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1 Tangled

This is the best fairy tale ending by excellence. And just to add something, the little mermaid and the sleeping beauty's original ending were horrible, frightening and traumatic! Search for them and surprise yourself. - keyson

By far a terrific, magical, Disney-like, happy ending. Tangled has done it all for the ending!

Yes I liked the ending it was cute

This movie is ADORABLE! Five years later and it's still a favorite!

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2 Beauty and the Beast

Belle would have taken the Beast as he was, but that would be a hard life. She gets a prince, the spell is broken for everyone else, Gaston is gone, and everyone knows Maurice isn't crazy. There is literally NOTHING wrong with the ending! My favorite ending of all!

I'm so happy this is number one. Really one of the best movies ever, with a truly beautiful ending. Frozen is a joke. THIS MOVIE is the best, not only the best disney movie, but one of the best movies in general. Its an animated masterpiece.

I think it is a great finnish to a wonderful story belle is happy, the prince is overjoyed, gaston is defeated everyone ( most everyone) wins.

It was a perfect ending. The singing as the camera zooms out of the stained glass picture. Too...perfect... - DisneyQueen

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3 The Lion King

Nothing ever beats lion king

Number 8 my ass, the best ending in all movies

I'm 29 and nothing will ever bet the lion king still have 1,2,3 love the movie amazing ending amazing movie all together

Definitely! I loved this movie! Better than all other Disney movies. 100% the best animated movie ever! The ending was one of my favorite scenes. As Simba walks up Pride Rock to claim his true spot as the King. The intense music, the roars, the happy ending. As all the animals gather up as Rafiki shows up the next prince of the Pridelands. Nothing can beat this.

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4 Pocahontas

This really should be higher on the list. Pocahontas is scapegoated for being one of the "weaker" films of the Disney Renaissance, despite the fact that it has great music and visuals. This film is as underrated as Frozen is overrated. And the ending... it's so beautiful. When I was a kid, I wasn't all that impressed because I wasn't old enough to really appreciate the beauty of it all: the music, the emotion. But when I watched it again when I was older, I cried. No other Disney film made me cry like that. Amazing! A++++

Pocahontas actually has the strongest ending. Instead of the predictable, everything is gonna end happily ever after--this one did not. This was really a bold streak of Pocahontas personality, strong yet hopeful.

I really like this ending, too! Such a powerful ending as they both decide that the best way is for them to go their separate ways. The very last scene where she is on the rock and they wave goodbye is just so touching! I cried when I first watched it and wished they would stay together but now I really like the ending just the way it was filmed.

Definitely one of Disney's finest in my opinion; I'm still in love with it after all these years. I'm 29.

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5 The Little Mermaid

It's a GREAT STORY. shes a unique kind of princess too.. SHES A MERMAID!
And it's so sad that she wasn't allowed to go to the surface her father forbade her. And it's so sad on some partys :( BUT THE MOVIE AND THE BOOK WAS SO GOOD

She married her true love and in the sequel had an amazing daughther best ending ever

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6 Aladdin

Though when the bad genie dies, it's kinda disturbing.

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7 Toy Story 3

It's so cute how the toys get a new home and how happy they are.

I mean this is the end of this awesome movie and ANDY GIVES HIS TOYS.

The bittersweet ending is always the best

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8 Cinderella

I love Cinderella she is one of my best Disney princess

9 The Fox and the Hound

Copper stands in the way before his owner kills Todd, and he doesn't shoot, and gives up on hunting Todd, This is awesome because Todd accidentally made Chief get hit by a train, and copper blamed Todd. This proves that they still are friends and care for each other. and Todd and trixy are together, Todd and copper are friends again. My favorite Disney movie - RustyNail

10 Frozen

I love frozen! My favorite Disney movie beside lion king. The ending was great, seeing elsa interacting with other people and not being afraid of herself anymore.

I agree with you! My newborn sister had only been at our house for a few weeks when we bought frozen! It was perfect since my little (and only) sis had just arrived at home! It was so special because, unlike most Disney movies, no prince had to save the day, and the movie was about sisterly love. At the end I loved how everyone loved Elsa's powers and Anna finally got to be with her sister and both sisters got to be with the towns people.

Frozen is my all time favorite movie it is funny sad but my favorite part was when Anna and Elsa became close sisters

Olaf Is the Best Character in the movie. Without him the movie would be bad. - JavierRocks

Best happy ending in Disney pictures..

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11 Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl
12 The Princess and the Frog

I loved the ending to The Princess and the Frog. It was fun, happy, romantic, and upbeat. A great ending to a great movie!

Best ending ever! They both got turned back to human, they have 2 weddings, one as frogs, one as humans, Naveen helps Tiana with her dream building a restaurant, Ray becomes a star, there's too much. I love the reprise of Down in New Orleans too. This should be in the top 10 - alylin

I loved the ending for Tiana and Naveen, but I can't help but feeling Charlotte got the short end of the stick here. She spent the whole movie trying to find love, and at the end, she didn't get it. Tiana was the one who wasn't looking for love but she got it. Now, I like Tiana; and her and Prince Naveen are a cute couple, who got the perfect ending. Charlotte, ended up without the prince she wanted so badly. I'm really glad Naveen chose Tiana, but Charlotte deserves someone too. It was really unfair how she didn't get a happy ending like her friend did. I feel like maybe Charlotte needs a movie of her own, because there's not much more you can do with Tiana and Naveen, because the point was to go from frogs to humans. Charlotte though, deserves a movie of her own. It can have Her friend Tiana in it, maybe Naveen, but Charlotte would be the main focus this time. Maybe since Tirana fell for a prince, Charlotte should fall for the opposite of that, like a guy that's very down to Earth. ...more

13 Alice In Wonderland (2010)

Alice boards The Wonder, a trading ship that she would soon captain herself, but before she departs, she is greeted by a blue butterfly that she finally recognises as Absolem, the blue caterpillar she encountered in Underland..

When I see that moment now there's a poignant undertone given that Alan Rickman recently died and this could be his reincarnation.

14 Toy Story

Woody is such a jealous jerk of lunar Larry.

15 Monsters, Inc.

This is so far, one of the best movies I have ever watched! It was amazing seeing sully and boo reunite. Well, a hug could've been better. But, the ending just shows more than just Boo and sully reunite. those 35 seconds of the ending showed a secret of life. People Change People. Boo is more than just a 2 year old who came out of her room that gave a pain to Sully and mike, She's always going to be part of my childhood. Yes, maybe it is stupid. I am not fictional. This movie is worth watching. YOU CANNOT MISS THIS OUT!

Monsters Inc. hands down had the best ending ever. Sully didn't think he was ever going to see Boo again, and then her door gets fixed at the end so he can visit her whenever she wants. The relationship between Boo and Sully is adorable, she changed his heart and made him a better person or "monster".

What a good movie. You guys should watch it. - EpicJake

Only ending always making me cry - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

16 Toy Story 2
17 Cinderella (2015)

I love this movie. I loved the song lavenders blue

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18 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
19 Hercules

This ending makes me cry happy tears.

20 Dumbo V 1 Comment
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