The Kids Are Alright, So Stop Complaining!

One of my most recent posts was a poem called "Kids These Days". It was satirizing one of the most infamous groups of the Internet- 90s kids. Now, not all 90s kids are bad, but there are a few bad seeds that take their birth decade a little... too seriously ( I'm looking at you, Buzzfeed). These 90s kids complain about everything, from discontinued junk foods, to kids born after the 90s. They always say how "kids these days are too young to understand" and stuff like that. Well, I myself was born in 2000, so this really annoys me. Well, 90s kids, the current generation isn't that bad!
90s kids always say the same thing about kids of this generation. They say that "my childhood was better than yours" and "the 90s were the perfect decade". First of all, the 90s weren't perfect ( e.g. Wars In Yugoslavia, WTC Bombing). Second, saying "My childhood is better than yours" is the equivalent of saying "I'm better than you", which really gets under my skin. Really, you are better than a little kid just because you were born first? That sounds very silly to me. It's no wonder why people are calling Milennials "entitled"- because some Milennials think they have a sense of superiority just for knowing what a Walkman is.
This mentality can devastate someone in the third world. For those 90s kids who think they are better than today's kids, I DARE YOU to go up to someone in Croatia or Iran and say that you are better than them. The 90s may have been heaven for you, but has been HELL for them. Also, they think that today is nil peaceful, but back then it was 100% peaceful. Well, they are close- minded, because a lot of stuff happened back then ( specifically, 1991). In fact, the breaking up of the Soviet Union pretty much set the tone for what's happening today! So, yea, those 90s kids aren't helping the world here.
In conclusion, SOME, not all, 90s kids are annoying. It's like these people hate others JUST FOR LIVING. I think these 90s kids are so insecure, that they pick on others to feel better about themselves, albeit living in their parent's basement. I'm not saying everyone born in the 90s are bad, it's just this Vocal Minority I am focusing on. Some people may never learn, but the kids are alright. Well, I guess this semi- satirical rant is over.


I like 90s kids. A lot better than those retarded 2000s and 2010s kids. - visitor

10's kids? They exist? - Puga

Visitor, you do realize that this post is against people like YOU, right? - Pony

Shut up visitor. This is why I don't like most visitors. - Therandom

You see, my problem with most(not all) 90s kids is that they tend to hate on anything in the 2000s and 2010s, with no reason but "it's not as good as the 90s". Sure, the 90s had many great cartoons and media, but it also had bad ones. Same goes for later. Good shows like the first 3-4 seasons of Spongebob and FOP are still on to this day, along with newer gems like Gravity Falls and Regular Show. The same goes for most sorts of media, such as video games. In fact, franchises like Mario and Kirby have improved tenfold since the 90s. You can call Super Star better than super Star Ultra, but you won't have too much reason. Not all 90s kids are like this, but many are. Good post, Pony. - Garythesnail

I agree, the 1990s weren't the "BEST AMAZING GODLY" decade. However, sometimes they have a point when talking trash about the 2000s and 2010s. - peaceswagtv