Top 10 Best Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putties

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is amazing. Do you need to know which one to spend your money on? Well, read this Top Ten list and see which ones other people like!
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1 Liquid Glass

I got mine in a tiny tin wasn't stretchy at all, once you pull it, it just breaks. Other than that, it's pretty cool. Just something wrong with mine!

This putty is so stretchy and clear! It's very satisfying. This is my personal favorite.

Love this putty- it is very stretchy put it gets foggy a lot.

Really nice! The see through makes it better!

2 Super Scarab

This is an amazing illusion thinking putty. It's very shiny, and the colors can change from purple to blue if you hold it in a certain direction. This one is amazing.

I have this one, I got it at a museum and it is very satisfying and the texture is amazing. I suggest you get it

Bring it outside, trust me! It's so beautiful! Worth the money!

Super scarab is so pretty! Really stretchy and colorful too! I like to bring it to school because it's mini and use it! Love it. I recommend. (I am 9 years old.)

3 Good as Gold

Just like the name says, this Thinking Putty color is actually as good as gold. It's amazing how glittery and stretchy this is. It can also bounce amazingly, too. I love this color so much, and it can do pretty much everything you'd want putty to do!

I got good as gold yesterday and it is amazing I love the shiny colors to it!

The color is nice! You could probaly trick somebody that it's the real gold putty.

Awesome! I like collecting them!

4 Ion

Ion is a beautiful glowing Thinking Putty. It looks like an extremely shiny white putty, but if you stretch it out and hold it by a light for about 1-3 minutes and go in the dark, you will see a lovely aqua glow which actually makes an amazing light source.

Nice color! Simular to wizards wand.

Very different but cool.

I love the whiteness

5 Super Lava

It's very amazing. It bounces like a ball if you roll it up, it changes colors depending on how much light is touching it, to shiny orange, red, yellow, and many other colors.

Like super scarab, but in warmer colors!

It looks just like lava!

6 Super Fly

This one, I love so much. (too bad I lost mine) When I was carrying it around in it's small 2 inch tin, I saw different colors whenever I moved. Green, blue, purple, silver...I even saw orange. I would definitely rate this lovely color 11/10.

The colors are AMAZING. Its another bug inspired putty, and I think its cool!

7 Chameleon

This amazing color is a Hypercolor. It's supposed to change colors, but mine doesn't. This one is actually kind of hard, too. But what I love about this lovely Thinking Putty is that you can form this into a ball, and it bounces extremely well. Higher than my bouncy ball, actually.

This one is nice to split in half and one I warm up one half and twist it together it looks amazing 10/10!

Its simular to twilight, in a good way!

8 Twilight

This is an amazing hypercolor thinking putty. Mine is in a 2 inch tin, and its main color is purple. But if the putty gets warm, it will change to a beautiful blue color. It also bounces amazingly, and is stretchy.

9 Star Dust

Really simular to one I have, north star! It looks really cute. I bet your science teacher will let you take this to class!

Great putty so cool it actually looks like star dust! It also glows in the dark.

Awesome! When in the dark it looks like the moon!

It's so pretty to look at!

10 Enchanting Unicorn

This putty was great but then it got dirty within about two days! Now it's a gross brown color!

It glows very well in the dark!

I like unicorns!

The Contenders
11 Milky Way

Milky Way is a beautiful purple putty with some glitter to make it even better!

12 Krypton

I love relaxing with this putty!

It is SO green! I love green

13 Strange Attractor

This Dark green magnetic putty is very fun to use the magnet. I also love the sparkles.

14 Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell is a stretch, shiny, copper-colored seasonal Thinking Putty. It's extremely beautiful, and comes with a coin. I love this color.

It looks good

15 Scoopberry

The texture is so smooth

It smells amazing!

16 Love is in the Air

Love Is In The Air is a pink sparkly, stretchy Thinking Putty which smells exactly like roses. It is a seasonal Valentines Day color too, but some stores (at least the place I got mine) sell it year-round.

17 Super Oil Slick

I have and I use it day in day out-best line of putty is the illusions

18 Mystic Glacier

Another great putty with UV light that you can draw on the putty with it also glows in the dark.

19 Icicle
20 Aura
21 Overwatch
22 Flamingo Feathers
23 Unicorn The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a pure-white horse-like beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead
24 Snow Angel

One of my favorites so pretty!

25 Calm Presents

This helps me so much at school!

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