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What makes a person more sad than seeing a normal romance that has its ups and downs and ends in a way that for the most part, almost every married couple experiences at the end. But it isn't the beginning that makes me the saddest, it's the end, right before the climax when we finally learn what it means to go on an adventure, it doesn't have to include exotic locations, epic romances, great tragedy. All you need is a two people who just get along and enjoy getting along.

Though we only saw Carl's relationship with Ellie for a few minutes, it was clear they had a beautiful and true love. The whole sequence of their life was so well written but it's the music that really made it so emotional. And seeing Ellie die before they got to travel like they wanted was heartbreaking. Poor Carl, I'm glad he finally found peace with Russel and Dug.

I've never cried so much watching a kids' film. In fact, when my family and I first watched it at the cinema, adults and children were all in tears. It's an amazing film for the entire family to enjoy, no matter what age. This story is so sad, but also funny, so it will have you crying one minute and laughing the next. I absolutely adore this film, it's beautiful.

2 The Lion King

This is a very sad (yet very beautiful and amazing) movie. It first starts with many wonderful animals coming to see the birth of prince Simba. Rafiki, a creepy but a hilarious and loving baboon, raises the cub in the air so the animals can see. Then it shows Scar, the king Mufasa's brother, catching a mouse. Scar was a cruel and selfish lion with a hideous scar running down his eye. Before he eats the mouse, strict Zazu the hornbill comes and tells Scar that king Mufasa is on his way and that Scar must have a good reason why he missed the coming of Simba. Angered by losing his lunch, Scar traps Zazu in his mouth. An angry Mufasa comes and commands Scar to spit him out. Later, Simba grows up into a very loving young cub and has a best buddy named Nala. One day, they venture off into an elephant graveyard. They meet three very hungry hyenas. Before they get eaten, Mufasa saves the cubs, but then scolds Simba. At night, Mufasa's anger leaves, and shows Simba the stars. Then it is shown that Scar made the hyenas try to kill the young prince. The next day, Scar orders the hyenas to make a stampede. The stampede almost kills Simba. Happily, he is saved by Mufasa. However, Mufasa was slipping and saw Scar."Brother, help me! " Says Mufasa. Scars grins evilly and makes Mufasa fall down and get stepped on by the thousands of wildebeests. Simba curls up to his deceased father and runs away. Simba stays with a fat warthog and a thin meerkat till he grows up to a very handsome young adult. He finds a young adult Nala and then sees Mufasa's spirit with the help of Rafiki. Simba returns and fights Scar. Scar was throw off of Pride rock and killed by the hyenas. Simba now takes place as the king, where he lives happily with his new wife and his baby daughter.

3 The Fox and the Hound

The fox and the hound is arguably the saddest movie Disney had created, making everybody have the feels for the poor little rascals Todd the fox and Copper the hound. When Copper is taken on a hunting trip during the fall to learn what it is to be a hunter dog, Todd is told by his friends about how Copper is being taken away to learn how to kill animals like him, and is warned about the hunger who might kill him if they see him again. Even though Todd is scared of the animal skins hanging on the wall of the hunter's shed, he still trusts Copper with his life. This really shows in the end when the hunter was about to shoot Todd after he was weakened by the bear attack, but Copper stepped in and guarded Todd, making the hunter give up. Their friendship really shows during this movie, lesson of the movie, no matter the differences of people, friendships can never stop being made, even if their forbidden, because love always finds a way.

4 Bambi

This was the first movie I saw in a theatre at 5 years old. My mom told me I cried for days. I kept asking her why Bambi's mother had to die. To this day I still cannot bring myself to watch it...

This should be at least number 2. I mean, the poor little dear is abandoned because the mom dies. Then other deer get mad at him for no reason, it's a really sad movie.

I just see Bambi lose her mother its really sad because on this movies humans do all the problems,too if you look at ''bambi 2 the forest prince'' Where the dad is there. Bambi dream of her mother. and she was saying: I'm here'' and when he wake up he hear this ''I'm here'' and he follow this to the plains and then there is dogs coming to kill him and human try to kill with a gun,this is really intense. I don't think hunter should be that cruel. this is so sad I cried every time

5 Toy Story 3

After have all of my life watching the two first movies and waiting for the third one. 2010 come and with him, the third part of the franchise and, yeah... Pixar made me very emotional with the end of this one and it happens all the time that I watch this...

Such an amazing and touching movie; these characters were a part of my childhood and seeing everything change really moved me. Lessons of growing up, sticking together, and moving on. One of my favorites.

When andy says goodbye I felt was the saddest moment in Disney history as everyone knows Woody being Andy's favorite toy and best friends then at the end of Toy Story 3 that changes.

6 Old Yeller

Sixth grade, this year- watched this in school. It was great but... I couldn't help but sob my eyes out. Along with the rest of our class.

Hi everyone! This movie made my cry so bad it was horrific I hate when my dad and my sis sees my cry I run in the bathroom and I was in the bathroom for 1 HOUR crying and waited until the movie was over I'm SO surprised that was not the first most saddest Disney movie!

Bawled my eyes out about 5-6 years of age still makes me sad now 45 years later and I haven't seen it a second time.

7 Dumbo

The story of an ostracized animal based on purely looks reminds me of my childhood, and I respect disney for coming up with such a powerful story.

How is Dumbo not even on the list!? A baby elephant shunned for having oversized ears, his mother locked up for protecting him, and people treating him average circus freak. I cry every time I see the mother rocking little Dumbo from her cage. And it plays that song, "Baby my," I think it's called. Gets me every time.

This is the only movie in which I cry just for seeing a clip of it online. I ball from the moment I start the movie because I just know the sadness that will happen next... This is the only disney movie that puts me in that particular sorrow. So it being #9 is extremely ridiculous and a disservice to this amazing movie.

8 Bridge to Terabithia

I cried for an hour after first watching this movie and I have cried every time since. I kept hoping that Leslie would be alive. I mean come on! Leslie was his only friend and his family never treated him great either, so we might as well take away the only joy he has? No!

I couldn't stop my tears, holy Moses, I cried past the end of the movie. And all the symbolism is so amazing, this movie made me remember what being a child is like, and it's just so gut-wrenching, especially the confrontation with his father, I'm choking up just thinking about it.

So sad. I mean, it was the first Disney movie where a character dies and doesn't come back to life. Ever. I was just waiting through the whole movie for the girl to come back to life in some way or form and it never happened. How much more depressing can you get then a death in young love? Jesh Disney.

9 Brother Bear

When I was very young this movie was one of my favorites. It never really made me cry because I couldn't quite understand it. But when I watched it again when I was 16 years old, Kenai's confession with the sad music made my heart bleed. I've never been more touched by a Disney movie before. Out of all the sad Disney scenes I've seen, this one definitely takes the cake. I can't believe that such a beautiful movie got neglected for so many years. It never managed to make its way to the future. But I still hope with all of my heart that the future will give a place again for our cute bear brothers, where their love for each other intensifies to overcome even their most sorrowful moments. Even as I get older I will never forget this beautiful movie for the rest of my life.

I've watched all the movies in the top 10 at least once in my life; most of them as a child.

However last night I decided to watch Brother Bear, as I remebered liking it as a child, and damn... I've never cried so much at any movie in my life. At the start when his eldest brother dies, I cried, then when I thought I was okay again, Kenai gets changed into a bear, and you see his Eldest Brother again, which reminded me of him in life, making me cry a bit more. Then seeing Kenai's older brother trying to kill him, a tear or two came to my eye. Finally, finding out about how Kenai was the one to kill Koda's mother... that really set me off...

and by the way, I am a 17 year old male athlete... I haven't cried at anything for years, but this just made my into a sprinkler...

10 Big Hero 6

I was moved by all the characters and this has become one of my favorite Disney movies recently. It's an emotional roller coaster! The deaths of so many people in Hiro's life, everything! I just don't know why this isn't higher on the list! I'm a teen and I was in tears more than once! Great, great movie! Hilarious but sad!

I mean, Disney was cruel enough to take away Hiro's parents before the movie began, then they took away his brother, who sacrificed himself in order to save a cold-hearted villain that didn't deserved a @*#$, then Baymax dies...
Really, if you didn't cry or got teary-eyed watching this movie you have a stone as a heart.

This film is much sadder than Frozen. You don't have to put it in the top ten but put it above Frozen! I love Frozen, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't that sad! This movie is about a boy who is trying to overcome a loved one's death, which brings me to tears!

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11 Inside Out

Inside Out is often considered to be the saddest Disney movie because it deals with complex emotional themes that can be difficult to process. The film follows a young girl named Riley as she navigates the challenges of growing up and dealing with her emotions. Throughout the movie, we see how different emotions like joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust interact with each other and how they can make us feel. The movie is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, making it a truly emotional experience for viewers of all ages. The film's ability to capture the essence of human emotions and the struggles we all face in life is what makes it such a powerful and poignant movie.

This is the saddest movie that disney has ever made. A lot of families have experienced some sort of situation like this and it helps the kids with their feelings and helps the parents visualize what is happening with their kids.

12 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It frankly astounds me that this isn't on the list, over such items as Beauty and the Beast - but then again, I suppose it isn't one of Disney's most instantly recalled films for most people. This film has it all - it shows the callous murder of Quasimodo's mother, his near-drowning as a baby, his cruel parental figure in Judge Frollo... god, it's horrendously sad. Frollo raises him believing that due to his hunchbacked, incongrous appearance, he is worthless. He is imprisoned for pretty much all of his youth in Notredame, and dreams of being accepted by the exciting, enticing outside world. When he finally manages to sneak outside to a carnival, he is publicly humiliated by all - under the orders of his own "father"-figure, Frollo. He is painfully tied up like an animal, ridiculed, and spun around on a wheel while pelted with vegetables people throw at him. It's a crushing scene. Later, his heart is broken when the kindly Esmeralda - who is seemingly the only person in the entire world who sees him for the person he really is, and disregards his appearance - falls for the "pretty boy" soldier, Phoebus. All of the confidence he has worked up is smashed; his dreams of being loved are seemingly left in tatters. Also, Esmeralda is saved from burning at the stake by Quasimodo, although he believes her to be dead (in reality, she has just passed out). Quasimodo very nearly dies saving her, and is willing to do so - he allows himself to fall without any apparent fear or desperation. He has saved Esmeralda, which is all that matters. However, Phoebus catches him from a balcony, saving his life. Despite his love for Esmeralda, he places Esmeralda and Phoebus' hands together. The final scene is of him finally being accepted; a little girl, initially afraid of his appearance, approaches and embraces him. As one of my favourite Disney films growing up, I can honestly say that this one was one of the most impacting by far. Incredibly emotive stuff, and a poignant commentary on... more

13 Wall-E

For an emotional pixar movie such as Wall-E-- It's disappointing to see that this wouldn't get into at least near the "top five" rank on the list. Adoring the cute and memorable moments of Wall-E, it's adventuring to see him journey on through a large space shuttle-- far from earth just to finally form a bond between him and EVE. Not only the film was emotional, and contains up to great unforgettable exploit, but the humor really brings people into getting closer to as many characters as possible. But the actual reason why this movie would be able to bring tears into the beings of today, and six years ago-- was that Wall-E has literally sacrificed his old-- and trashed world-- and enter a new dramatic exploration, and finally end with humanity returning to the planet, unite with a loving companion, and restore its' one purpose of containing official life.

Wall-E is such an amazing movie because it shows love in non human things, like robots. Just an amazingly sad movie but it turns out alright.

14 Bolt

When Bolt realizes Penny can't escape the burning building and curls up next to her to die with her is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen in a cartoon. It makes me cry every time, because there have been real dogs that loved their owners too much to leave them, even if it meant dying

I never understood this movie as a kid, but now I do. I didn't really cry; I can't see sadness in movies most of the time, but I will agree, it is a beautiful movie

This is such a sad movie! The definit and for sure the saddest part is when Bolt sees his owner (Miley Cyrus) with a prop dog! Also, when Bolt returns with the cat and hamster!

15 Finding Nemo

Put yourself in Marlin's fins (pun intended): You live in a nice neighborhood at the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef, because you love the ocean. You have like 400 children with your wife (I think), Coral. One day, what you once loved has taken all that away including Coral and your children...almost. One has survived who has been greatly deformed and is your only chance at happiness. You swear to his life, but when your guard is let down he is taken away: your happiness. Now you fight what you once loved and now hate, because it has ruined your life. How about that? Long story short: AMAZING AND VERY EMOTIONAL. Note: A barracuda ate Coral and Marlin's other children but Nemo states that he hates the ocean, but he claimed himself that he loved the view of the ocean before the barracuda. What a HECK of a review. Five Stars.

The beginning is sooo sad I cry just hearing the music...and Marlin's love for Nemo is just so strong a father won't let the ocean stop him to find his boy! This is such a great movie and its beautiful too.

16 Monster's Inc

When Sully said good-bye to Boo and the end were the parts when I was crying.

I felt something inside of me when Sully left boo. and when Sully saw boo again at the end ( Lets Say...I Was Dead Inside )

I cried when Sully saw boo again at the end :'(. This is my favorite disney movie, but that particular part definitely made me cry.

17 Pinocchio

I felt bad for Pinocchio as well.

18 Beauty and the Beast

I cry watching this movie! The saddest scene is when Beast let Belle go for her sake~ Awwh, I am still crying while reminiscing the scene. He is at the state of needing her the most but prioritize her at that critical moment.

I thought they bad guy dieing was how all Disney movies ended.

Not sad at all

19 Coco

This movie will not only make you cry for the characters but also for yourself. What would happen if YOU got forgotten after YOU died?

Just watched it. I don't know but watching it makes me hope all this is true and when I die I can visit my family.

The last part with Miguel and mama Coco should be definitely the happiest scene. I literally cried out of emotion

20 The Good Dinosaur

I saw this movie the day it came out. I saw it with my mom and cousin. I cried whenever I saw the boy and the dinosaur together. My cousin was so irritated that see actually left! Ha!

When papa dies, I cried. when Arlo got swooped away by the river I cried. when spot almost dies in the river, I cried. when spot got swooped away by those flying dinosaurs, I cried. when spot leaves with his new family, I cried, and in the end I cried. I just realized how emotional I am... I'M WEAK! DON'T JUDGE ME! Jk, I know how emotional I am.

Why is this not on top of the list? Y'all this has to be one of the most underrated animated movie made. This is so heartbreaking.

21 Tangled

How is this not in the top 5? A girl is taken from her parents as a baby so she can be used for magical properties. She spends 18 years in a tower, never leaving it, until she meets a guy who agrees to take her to see her dream. Then she gets taken back to the tower, and when the guy (who she also falls in love with) attempts to rescue her again, he gets killed right in front of her eyes by her prisoner. It's an emotional roller-coaster, and pretty devastating if you ask me. You people are heartless for not choosing this as top 5.

A girl is abducted by a witch. Her dreams are shattered, and she has nowhere to go. She is isolated and locked away. My heart breaks even though she asks Gothel about her wishes. She could have easily had a great life, but her fortune was destroyed. People are dying, and others are being killed. Everyone is crying and mourning. It is a crime thriller along with elements of feminism and sadness. Then, a thief with an incredibly sad backstory appears, and my heart breaks even more. Soon, Gothel finds out and won't even let the girl have some peaceful moments, which are vital. Eventually, Gothel kidnaps her again, and her life is full of terror. Flynn is carried away to be killed, but he wants to be with his love, and his bitter fate won't allow it. Rapunzel is harassed and tortured, while Flynn is in a fight for his own honor. Finally, Flynn breaks free, and Rapunzel thinks she is responsible for his death, mourning the fact that her whole life had been a lie. She is broken, but still fights and is almost killed and harassed badly, and injured again. When Flynn comes to rescue her, he is stabbed with a knife to death while he sees his love bound up in chains and pale-faced. Soon, Gothel dies as Flynn sacrifices himself. Rapunzel was going to offer her life selflessly, which could have been a noble but sad way to die, but Flynn stops her. I cried so much. Rapunzel is desperate to save Flynn, but his eyes remain closed, and there is blood and glass all over the floor, along with tears. A murder scene can never be sadder, and somehow Punz had a good ending, but she lost her long hair, which is regretful after 18 years of having it. It is so sad and sort of violent.

22 Lady and the Tramp

It breaks my heart to see the dogs at the pound all tearing up and howling that depressing song.

Sad, perfect love is overshadowed by a terrible person. Just amazing.

The song is not depressing sorry haters gonna hate.

23 The Sword in the Stone

This film has one of the saddest parts in Disney history. I felt so bad for the poor girl squirrel when Wart got transformed back into his human-like self. She loved Wart and even saved him when he was about to be eaten by the wolf. This should be at least in the top 10 because the girl squirrel was broken to pieces. It would have been a much happier scene if Merlin had have changed the girl squirrel to a human so she could be with Wart for many years to come and become his queen.

I agree that scene hit me right in the feels + you can see the exact moment when her heart breaks. So sad

24 Brave

If you think about it, this movie is very devastating, Merida tries to control her own life instead of her mother controlling her life, so she ran away and had a witch put a spell on her mother to change her, but the witch turned Queen Elinor (Merida's mother) into a bear, making Elinor unwelcome at her own kingdom, for King Fergus, Merida's father, killed any bear he saw. It was sad how King Fergus (without knowing it was his wife) chases Elinor when she was a bear and nearly kills her, but after years of hating her mother, Merida steps in and starts fighting her father to save Elinor, this is true mother-daughter love. It is also sad when Merida couldn't break the curse from the witch and her mother was almost gone forever. And how the Prince that became Mor'du was so angry that he wasn't the only ruler of HIS clan that anger got the best of him, he turned into a bear because the witch gave him a spell. He ended up destroying the clan and killing his only brothers, he became lonely, evil, and filled with regret, yet he couldn't control himself only his soul was left of him, the rest was an evil bear. The story is beautiful otherwise.

25 Alice In Wonderland

Only really sad when Alice gets lost in the woods.

Umm. Not sad just fantastic

I don't think it is sad

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