boys. Marvel has had slight trouble with some of their characters but one bad movie for every nine movies still leaves us with 90% goodness (that's an exaggeration of Marvel's success but you get the point). With DC, it's more like every one out of nine movies IS the good one. And Jonah Hex is one of the nine others. You had a talented lead in Josh Brolin's casting and you got the look and feel right, alright. But everything else was as botched as Hex's face. Ah well, at least it was better than 'Catwoman' (and just barely, mind you). - BKAllmighty

7 Clash of the Titans

I only watched this movie once, and that was at the theatre back in 2010. I can barely remember a single thing about it besides "Release the Kraken! " and that Medusa had her head chopped off (if you're mad at me for spoiling that remember that it's been over five years so if you wanted to see the movie you should have already watched it by now, bud). Anyways, the fact that I can remember more than just the "Kraken" line by itself seems like a miracle since the whole movie is one, big, forgettable "journey". I'd go on but, you see, I can't elaborate any more on a movie that I can't remember anything about (and my movie memory is very sharp, typically). - BKAllmighty

8 Shutter Island

Shutter Island wasn't really a huge "disappointment" as much as it was a missed opportunity for all-time greatness. It looked as if it might be one of the cornerstones of Scorsese's career. Instead it was just another better-than-average movie in a long line of almost forgettable suspense thrillers. We don't blame you for trying, Martin. - BKAllmighty

9 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

After six previous installments filled with the magic, wonder, and action (the latter of which was much stronger starting with the third film) that we've come to expect, 'Deathly Hallows - Part 1' felt noticeably drier and slower. There were far too many scenes in that tent, for one thing, and the whole thing felt like one big tease to hold us over until we finally got to see 'Part 2'. Thankfully, that final chapter was the satisfying conclusion we were waiting for so for that I think 'Part 1' is forgivable (to an extent). - BKAllmighty

I honestly found this to be a riveting movie, sure it has some exposition but it shows a shade of darkness that we have come eventually to, also the last 20- 30 minutes are awesome and also sad. - idontknow

10 Iron Man 2

This, and 'Harry Potter #7" are both movies that I didn't see any issues with right off the bat. I walked out of the theatres both times feeling satisfied with what I saw. It was only after a few years had passed that I was able to look back and see some of the faults that I had missed. And while 'Iron Man 2' is true to the look and feel of 'Iron Man 1', it didn't present us with anything remarkably memorable like the first one did or try as hard to keep the scientific mumbo jumbo from obscuring the sense of fun that should have been front and center. Thankfully, we still got the Tony Stark wit and charm that we were looking for. That is not to be forgotten. - BKAllmighty

This movie was a great movie. Tony Stark isn't as likable as usual but it was still an awesome movie

The Contenders

11 Saw: The Final Chapter

Nothing but torture porn.

This Saw movie had no good ending

12 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Not like anyone expected it to be good anyway.

13 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
14 Due Date
15 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
16 The Tourist
17 Marmaduke
18 Gulliver's Travels
19 Valentine's Day
20 Yogi Bear
21 Little Fockers
22 Toy Story 3

Not Disappointing At All. - masoncarr2244

It was disapointing

23 Machete

Why is this disappointing? This was and still is a good movie.

24 The Nutcracker in 3D
25 The Wolfman
26 Splice
27 The Back-Up Plan
28 The Nutcracker (2010)

It’s already on the list.

29 Inception
30 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This movie's still horrible as it cannot stand on its own if you haven't read the books.

This Should Be On The List, As This Movie Is Not Horrible, It Could Of Been MUCH MUCH Better, The Books Are FAR Better, And Even a lot Of People Who Were Fans Of The Books Series Said This Movie Was Crap - VideoGamefan5

31 Diary of a Wimpy Kid
32 Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

It was going to be added eventually.

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