Top Ten Reasons Why Netflix Has Gone Downhill

Man, I remember the first time me and my family got Netflix. Each of us watched a few shows and movies at our own time here and there in the past. But eventually, we got bored and had no time to stream Netflix, so we got rid of it, unfortunately. Although... considering what Netflix has become nowadays, I'd say it's rather more fortunate for me and my family. To think that one of the most revolutionary streaming services in the industry that helped changed the way audiences view televised content has now become a hollow shell of itself. Everywhere from how limited its content distribution is these days to how much of a drop in quality has been seen in most of its original content, Netflix has really made some poor business decisions on behalf of the streaming service itself. So I've decided to create a list detailing 10 reasons why Netflix has gone downhill. Most of these reasons may range from being majorly valid criticisms to perhaps a few minor but understandable nitpicks here and there hating on certain content they've given us. Anyways, feel free to vote, comment, remix, and add to this list. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy this list.

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1 The streaming service has many of its good shows and movies taken away while bad shows and movies replace them

If any of you have had Netflix at least one time in your life, there was probably a show or movie that you watched on Netflix that you truly loved with all your passion and would watch it all over again if you could. Unfortunately, watching that show or movie on Netflix at free will is now only a bittersweet memory. Why? Because now Netflix is taking away much of its good and highly popular content and then replacing them with bad content. For example, why would Netflix take away some of its iconic Cartoon Network classics and then, of all things, add awful shows like The Powerpuff Girls (2016) to the streaming lineup? Two things. One, I have no idea why they would do that. Two, Netflix is probably being run by executives brainwashed by Christina Miller and letting her negatively influence their business practices. Other than that, it's incredibly frustrating to see that Netflix is taking away content that people WANT to watch and giving them content that they DON'T want to watch.

As a new netflix user in the UK, I have only seen just two films from start to finish since getting it. And that's about it! Everything else they show is to me second rate shows that you wouldn't really see elsewhere and for good reason in a way. I looked for disaster movies on there today and it only came up with one or two lame ones! I thought it was going to have it all, but no!

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Wild Kratts, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Lab Rats, Jessie, Mighty Med, Kickin' It, Legends of Chima are all gone! They take out every good show but still keep bad shows like Teen Titans go! WHY?! :'(

At least, they still have Pulp Fiction, Jaws, Full Metal Jacket, The Prestige, Memento, E.T, No Country for Old Men, and a few others. How come Netflix is going to stream Hateful Eight, but not Reservoir Dogs or Kill Bill? They took off a lot of good classic movies and the line-up of films that are streaming this month is very disappointing, especially since it's October. You'd figure that they would have a lot of great stuff to stream. But no! They had to choose a sorry line-up! After binge watching some great films on Netflix, I feel like they need to add some other great choices like Batman: The Animated Series or GoodFellas instead of that Death Note film or Jaws: the Revenge.

2 Most of their original content is completely lacking in quality these days

The bottom 4 movies/shows in my remix for this list are prime examples of how much Netflix's original content sucks these days. I'd say 2017 might be Netflix's worst year yet in terms of content and business practices. We all know Netflix is primarily supposed to be a streaming service where you can watch your favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere. However, the scope of Netflix's main purpose has since turned into more of a cable-like network where they focus more on pumping out original content (most of which are just uninteresting and bland live-action shows) rather than giving us acquired content that we as the consumers desire. So let's go down the list. Death Note (2017)? Yet another failed attempt at creating a faithful and high-quality live-action anime adaptation! The Magic School Bus Rides Again? What is this? Teen Titans Go! 4.0? Neo Yokio? Well... it's pretty hard to tell if "The Jaden Smith Anime" is so bad that it's good or the fact that it fails at even trying ...more

Hopefully, with the positive reception of Stranger Things 2 and the recent acquisition of Twelve Forever when the pilot was initially turned down by Cartoon Network, Netflix can turn around both its original and acquired content quality and be great again. They're REALLY going to need it after the slew of bad content they've given us in 2017.

Iron fist was abysmal, 13 reasons why was more controversial than actually good, and the magic school bus rides again isn't doing them any favors.

Hopefully, Marvel's The Punisher needs to be Netflix's comeback, considering how much of a disappointment Iron Fist was.

3 A majority of good shows and movies get removed

Is it me or are a lot of items on this list aside from my original items basically reiterations of the same reasons that I made in the first place? I already listed an item about how good shows and movies keep getting removed and getting replaced by bad ones.

It's like you haven't seen It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

4 Content from its streaming service is removed faster than it is added

Adding further to the previous item, this is another aspect of the issues Netflix is facing with its streaming content. Not only are good stuff being taken away and being replaced by bad stuff, but content is being removed at a more rapid pace than it is being added. I wouldn't say it would eventually get to the point where they have little to zero shows and movies to watch on Netflix, but I seriously don't see anything positive about this trend. It's absolutely detrimental to both the streaming service's quality and the consumer, since their range of how much content they have access to is constantly being limited by numbers. If Netflix doesn't do anything about this problem, they'll eventually start doing poorly against their competitors such as Hulu and Amazon.

Why is Netflix so crappy nowadays?

That means Netflix isn't on scedule.

Decreasing number of content is insane. We see that movies are fading and T.V. shows almost seem to not exist anymore, so why doesn't Netflix just... I don't know... just quit?
The lack in qualities of content that does exist in Netflix these days haven't been as good as they were in 2016 or maybe even farther back. The truth is... I think Netflix should shut down due to this. If Netflix does, however, not shut down, less and less people will be interested in Netflix and they will lose money.

5 They try desperately hard to push their original content for audiences to watch more than acquiring rights for content that audiences want to watch

How does a streaming service go from streaming to little to no streaming? Well, I'd say Netflix pretty much exemplifies that scenario. While I can understand from a business approach that creating original content is cheaper and easier to produce (much like how live-action sitcoms on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon and CN Real shows on Cartoon Network were made), it doesn't make for a good movie or T.V. show. Netflix was probably the pinnacle of online streaming in its prime, but now that they've changed for the worse to try and give us more original content rather than focus more on acquiring the rights to movies and shows people want to watch, that is now more or less a distant memory and further solidifies the fact of how far down Netflix has fallen with what it was trying to give its audiences in the first place. If Netflix can't so much as focus primarily on streaming rather than producing original content, why even call it a streaming service to begin with?

I wish they did try harder to get other shows. I was so happy to see Inuyasha and Bleach come onto Netflix! I've rewatched those series on Netflix plenty of times. But if they lack getting the rights to shows and movies and just try to make their own content, I don't know how willing I would be to stay.


6 The new rating system where they replaced the five-stars rating system with the thumbs-up, thumbs-down rating system

And... now I think we've reached the area where this list goes into my nitpicks (or at least the nitpicks I've seen from what other people have conjured up). I don't know about you, but while I haven't used this new system, I can understand why others dislike it. The new rating system is more inept at giving people good recommendations of shows and movies they can check out based on what they watch and how much they like a certain show or movie. Kind of like how people miss the five-star rating system for YouTube. I'm all for change and all, but while this isn't the worst change out there, it's understandable as to why people don't like this change at all. If the new rating system can't tweak the best recommendations for you, might as well bring back the old one.

Thank you for mentioning this! Even if I dislike something, Netflix will still recommend it to me! Say what you will about YouTube but when click on a video and click "Not interested" it doesn't show it to me anymore. Plus it's very vague on how good the quality of the show is.

WHY? The star-rating is accurate although I used to think Netflix was weird because the rate Boy in the Striped Pajamas a 4.5-star and was very immature of me. I'd pick the star rating.

Ah, I remember when this happened on Youtube - I was a wee baba then, but I still knew how to access Youtube.I saw the day when it went from Imdb to Siskel and Ebert.

7 Death Note (2017) being Netflix's failed attempt at a successful live-action adaptation

Thought Ghost in the Shell (2017) was bad? Death Note (2017) takes it up a notch. Apparently, Netflix thought it was a good idea to throw their head into the ring in an attempt to make a successful live-action adaptation of a manga and anime franchise. Considering we've gotten horrible live-action adaptations such as Dragonball: Evolution and Avatar: The Last Airbender (yes, I know that is not based on an anime, but it suffers the same problems live-action anime adaptations do.), it was no surprise Death Note fans were appalled to see their favorite anime become whitewashed and driveled-up trash as blatant Americanization, a huge disregard for the source material, and overall poor execution ruined this movie. With one of the only good things being the casting of Ryuk while the other actors and actresses sucked, Death Note (2017) certifies itself as yet another god-awful live-action adaptation of a beloved anime.

Just as long as they don't make the sequel (like they want to) I can learn to forget about this movie.

I hate this movie, this is my favorite anime, and they turned it into garbage with this movie. There are so many things wrong with this movie that are not in the anime. Why is L black? (not to be racist)He is originally a white asian, not black, that is like making Huey from The Boondocks a white blonde with blue eyes when he is black. Second, L would never reveal his name in public, or else Kira would know his name and write it down to kill him. Third, why does Light Yagami share the Death Note with his girlfriend when he isn't supposed to share it with anyone? Plus, the actor does not look like Light Yagami.

A cheesy show with a great casting choice for Ryuk. What's next? Another live-action White-washed version of Negima?

8 All they care about is money
9 Lack of new content

Eh, this is a pretty broad item, but this does apply to Netflix in many aspects. Aside from all these new releases of "original content", Netflix hasn't been doing much to try and acquire new shows and movies that are the most recent and current. To build upon what WholeGrainNeko said, lots of companies like Disney and Funimation are not letting Netflix acquire much of their content rights anymore to make room for their own streaming services. While Netflix isn't really to blame for, they should at least TRY to acquire content from companies that ARE willing to let them stream their content. While Cartoon Network has a streaming service app and a cable feature called "on demand", Netflix should try to make the best use of what it can gain that's the newest big thing out there. Otherwise, it gets pretty stale and old if they can't keep up with all the latest popular and great shows and movies.

Lost in Space is the only thing good

Roma? The Umbrella Academy?

There was a time netflix was much better than amazon prime, now it's the opposite. I cancelled my netflix acct. I'll only temp reinstate if there is something I must watch which is rare

10 The Magic School Bus Rides Again being Netflix's first example of them making a bad reboot based off of a beloved cartoon, putting it in the same vein as other awful cartoon reboots

Okay, now I officially think Christina Miller is a bad influence on the executives at Netflix. Because Netflix somehow thought it was a good idea to make a cheaply-animated reboot of a beloved education kids' show! While the reboot may not lack educational value, it certainly doesn't do justice to the original show and books! Not only is the Flash animation bland and generic, but the characters are really hard to get attached to and getting Ms. Frizzle's "twin sister" or whatever to be the main female lead instead of her predecessor was just an absolute disgrace. With the new theme song sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda being one of the only saving graces of the show, The Magic School Bus Rides Again feels more like a desperate cash grab attempt at appealing to nostalgia fans of the original show. Which, in all honesty, makes it no better than other awful reboots like Teen Titans Go!, The Powerpuff Girls (2016), and Ben 10 (2016).

Cartoon reboots normally have a reputation of being bad, this was no exception.

Yay, more bad cartoon reboots. I've recently gotten around to TTG and Powerpuff Girls 2016. As someone who doesn't have nostalgia for either shows, they're not that good. And if this is like those two reboots...oh boy...

I never knew they could screw it up THIS BAD.

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11 They have been distributing their exclusive anime series by barring them from viewers for months after the anime series first airs in Japan

You want to know how I had to watch Fate/Apocrypha? Well, one way it's going to be seen is when Netflix exclusively streams it... in November of 2017. And boy, when did the anime first air in Japan? July 2, 2017. So basically, Netflix is streaming Fate/Apocrypha... THREE LONG MONTHS after it originally premiered in its native country! Seriously, what a rip-off! I've seen so many anime YouTubers (ones I don't really care for these days like Gigguk and Glass Reflection and ones I despise like Mother's Basement) make videos addressing this issue. Honestly, I think me and every anime fan can agree that the way Netflix is barring its anime exclusive titles several months after its native country first aired it is a truly ineffective and pointless business practice. What happened to simulcasting an anime as it airs in Japan? Crunchyroll does it and it's one of the reasons why it's a popular anime streaming platform to use if users can get access to new episodes of airing anime as soon as ...more

Yeah I've noticed this too. Some studios seemed to be solely involved and not all. Like how Trigger Studios has Little Witch Academia and Kill La Kill. Or even worse, when they don't add in all the seasons of an anime like with Naruto.

Great. Now it looks like Fate/Extra Last Encore is going to be a Netflix exclusive series too. Can the Fate series just STOP being only exclusive to Netflix? Again, I would have preferred if it would just air on Crunchyroll. At least they would have SIMULCASTED it instead of waiting months for Japan to finish its initial broadcasts.

Lol, you chumps payin for Netflix despite the fact that pirating exists.

Speaking of pirating, THAT'S exactly the way I had to watch Fate/Apocrypha! I can go onto some obscure streaming website and I can just watch the newest episodes for free! Sure, the fan-sub translation can be a bit rough, but I'd take pirating over waiting for a new series to come on Netflix any day!

12 They're the Reason Blockbuster Closed

They don't care that not everyone wants to use Netflix and still wants to use DVDs
I hate Netflix and prefer DVDs and I'm a Millennial so piss off.

It lives on in Itunes and Google Play.

13 Disney removed all their shows and movies

Pretty much what WholeGrainNeko said about other companies splitting off from their streaming services. To reiterate what she said, Disney is now splitting up with Netflix and creating its own streaming service for its shows and movies. The new streaming service for Disney is called DisneyNow (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm torn on whether I should be hating on Netflix or Disney for this (maybe mostly Disney, but I mostly hate both for their own reasons for this list.), but man, this is just detrimental to Netflix's library of shows and movies. At this rate, other companies like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon might start pulling their shows and movies from Netflix and doing the same thing Disney is doing. It's really a sad cycle, I tell you. At this rate, the way Netflix replaced Blockbuster is pretty much going to bite Netflix in the butt real hard if other streaming services kick it to the curb and cement its decline in quality for good.

You may have had to actually GO to BlockBuster when it was still open, but at least they didn't do stupid things like remove stuff that people want and add stuff that people don't want. Maybe in 2010-2012 I would've preferred Netflix, but now I'm just praying that Blockbuster reopens.

No. They just added bolt.

Disney+ anyone?

14 Big Mouth proving itself to be Netflix's newest flop in its original content and how controversial the show is

This is easily not only one of the worst Netflix original series of all time, but probably one of the worst adult cartoons and cartoons in general of all time! (This next sentence is copied and pasted from my respective comment on the Worst Cartoons of 2017 list) You know, it's fine for adult shows to have satirical content that categorize into a wide array of highly sensitive and controversial subjects. However, Netflix doesn't seem to know that America (might as well throw the whole world into this as well since cultural barriers won't stop people from other countries from hating this show) has standards when it comes to creating these types of shows. Everywhere from the horrid production value in terms of the shoddy animation and voice acting to the show essentially being child pornography passed off as an "adult cartoon" pretty much cements that this will go down as Netflix's biggest blunder in its company's history. I could care less about Death Note (2017) or The Magic School ...more

For real? Uh... I'll just take a look at the episode summaries and see if they're decent. I'd be surprised if the show is good unlike the trailer. But seriously, they could at least try to put more effort into the animation and voice acting. And the premise really crosses the line for me. So I really don't want to waste my time with this. But hey, if you like the show and can see its more positive traits, I respect your opinion.

Netflix! I Thought You Were Family Friendly! Not Hentai Central! And I Would Rather Watch Boku no Pico Over this! YEAH, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!

There are adult cartoons out there like South Park, Rick and Morty, and Bojack Horseman that use their profanity to tackle major adult issues and make you think about important topics. On the other hand, there are adult cartoons like Big Mouth that just use shock value and nothing else. I hate shows like this because they put a bad stigma on adult animation as a whole. There are tons of talented, creative writers out there who put loads of effort into their shows and then you have effortless crap like this that lowers the reputation of the entire medium.

I don't need to. I'm not interested in any show that involves a little girl talking to her genitals.

Sounds like it is the worst cartoon of all time. I'm avoiding it like the plague.

15 Too many Dreamworks shows

All Hail King Julien, Trolls: The Beat Goes On, Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh, Spirit: Riding Free, Turbo Fast, The Mr Peabody And Sherman Show, King Julien Exiled, they all suck. Stop this, Netflix - IceBearRules

As long that Dreamworks keeps their bad cartoons off of Cartoon network, I'll be fine. I don't want a Shrek cartoon making CN even worse than it then it is.

It's not just that, but they turn not good dreamworks movies into a piece of CRAP!

They turned Trolls into another Teen Titans Go! Making that horrible Beat Goes On cartoon that absolutely disappointed me! DreamWorks, IT’S TIME TO STOP!

16 Low Budget Movies

Bird box in a nutshell. Watch these idiots add Airplane mode and make many even lower quality sequels to it exclusive to Netflix.

17 Too much Indian content in terms of South Asian content

To much Indian, Asian, Turkish... content and very low number of blockbuster

Absolutely agree...Way way to much Indian programming. For a while there I thought someone in India bought out Netflix.

18 They keep removing good shows.

They removed Dexter's Lab and the Powerpuff Girls. The former isn't even on Hulu anymore.

Family Guy, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Regular Show were all removed.

I've heard they might remove Attack on Titan too.

And that's why I watch Hulu instead.

They removed SpongeBob, Family Guy, South Park, all the Disney movies, and more great things and replaced them with stupid Dreamwork shows

19 Neo Yokio being Netflix's poor attempt at parodying anime, which really further proves how lackluster Netflix's original content is

And now for the last item. Neo Yokio, or should I say "The Jaden Smith Anime", is apparently this new Japanese-American animated series co-produced by Netflix and animation studios Studio Deen and Production I.G. What a horrible attempt at parodying anime. I initially didn't care for the show since it didn't fit my preferences and I had other stuff I was interested in like Fate/Grand Order, but after seeing all the overwhelmingly NEGATIVE reviews for the show, I had to see what they had to say. I have yet to actually see it for myself, but I already know everything wrong with this show. The production value is really low in terms of animation, voice acting and casting, dialogue and script, etc. Speaking of casting, let me repeat that JADEN SMITH, the same guy who was the most try-hard loser actor in his role for the movie After Earth, plays THE MAIN CHARACTER! The main character, named Kaz Kaan, is an absolute monotonic and unlikable rich boy who's apparently born with magical powers ...more

I saw this on Netflix and out of curiosity, I watched it. After the first episode, I was completely baffled by what happened. Then I read some info of how it was supposed to be a parody anime. So with that in mind, I watched the rest finally. Boy does it fail at being a parody anime. Gintama and Hetalia are better at parodying anime. This anime just felt lazy. Like Vampire Sucks, Meet the Spartans and Haunted House 2. Just because it's a parody, doesn't give it the excuse to be lazy and this is no different. I'm staring at the screen blankly rather than laughing at the jokes. When you get no reaction out of someone who's supposed to be laughing, you messed up.

Yeah, don't even get me started on the blatant Toblerone product placements. It's almost like a pure fetish for them to include it everywhere in the show.

The only thing I like about this is how much diversity there is in this anime, there is people of all different colors and races, which I don't see a lot in anime(I do like anime though). But the art is sadly less realistic looking than an actual Japanese anime. Plus, the story doesn't seem very good or interesting, just some person born with powers, that is used in a lot of shows.

Even an anime fan like myself understands the clichés it has as well as flaw anf I don't mind parodying stuff. However this is an unfunny way with too many wrong clichés and stuff.

20 The search is broken

I search "Spongebob" And the first result is a Puss In Boots ripoff.

21 The only SpongeBob episodes on netflix are the ones from the 2 worst seasons

There's no Spongebob on Netflix

I don't remember any more spongebob being on here after they removed it a few years back

Even worse, they have One Course Meal, A Pal For Gary and The Splinter.

Didn't they remove the show long before this list was made?

22 They are racist

Dear White People's existence. Enough said.

*flashbacks to Dear White People*

23 It's getting overpriced

Before in the past, I'm pretty sure lots of people would have preferred Netflix over cable since the former had a cheaper and better price than the latter. While it may still ring true to this day, it does reasonably seem more overpriced compared to its competitors such as Hulu and Amazon. Just last year, Netflix increased its streaming service price significantly, making it even MORE expensive than Amazon's streaming service. Not to mention that Hulu is cheaper than Netflix as well nowadays too, considering that Hulu's max price of $7.99 after the first year of subscription is actually the same price compared to Netflix's price... for BASIC! Yeah, that's right! BASIC! If Netflix can't even so much as save as much money as its competitors do if it can't even conjure up a good price for just BASIC, Netflix needs to really step down its prices a lot and also improve its content quality if they want to get their head back in the game.

24 Blocking use of VPNS

That's because how bad is the quality of certain VPN services

I got a lot more out of Netflix when I was able to explore international catalogs and find titles I actually wanted to watch that weren't on American Netflix.

Vpns also work for me. I use the VPN to watch The Backyardigans on korean netflix sometimes.

VPNs work for me

25 They Removed Good Burger

How could they remove this!

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