Top Ten Drawbacks of Wireless Headphones

I've been a wireless headphones user for a few weeks now, and they have their drawbacks. That's what this list is gonna tell you. If you didn't get that from the title, go to rehab instantly.
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1 Battery Usage

They're portable but that comes at a cost - they need batteries to power them. I can't tell you how many times I was listening to music in class and since I couldn't charge my headphones, they died. Well it was less than 10 but it's still a con. That's why I use a pair of wireless ones as a backup.

You just need ones that run a long time. Mine run 9 hours on full battery

2 Audio Issues

I have Beats Studio Buds, and the audio sounded completely fine yesterday. But today, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, sounded as low quality as possible. The audio today sounded like if you watching TV and you recorded the audio from your iPad. It was horrible.

Since wireless headphones are wireless, they have a less direct connection than wired headphones. This means that glitches in the audio are possible. Like sometimes at the beginning of a song or video the audio would be scrambled or something for a few seconds at the beginning.

3 Unsynchronized Audio

It's like what I said for the item audio issues. Indirect connection, so audio problems can occur. Like lag. Imagine watching something on YouTube and the audio doesn't sync up with the video, and instead it looks like the YouTuber is lip syncing very badly.

4 Can't Be Kept in Your Pants Pocket

It's kind of a challenge to put the whole neckband in your pocket. I'm not even gonna try because fear is preventing me from doing so. You can put them under your coat or even sure if you want to hide them from teachers or some other authority who doesn't want you to have them out, but they're still more likely to get rained on when they're on your neck than in your pocket. Your girlfriend's hand can be kept in my pants but your girlfriend isn't headphones. Sorry about that by the way.

5 More Expensive Than Wired Headphones

They're newer and more advanced. Do I need to explain?

6 Non-Instant Connection

Wired headphones - Plug and listen.
Wireless headphones - Turn on Bluetooth, turn on headphones, connect to them, and listen.

7 Harder to Find Used

They're not from the year 20342 but I mean what do you think more people have wanted to get rid of and sold online for lower than the retail price wired headphones or wireless headphones?

8 Can Turn Off Without Pausing the Audio

This goes with "battery usage" and "audio issues". The battery goes dead and a glitch happens the keeps the audio going. Exactly why you don't watch porn with wireless ones.

Batteries die, and a glitch happens that causes the audio to keep going. See why you don't watch porn with these things?

9 Fragile

Wired headphones are less likely to break when dropped.

10 Noisy When Turned On

How do you silence loud vibrations?

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11 Can't mute the mic
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