Top 10 Edguy Songs Longer Than 6 Minutes

Like most of the power metal bands, Edguy also have epic sounding soungs - from epic vocals to epic composition ideas and choruses.
These songs are usually longer 6 Minutes.

The Top Ten

1 Tears of a Mandrake Tears of a Mandrake Cover Art
2 Vain Glory Opera Vain Glory Opera Cover Art
3 Sacrifice Sacrifice Cover Art
4 The Eternal Wayfarer The Eternal Wayfarer Cover Art
5 The Pharaoh The Pharaoh Cover Art
6 The Piper Never Dies The Piper Never Dies Cover Art
7 New Age Messiah New Age Messiah Cover Art
8 Theater of Salvation Theater of Salvation Cover Art
9 Angel Rebellion Angel Rebellion Cover Art
10 Judas at the Opera Judas at the Opera Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Babylon Babylon Cover Art
12 Golden Dawn Golden Dawn Cover Art

Vocals from 5:30 to the end are pure bliss. - Metal_Treasure

13 Robin Hood Robin Hood Cover Art
14 The Asylum The Asylum Cover Art
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