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1 The Dance of Eternity

Most complex metal song written...until it inspired BABYMETAL's Tales of the Destinies.

The Best - Glauberson

2 Stream of Consciousness

If you like any Metallica instrumental, this will hook you instantly, it did to me and it's very close to beating Orion as my favourite instrumental

Stream of Consciousness is a masterpiece, is emotive, is amazing


Stream of Consciousness is a phenomenally composed work of art. For the full effect, listen to Vacant and SoC back to back. Vacant is meant to flow into this song. - Operation_Fortitude

3 Overture 1928

Overture 1928 is a great intro into Metropolis Pt.2. Really gets you in the mood. A bit of trivia, DT is probably the only band to have 2 tracks under the name 'Overture', and neither of them are the first track! - Operation_Fortitude

There is another Overture in The Astonishing (Dystopian Overture). It's also not the first track. - 8GRND

4 Instrumedley

Instrumedley is a medley made up of parts of various DT songs, them being Dance of Eternity, A Change of Seasons, YTSE Jam, Erotomania, Metropolis Pt. 1, Hell's Kitchen, and some LTE songs. The way that they flow from one to another is just great! Only performed live at select shows, you can listen to Instrumedley on the 'Live at Budokan' live album. - Operation_Fortitude

5 Enigma Machine

Epic and wait for sleep and a rite of passage aren't instrumentals

6 YTSE Jam
7 Erotomania
8 Hell's Kitchen
9 Wait For Sleep

This isn't an instrumental...

10 False Awakening Suite

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11 Dystopian Overture
12 Overture (Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)

Just when I thought they have done it all, they release this. I am actually really into classical music so I thought this was phenomenal

13 A Rite of Passage

Not an instrumental song, but I really like the breakdown

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14 Eve
15 Raw Dog

This isn't on the level of SOC and Overture 1928, but it definitely shouldn't be all the way down here.

16 2285 Entr'acte
17 Machine Chatter
18 Descent of the NOMACs
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1. Stream of Consciousness
2. The Dance of Eternity
3. YTSE Jam
1. Stream of Consciousness
2. The Dance of Eternity
3. Overture 1928
1. Stream of Consciousness
2. Instrumedley
3. The Dance of Eternity


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