Top 10 Best Songs on the Beauty and the Beast (2017) Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the 2017 live action Beauty and the Beast film has been released! And most of the songs sound pretty good! I haven't seen the movie yet but I still want to discuss the songs on the soundtrack. Here are the best songs from the Beauty and the Beast (2017) soundtrack!
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1 Evermore (Dan Stevens)

This is one of the best Disney songs I have ever heard! Evermore is a new song that Alan Menken wrote for this movie and is sung by the Beast after Belle leaves the castle! And in my opinion, this song is better than If I Can't Love Her! I know a lot of people like that song but Evermore actually seems more like a song that suits the Beast! Also, every time I even think about If I Can't Love Her, I get reminded of what happened in my choir class in eleventh grade. And I refuse to talk about it! I still have nightmares. Anyway, the reason I like Evermore a lot more when Dan Stevens sings it rather than Josh Groban is because Dan actually shows emotion while he's singing it! It's a combination of singing and acting! Two things that Emma Watson can't do! Evermore is definitely a great song and one that I have already listened to numerous times! I really hope this wins an Oscar!

2 Beauty and the Beast (Emma Thompson)

There are two Emma's in this film but only one of them is actually awesome! Emma Thompson was a perfect choice for Mrs. Potts! She has such a great voice! Before this movie was even announced, I was thinking that if they made a Beauty and the Beast remake, they should have Emma Thompson play Mrs. Potts. I got my wish! She really puts so much emotion into this song! If I had to point out a nitpick, it would be that there are moments in the song that seem to drag a little bit. The music would get dramatic and she would take her time with singing the next line. But other than that, this is a great version of a very classic song! Emma Thompson is no Angela Lansbury, but she's pretty close! Much better than that terrible Ariana Grande and John Legend cover!

3 Gaston

Luke Evans and Josh Gad are such an excellent duo! I can't think of anyone who would've been a better LeFou than Josh Gad! Just from listening to this song, he totally nails the role! Luke Evans and Josh Gad really seem to do this song justice! I would even go as far as saying it's better than the original version! They changed some of the lyrics too. Gaston doesn't mention being covered in hair in this version. That's good because I hated that part in the original. Also, Gaston is a tenor instead of a bass in this version. There are people upset about that since Gaston is supposed to be a tough guy and have a deeper voice, but I feel like this works really well! Also, the ending of the song is hilarious! LeFou is spelling Gaston's name out loud but then states that he's illiterate. I'm not sure if that was actually written in the lyrics or if it was improvised by Josh Gad. Either way, it's very funny!

4 Be Our Guest

It's always fun hearing Obi-Wan Kenobi sing in a French accent. This version of the song is nowhere near as good as the original, but it's still enjoyable. As of the time I'm typing this, I haven't seen the movie, but I'm really hoping this actual scene in the movie will be spectacular! Ewan McGregor is actually not that bad as Lumiere! And Emma Thompson's part in the song is very great! Can't wait to see this scene in the movie!

In all honesty this rendition of the classic blew the original out of the water. However you cannot have the song without the scene which is absolutely gorgeous. I believe it deserves a much higher spot on this list.

5 How Does a Moment Last Forever (Celine Dion)

Celine Dion still has a perfect voice! She is probably the best Canadian singer out there! Which isn't really that hard of an achievement. Looking at you, Bieber! But Celine sings like an angel! Her voice is very soothing! Back in 1991, she sang a cover of the song "Beauty and the Beast" for the animated film's soundtrack! And they brought her back for the live action film to sing an all new song! How Does a Moment Last Forever! And it sounds really good! There are three versions of this song. Kevin Kline sings it in the movie, Emma Watson sings it in a reprise, and Celine Dion sings it in the credits. I chose the Celine Dion version because, well, it's Celine Dion! And Emma Watson sucks! Honestly, you need to listen to this song to understand how beautiful it is! I can't wait to learn how to play it on the piano!

6 Evermore (Josh Groban)

Josh Groban is an excellent singer! So the fact that he sings for this movie really makes me happy! This is actually the credits version of the song Evermore which is sung by the Beast in the movie. And to be honest, the song sounds better when the Beast sings it. But Josh Groban still has such an excellent voice!

7 Days in the Sun

Days in the Sun is a song that the characters sing before going to bed while thinking about what life was like for them before the curse happened. And it sounds really nice! We even get to hear Prince Adam sing as a kid! It's a pretty emotional song. The castle has been cursed for a long time so the characters really miss their old lives. And we actually feel bad for them. Also, it still sounds like Emma Watson is auto-tuned in this song.

The melody is enchanting especially with the music box sound playing in the background. It's full of a beautiful melancholy that makes you want to cry and reminisce.

8 Belle

Let me get this out of the way. Emma Watson's voice is CLEARLY auto-tuned! This wouldn't bother me as much if it wasn't too noticeable. But it is just way too obvious that it can't be ignored! It's just too distracting and painful! Other than that, I felt like this song was performed pretty well. The background characters did a pretty good job and Luke Evans has a very strong voice. I don't know why they had to include that conversation between Gaston and Le Fou in the soundtrack though instead of having it be something we hear only in the movie itself. And I'm sure Emma Watson is decent singer even without auto-tune. I still don't think she was a good choice to play Belle, though.

9 Something There

I'm not gonna lie, this song is pretty well done in this movie. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens actually sound like the like each other in this song! Although, there's still the complaint of Emma Watson being auto-tuned! I mean, come on! She sounds like a Turret from Portal! It's great that it sounds like the characters really like each other in this film, but I hope that in the movie we can tell their emotions by their actions. I don't want them to end up like Anakin and Padmé from Attack of the Clones! I'll talk more about that movie in a future list that I'm currently working on. Anyway, this movie's version of Something There sounds really nice!

10 The Mob Song

Every time I watch the animated Beauty and the Beast movie, I always forget this song exists! And whenever I listen to it, I really love it! This song in the live action film is really great too! Luke Evans shows that he can be a really intimidating villain when he needs to be! And the background singers really help out a lot with the tone of the song! Although, I still don't know why it's just simply called "The Mob Song" instead of "Kill the Beast".

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