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1 Austin and Ally

They are just too cute! I love the way the writers don't force it at us and they just let it form naturally from their friendship. I have definitely watched the whole series at least 10 times (no shame). They are truly the epitome of couple goals.

I was hoping and praying for them to be number one because their chemistry and love and how their feelings for the other developed over the series just warms my heart up. I'm normally not one for having the cliche main characters get together thing going on, but watching these two grow up together and have their love be so mature by the end of the series make me so happy.

2 Jack and Kim

Jack and Kim are the cutest. Their relationship developed over the 4 seasons and they were very mature about their relationship. Kim and Jack are soulmates. Bummed that Leo and Olivia aren't dating in real life cause they're soulmates.

One of Disney's most developed and stable couples. These two had a great dynamic as friends and an even better one as romantic partners.

These two made the best couple on disney channel. Their chemistry throughout the four seasons was amazing. I love you guys!

3 Alex and Mason

The cutest Disney channel couple of all time. Their chemistry was amazing. I hope there could be more seasons of Wizards of Waverly Place with them.

Probably the best couple ever. They were so cute together!

From the show Wizards of Waverly Place!

4 Sonny and Chad

This couple deserves to be number one! Austin and Ally are practically a remake of Sonny and Chad.

Chad jumped out of a plane, dressed up as Eric, pushed Sonny away from a bomb, made a billboard for her and so much more!

Sonny gave Chad a chance every single time but one, supported him despite the rivalry, took the time to understand who he really was, and so much more.

They clearly love each other. You can see it in their eyes whether they bicker or have a romantic scene together.

Also Sterling Knight was the only cast mate of Demi's that visited he while she was in rehab. He cares about her in real life to which adds to the undeniable magic of Channy.

5 Jessie and Tony

Tony was just so much better than Brooks...

I'll be honest with this one, it's annoying how Tony is really dumb in the program but at the same time there are some cute scenes between Jessie and Tony and I was a bit disappointed when they broke up

6 Fletcher and Olive

Fletcher and olive are the classic Love And Hate relationship. They should have never broke them up.

I wish they would'nt of broken up . There romance was so shocking and amazing

7 Bree and Ethan
8 Cody and Bailey

The are the best couple ever honesty I think Cole Sprouse and Debby Ryan would be real cute. But lili and Cole are cute as well so is Debby and her boy friend josh we so cute.

They should've been in first, I mean they are perfect for each other and at least they're story is better than thhe othe relationships, better break up, perfect of getting back together, and they're smart " both of them ".

Such Emotion, Such Love, These Two are number 1 and are the best and cutest Disney Channel couple. They belong together, with a great story arc and bring a lot of heart.

9 Rocky and Logan

They had chemistry! And were so cute

10 Troy and Gabriella

Troy and Gabriella are such a cute couple and for me, they're the best high school couple ever, and they dated in real life which was even cuter and I know they're not together anymore but I still ship them a little but I'm happy for Zac with his new girlfriend Vanessa Valladares

They are the hottest couple and I wish they can get together in your life!

They were together in real life for 5 or 6 years.

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11 Trish and Dez

Dez and Trish are better off as friends in my opinion. But I thought Trish and Jace were a very underrated pair.

12 Lucas and Maya

Lucas is nothing more than Riley's first crush. When I see them, I can't imagine them actually going anywhere. Maya and Lucas could really become an awesome couple. But the writers keep toying with my emotions with these stupid Rucaya scenes!

They are adorable! They are way funnier and more interesting than Riley and Lucas, who are boring and awkward

I know, Riley and Lucas are the main couple and all but Lucas and Maya are so cute together they care for each other and I like how Maya's always teases him which is adorable

13 Ben and Mal

They are pretty cute together but isn't mal too young for marriage? I also was hoping descendants 3 would be better but they are still cute and it's awesome to know that in the world of decentdants they will still be together.

The way Ben proposed was adorble. There's no way the rumors about Mal using him are true

14 Phineas and Isabella

Absolute best. Just the scenes. Smiles all the way.

Are you kidding!? They are the cutest!

15 Riley and Lucas

In my opinion, Riley and Lucas are the better couple in this show, other than Josh and Maya. Lucas very much cares for her and she cares a lot about him. Riley has been through so much and Maya didn't even like Lucas to be honest. Nothing against Maya, because she is my favourite character, but I'm just saying that Lucas and Riley are so cute together, they know so much about each other and they never gave up on each other. I think that they should be higher than Lucas and Maya for sure. That is just my opinion!

16 Gordo and Lizzie

Why are these two number 11?! They deserve to be at least in the top 5! I would cry if a guy saved me a cookie! And a chocolate chip cookie would have me balling!

Deserves a way higher spot watching Lizzie McGuire right now and the chemistry is up the roof.

The original OTP. When Gordo was about to ask her out I was so happy until Lizzie's dad interrupted. Deserves to be way higher

17 Kim and Ron

I don't get why there so low on this list. To me they are and always will the best Disney Channel couple ever

ICONIC. that is all that needs to be said. Though we shouldn't forget Kigo (Shego and Kim) .

18 Teddy and Spencer

They're just perfect for each real life too!

19 Liv and Holden

These two deserved more of a relationship! They were so good together!

20 Miley and Jake

Miley and Jake's relationship is like big rollercoster ride. How they try to make each other in the first season, who it got really complicated in the seconde season...They have an on and off relationship.
The main thing was,Jake is the first guy Miley had feelings for,which makes them great

21 Maddie and Diggie

Miggie was cute. by the way I don't see Andy and dump truck here but maybe I missed it

22 Rapunzel and Eugene

Perfect. Endgame. Beautiful. Love them so much

23 Star and Marco

I love this ship. It should be way higher on the list. It should be in the 10 cause this ship is ADORABLE if you haven't seen there FIRE kiss yet you need to cause it's an amazing kiss.

STARCO! Star and Marco should be NUMBER 1 on the list. They are so cute together and they have had so much development. They are now cannon!

24 Emma and Xander

They were so cute, but underrated Xander helped Emma embrace life at camp and made her not want to leave! Honestly one of my favourite ships xx

I love them tidal wave is a amazing song they should've never broke up

25 Nick and Macy
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