Top 10 Jungle Book Characters

The Jungle Book is a 1967 Disney film about Mowgli, a feral child whose friends Bagheera and Baloo try to make him leave the jungle before the evil Shere Khan finds him.
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1 Bagheera

I don't like Bagheera for his short temper, solemnity, intolerance, irritation, frustration, irritability, gruffness, grumpiness, grouchiness, and crankiness.
Even with taking Mowgli to the man-village, he could still beat the tiger, Shere Khan, like a challenge and inspiration for adventure with ambition like a silver lining that can be full of surprises and wonders; some good and some not so good like out in the wild of the jungle of nature than just with fitting in with society like going to the man-village for civilization.

Me and also even Mowgli, the Man Cub, are both better off without this black panther and black cat/hat with his gruff impatience and solemn intolerance with grumpy short-tempered anger issues bigtime enormously indeed. He's so very much indeed intolerant of any such nonsense in life anywhere around for how he is just always no-nonsense.

This black panther is always just such a black cat to symbolize and represent such bad luck in his grumpy attitude like an irritable gruff he always is in life and also even that of witches, too, as a symbol of them as well along with even like a black cat/hat itself.

This black panther and cat/hat says a guy can never ever at all make even 1 single teeny tiny mistake in the jungle. He's abrasive and intolerant of failure himself. Everyone makes mistakes all the time. They happen everywhere, every time.

2 Kaa

He's so cute! I love Kaa

I love that cobra

Best snake ever..

3 Baloo

In my imagination, I can this bear shaking hands with Ranjan's father. The village leader thanks him for saving the children by giving him a necklace

He is one sweet optimist.

4 King Louie King Louie is a fictional character introduced in Walt Disney's 1967 animated musical film, The Jungle Book.
5 Shere Khan

Shere Khan, please listen. It's true that there are some bad humans in the world, but most humans are good. I know you'd agree with me if you got to know them, just like your mother wanted to. Your mother would wanted you to be friends with humans

Shere Khan, we'll break up the statue's mouth and set you free, if you promise to let Mowgli protect you from hunters. Do you promise? I know it sounds crazy, but you have to trust him

Shere Khan: "Stupid snake! You lied to me! Tell me where Mowgli is!"

Ranjan's father: "Let it go, Shere Khan. It's time to put the past behind us."

Shere Khan: "I'll never let it go!"

Let it go, Shere Khan. It's time to put the past behind us. You should've known that some humans are hunters. Not all of them

6 Mowgli

Mowgli, I don't blame you for wanting to join the animals. And because Shere Khan is defeated, I'm giving you a most precious gift... a choice: you can stay in the jungle with your friends or you can return to your kind in the village. It's up to you

You really do want to stay in the jungle, don't you, Mowgli?

7 Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy & Dizzy

I liked the vulture song about friends..

8 Colonel Hathi

Nice stick you have there.

Like his song

9 Shanti

Shanti! You have said father is hunting during your own home song, now pay for it! The only ones who really belong here are the animals. Tell your people

You imbecile! They're not going the wrong way, they're going the RIGHT way, chasing after that tiger, Shere Khan. That animal you saw was good old papa bear, who saved Mowgli's life from that tiger. You weren't with Mowgli when it all happened. That was before he met you

Ranjan: You? In the jungle? I thought you were scared of it.

Shanti: I used to be scared, but I can change my mind. You see, there's no place like the jungle for an innocent baby elephant. Go ahead, Ranjan. Be a jungle boy

I don't understand why people chose to hate on Shanti.

10 Akela

Akela! Rama! Shere Khan has been defeated! The jungle is once again, a safe place for Mowgli to stay

Well he died unexpectedly in the most vie didn't he?

Leader of the wolf pack

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11 Rama
12 Junior
13 Raksha
14 Ranjan

Ranjan's father, if you insist on hunting, Shere Khan will fight to the last creature. There is nothing to be gained but much to be lost for all of us

15 Winifred
16 Lotus
17 Tabaqui
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