Top 10 Dumbest Things 90s Kids Say

90s kids are going too far with their stupidity. You idiots need to grow up.
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1 Kids today are stupid because they don't know what happened during the 90s

I loathe 90s kids. They're immature, annoying, retarded, nostalgic babies. They always talk & complain about his generation being bad. They also brag about how the 90s was the best decade in the world & everything about it was SO great. That's all they do. "The 90s was awesome all 2000s kids suck. Haha". The worst part is that they're sometimes...they're actually right. Of course not all 90s kids are like this, but a big majority of them are. It's ok to be nostalgic sometimes, just don't let it over come you or you'll end up becoming one of these asses.

2 My childhood was better than yours

Please do not use words like butthurt.
Not everyone who was a Child of the 90s is obsessed with the decade and would not bully 21st century kids. (Every decade) I don't even hate decades before the 90s and would prefer being a child of those decades being in a generation that is over hated.
I like history. But hate the over obsession of the 90s.

I wanted to enjoy finding cartoons, shows, and toys from when I was little. I did not expect finding this stupid obsession.

Not true my little cousins are 00s kids and their lives are 1 million % better than mine. They go to LOTS of places and get LOTS of pictures and videos. I am a 90s kid and while I did travel quite a bit during my childhood, my childhood photos are not even close to 10% of the total amount of childhood pictures and videos that they have now.

3 The 90s was the last greatest decade

21st Century is overhated, every decade will be. The entertainment more than the disasters will be the reasons to hate the decade. (Even though one singer has been called a disaster anyway so whatever and was a tot in the 90s)

No decade is the greatest. Each has its upsides and downsides, but no decade is absolutely greater than other in all terms

More like chock full of political scandals.

4 Cartoons today are stupid

Adventure Time, Regular Show, Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe. There are good cartoons out there. Whoever says cartoons are stupid now, is an idiot.

A 90's kid's typical trump card collection of bad cartoons: Fanboy & Chum Chum, Teen Titans Go!, Spongebob, Johnny Test, Spongebob, Spongebob, and (did I mention? ) spongebob.

Yes because The Brothers Flub, Mega Babies, Hammerman, The Brothers Grunt, Stressed Eric, and Cow and Chicken (sue me) were all fantastic shows (sarcasm)!

5 Modern music sucks

Crappy music has always existed. I think this can be summed up in ADoseOfBuckley's Right Generation video (seriously check it out if you haven't).

No it doesn't it's just different. You 90s kids need to grow up and get your heads out the past.
-Mr. Wiseguy

6 I miss Jimmy Neutron, the 90s was the best

I watched Jimmy Neutron. But I like the 00s more than the 90s. A decade I can actually remember the years, not an infant at the start. 00s teen.

Jimmy Neutron wasn't even around in the 90s.

Jimmy Neutron was a 2000s cartoon! Idiots

7 Kids today are bad

You guys are complaining about a generation THAT YOU RAISED. It's not Gen Z's fault, it's yours for not teaching your kids better. Yeah, sometimes kids turn out bad for no reason, but you raised your kid. It's not their fault you didn't teach them important things.

I doubt what kind of thought process goes in their head before saying this. I'm sure it must be something like "Oh, I'm feeling insecure, so let me try to mask it by blaming innocent children for apparently no reason". Good job, 90s kids.

Not all kids are bad. Seriously, how stupid are you guys?

8 The 90s invented Rock Paper Scissors

And the yo-yo no it's the oldest toy invented.

Tbey also think they invented coily phone wires and hide and seek, haha what a bunch of jokahs.

9 Modern SpongeBob sucks

Sorry but SpongeBob came out in 1999 the final year of the 90s. SpongeBob is more of a 21st century cartoon. It started in 1999 not 1990.

Modern SpongeBob haters will just talk about the suicide and toenail, etc.

I really hate these modern SpongeBob haters. Sure, it's not as good as before, but it's NOT AS BAD AS HOW YOU PEOPLE WOULD SAY IT! And some modern episodes were excellent. Stop complaining as if all of it were bad. And ftr, the new episodes are for the new gen children. They are not for you. Season 9, the current season, was good by the way. You people are just too ignorant and brainwashed by the old episodes and were spoiled by people like Mr Enter and PIEGUYRULZ to understand.

10 Only 90s kids remember this

I remember 80s things (I had a shell suit, watched some 80s cartoons). Things from decades before still exist in the decade after. But I'm not an obsessed 90s freak.

*The twin towers were built in the 70s.
*Rugrats aired in reruns well into the late 00s.
*VHS tapes were also notable in the 80s and 00s.
*Goosebumps and BabySitters Club books are still being sold.
*Recess aired on reruns until 2009.
*The Oregon Trail was first made in the 1970s.
*Lunchables are still being sold.
*Magic School Bus is still being shown at schools.
*Animaniacs aired on reruns until 2014.
*The Super Mario Bros. Super Show has kind of had a second life because of it being on YouTube.

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11 Whoever didn't watch _______, should die

Only it's much worse with today's kids:

"Whoever doesn't watch MLP:FIM should die"

"Whoever doesn't watch Teen Titans Go should die"

"Whoever doesn't watch(insert modern 2020-2022 cartoon here) should die."

Really? I think today's these modern day brats need to grow up and get a life.

I should die for not watching Rocko's Modern Life?

12 The 90s were so much better

No. Statistically, from 1990 to 2010, things like poverty, malnutrition, Infant mortality, under-5 mortality, Illiteracy rate have significantly decreased in lot of places around the world. Things like Human Development, School attendance ratio, Per Capita Income have increased in different parts of the world. These are some of their most ignorant claims.

13 Ed, Edd n Eddy and Spongebob Squarepants were 90s cartoons!

Even though they both aired in 1999, they had way more episodes and popularity in the 2000s than in the 90s so technically they're 2000s shows.

I think in the UK they first aired in 2000.

Both premiered in 1999 in the US, and took a while to premiere overseas

14 Kids today have adult bodies

Nah, we're just more fit and we don't wear super baggy clothing like 90s kids.

Pretty sure kids back then tried their best to look sexy too.

15 Kids today are fat
16 Only 90s kids will remember this

I just saw a post with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and it has cheat codes written on a piece of paper. Of course captioned "only 90's kids will understand" when the game came out in 2004. Like, I'm an unapologetic 2000's kid (who doesn't drone on about the 2000's) and I get it. Hell, I still do it in case the Internet is down.

17 We are the Harry Potter generation

So start smoking some pot, because apparently you claim to be a "Potter".

The Harry Potter movie franchise started in 2001, idiots.

18 We could be the last creatures on earth to be born in the last greatest decade

I was born at the end of the 80s. Anyway we are human beings like 21st century kids, not every single person who was a child then has a crazy obsession. The 90s is a cult.

19 Kids today don't play outdoors

Not true whatsoever. I climb trees and hike in my spare time, I don't sit in front of the TV all day like some kids.

20 I feel bad for 2010s kids

As a person born in 2004... You guys thought rear-projection TVs and disks with a whopping 1.44 MB of space were the coolest thing in the world.

Good god, does this scream condescending! Over-obsessive 90's kids just need to stfu already!

21 They say if you don't remember "insert something from the past" you had a terrible childhood.
22 Say something was from the 90s when it was from the 80s or 00s.
23 Carpet City "If you didn't have one when you were little your parents didn't love you"

So my parents hate me, because I got mine from my Aunt when she was getting rid of things that my older cousin had because he was too old for it, he was a 90s kid and teenager

24 You don’t remember (insert thing that carried over into 2000s from 90s here) because you were born in 200_! All you know is Instagram, Fortnite, and Ariana Grande!

Same for 80s things that carried over to the 90s. I had a shell suit, a cassette walkman, VHS of Care Bears and The Raggy Dolls. I had a Pound Puppy and Care Bear.
My primary school had 80s computers o_0
The Youth Club had 80s arcade machines. Reruns of Poddington Peas and Bertha, Smurfs.
Penny Crayon. Playdays first aired in 80s. Fun House (UK) first aired in 80s
I have always known who Bros where since I was a kid.
In the 90s a Simpsons episode shown a few 80s shorts.
80s hand-me-downs.

I was born in 2004. I don't have an Instagram account, nor do I have Fortnite installed. Don't even get me started on how much I despise modern pop.

25 I hate rising global warming
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