Top Ten Benefits of Wireless Headphones

I've been using wireless headphones for the past few weeks, and they are beneficial. This list tells why. If you didn't get that from the title then you're drunk and should get off the internet before doing something stupid.
The Top Ten
1 Less likely to be damaged

My wired headphones could never last a week once I got addicted. My wireless ones, on the other hand...

2 Portability

The most obvious one, and the best one: you are no longer restricted by a wire going to your device. Feel free to move around as much as you want without worrying about damage to your phone, until you get out of your device's Bluetooth range.

I was getting tired of buying those Apple earbuds, so I just bought some wireless headphones, and they've been working great so far. I prefer wireless earphones over anything else. They're much easier to work with.

3 Easy to hide

With wired headphones, your teachers would see the wire going from your pocket to your ears. Not with wireless ones. Just put your coat over the neckband and put on Highway to Hell while going to your least favorite class.

Yeah, I'd never manage to hide them. Teachers have mad eyesight sometimes.

4 Works with most modern devices

Most of today's popular electronic devices have Bluetooth. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 was one of last year's most popular phones, and it took that away. But it still had Bluetooth.

5 Unlikely to tangle up

The wires going from the headphones to the neckband can get tangled, but that's unlikely. What's more likely is the audio-in wire on wired headphones getting tangled up.

6 Useable on non-Bluetooth devices

Even if a device doesn't have Bluetooth, as long as it has a headphone port, you can add a Bluetooth transmitter to it. So now you can listen to your 3DS with Bluetooth headphones.

7 They're improving

Used to be, they weren't mainstream. Now, they are. And I can't imagine what the first wireless headphones were like, and I don't want to.

8 It’s useful if your phone doesn’t have a headphone jack
9 Only 1 thing is easily stolen instead of both

With your device and headphones separated, it would be harder for thieves to take both of them at once. And that can be handy since, when they try to steal the second item, you can catch them.

10 Good quality
The Contenders
11 Cool looking

No explanation needed. They just look good. Do you truly want me to give a detailed review of the appearance of headphones?

12 You can listen to music without your parents complaining that you use headphones/earbuds all the time
13 Dancing to music is easier

Don't want to disturb your neighbors or other people in your house but want to dance to some music on your phone? Put on your wireless headphones and use them to listen while still having free movement.

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