Hocus Pocus is Getting a Remake

MegaSoulhero Disney recently announced that Hocus Pocus is getting a remake. In case you don’t know what Hocus Pocus is, it’s a Halloween movie about three witches, replace the “w” with a “b” and it would be more accurate, who come back from the dead after being woken up by a virgin. At first, people thought the movie was getting a sequel, but instead it’s getting a remake with a whole different cast and a different director. Obviously they have to recast the kids, but people really wanted them to bring back the original Sanderson Sisters. And the worst part is, it’s going to air on Disney Channel! Yep! It’s a Disney Channel Original Movie! When have those ever been good?

Anyway, a lot of people were pissed off about this news. Because even though the original film wasn’t critically successful, it developed a following years later. Honestly, I don’t give crap if they remake it. Why? Because I personally thought the original film sucked! The writing was terrible, the characters were terrible, the effects were terrible, and the story was definitely terrible! Usually I can understand why there are people who like a certain film, but with this one I actually have to ask why people like it. Is there something I’m missing? But anyway, since I don’t care at all for the original film, I don’t care if it gets remade. It’s unlikely that it will be worse than the original. And considering it’s airing on Disney Channel, they’re most likely gonna have to change it up a bit to make it more kid friendly. Like they’re probably not gonna mention virginity. That was a major problem I had with the original. I’m sure that the effects in the remake will look a lot better considering technology has gotten better. Although, I don’t know what the budget for the film is. It seems strange that people are upset about the movie getting a remake. Whenever Disney announces that they’re remaking a popular animated film, people get excited for it. No matter how much they love the original. With Hocus Pocus, people are furious that it’s getting a remake even though, out of all the Disney movies out there, this is one of the most deserving ones. Because honestly, it hasn’t aged well. So I understand why they are doing it. I just wish it wasn’t being released on Disney Channel.

I’m not looking forward to the remake, but I’m not angry about it like everyone else is. Like I said, I didn’t care for the original film, so I couldn’t care less. Maybe it will be better and maybe it won’t. We will have to wait and see.


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