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101 Why do White people look like apes?

Did a black person write that... ?

I don't know. But white people also are red-they hit themselves too much. I am thinking that you are not a white. I am not a white. I am a orange tinge. I live in Korea - leah2006

Racism... which is illegal. And it's rude! So seriously, shut up.

Stfu trump supporter

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102 Why are astronauts not yet landing on sun?

Because the Sun is very cold. It would freeze any spaceship and/or astronaut. Plus the Sun is our friend, thus landing on him can upset him.

Because the sausages will get sunburnt.

It takes 30 years or more, also it's very cold and it is our friend, thus if we land on it, it will get really upset and lava. You see, the sun is so cold, it's red, and inside of it, there's lava. Hope this helped

Pick up a book you idiot.

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103 What bear is best?

Yogi bear, smarter than the average bear! - DapperPickle

Gummy bears, duh!

Victoria beer from Australia

Freddy fazbear

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104 Why is every Nickelback song good?

Because it all sounds the same every time

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105 Can I get a disease from stubbing my toe?

Yes because breaking your tow after stubbing it is a disease... No!

Yeah sure. It's called the "crying disease" - Mcgillacuddy

Yeah, you would get cancer.

Yeah babyidis

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106 How do I buy a million dollars with a million pennies?

Well when the IS stops making pennies, then maybe - cdxtreme

If you live in a eye of a tornado in a walnut

I know you are donald trump

Umm what?

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107 How far away (as in light years) is the Andromeda Galaxy.........?

This is a genuine question, I'm actually curious now.

108 I'm gay, how can I be cured?
109 How do I tell my daughter I accidentally killed her pet mouse?
110 Can I change color if I have sex with a radioactive black woman?

Of course, and I hope you remember that with great color comes great irresponsibility and become the next non-idiot in the world

111 Is there anyway I can get this popular guy to get me pregnant?
112 Am I a Penguin?

Hmm... Do you live in club penguin? - Harri666

Don't know about you, but I'm a hippogriff that can morph into a unicorn.

You play Club Penguin and have a home? Then yes.

If you are short

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113 Why do crocodiles walk so gayly?

They can't get the hook to come out.

You probably just met a crocodile that kissed his friend

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114 is Hitler related to Dolphins???

His name is Adolf, is it short for adolphin?

Maybe a killer dolphin - Ziffe

No, Do Not Compare Hitler to Anything. He was a vicious dictator who killed many innocent Jews for no reason!

Yes his name is Spongebob - TwilightKitsune

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115 Was Tiny Tim the first scene kid? V 2 Comments
116 If one direction was in the 60s, would the Beatles have been popular?

Yes. Because the Beatles actually reach people other than 11-17 year old girls.

Yes. One Direction should jump off a cliff into a large valley of sharp pointy rocks. The teenage girls would love them, but everyone else would love the beetles.

It would be hard to fit a whole band in a time machine

One direction in the 60's people would have written them off for being talentless hacks

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117 What are some names that sound like words?

I know a website just for you it's called stupid people want to know what names sound like words

This is just oh my.. laugh out loud

That's so offensive! My name is potato! - EpicHorrorMaster

I may as well name my daughter "The" - Mcgillacuddy

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118 My girlfriend thinks I look like Winona Ryder. What do I do?

Broke your face with hammer

Get plastic surgery - Mcgillacuddy

Cut your face off


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119 When is the next Harry Potter and the escape of Gringotts coming out?

It won't, the goblins want to keep this incident a secret...

When one of the movie producers read this comment

This is the most idiotic question I've seen

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120 If I eat myself would I be bigger or disappear completely

You would be dead before you finish

You would die before you could even finish

The answer:that just blew my mind

maybe.. - Ananya

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