The message of this song is to simply don't care when people diss you, insult you or say you are this or that: just know that your beautiful and amazing. Which in my opinion is very important as some people think they're in hard times with what people say they're ugly or unlovable which is totally false! Everyone has their own type and everyone is different which makes them unique and special in they're own amazing way and this is totally what this song provides. The lyrical genius and beat, chorus (Wow the chorus is amazing, Eminem has a great vocal voice. It wasn't auto tune) All mix together to make this more of a powerful and bigger statement of a song. - EMIN3M

I like this inspirational song so much. It has a very perfect melodic tones, great meaningful rap and a very nice melodic chorus. This is the best song ever in my life and it's not just me who like it but almost all my friends and all that have any relationship with me love it.

I'd say this song should be on top, the best lyrics ever written by eminem (also stan of course). Eminem is a genius and this song another side of him. Eminem just sends a simple message: God gave you shoes to fit you, so put em on and wear em. Be proud of who you are and never let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful.

This song changed me. I was so depressed but it gave me strenght. Be yourself, men... don't ever let anyone say you ain't beautiful...

The best song ever that I had ever listen in my whole entire life. This song inspire me ever time when I feel sad or down or get bullied or have problems or anything. This song also had made me strong to face all my problems. I think this is the best inspirational song ever.

Best song by far in my opinion. I played it to my little sister, she has been playing it since. Eminem is a legend in our house, this song proves why. This list isn't what id make it, and this song should be higher, but I have to add, Eminem doesn't do bad music, so picking the best is tough!

I couldn't imagine writing enough meaningful passionate lyrics that rhymed one time let alone over and over and over again like Marshall does, he is special...this song is truly touching, love it...Eminem NEVER uses the N word like everybody else neither, love his art...

An amazing song a real song for me... And I felt it with my soul cause I suffered from the same things that Eminem mentioned in his songs... And It just really gave me a hope to make change in myself... Thanks Eminem now I really understand the real meaning of this song cause I felt it with my soul...

If this isn't in the top 3, then I don't know what everyone else is thinking. This is the closest insight into Marshall's mind that we've had from any of his songs and the message behind the song is one that we should all follow, to just be true to yourself in the face of all the ridicule you get.

To anyone who would ever diss on rap as being some kind of lower art form, I would point them towards this song. Great hook, amazingly complex rhyme schemes that betray his not-even-highschool education, and a incredibly introspective look into the experience of depression.

One of the most moving songs I have ever heard from this artist. Regardless of who you are, or where you have been this songs speaks to the very soul. I've never heard anything more beautifully but together and something I was able to relate to on such an intimate level.

Everyone of Eminem's songs have so much meaning, you cannot even compare it to the crap others call rap these days. But this song gets me every time. No, I will never know what he went through, but I learn that I can be strong and that I am a beautiful person. Thank you, Eminem

It's just such an amazing song, I listen to it all the time. It really helps people understand that they should just be themselves and not let anyone put them down. After all, "Don't let them say you ain't beautiful."

One of my all time favorites. I can relate to this song. I was 16 when I heard this song first and since then this song has been a part of my life. Whenever I fell down, this song boast my energy level, gives me strength to fight back.
Thank You Eminem.

Can't believe that this song isn't in top 3 or that Love The Way You Lie is even in top 10. This song is absolutely amazing and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I hear this song. Just a brilliant song.

The song I love most from Eminem and I like all his studio albums. The song is an absolute pure masterpiece and is written beautifully. I got through life listening to it and I still do today. The Best Eminem Song - Beautiful

1. This song has a good meaning/lesson.
2. It doesn't curse.
3. Good rhythm.
4. The song "Beautiful" is, well, beautiful.

Its quite an super outstanding song. why is it in the 6th position? It should be in the 1st place. it not like other songs. it's a song full of emotions and inspiration. It's the best song I've ever heard

We can just say... One of the best songs ever Eminem is yet the Best Rapper of the World. Should be at least in the second place... Awesome... Superb... Magnificent

Very meaningful I listen to it all the time I love him and his songs and all the girls that I know hate him for a girl I love this guy he is the best hope you love him and much as I do but I will always love him more

This is as real as he's ever been, no filter, no comic relief, just marshall Mathers being himself, I canf even listen to this song without being instantly depressed and then overcoming it by the end. If your song can have that affect on people then I'd say you did something right. Just remember, god gave you the shoes that fit you, so put 'em on and wear 'em

This relates to my life... Of being humorous and cool kid even if that meant acting stupid... Song to my life and many others and in the end of the song a great message "Be Yourself Man, Be Proud Of Who You Are"

This is seriously Eminem's greatest song. It has a great message that everyone should live by. "Just stay true to you". Eminem is a great rapper. He deserves success after the hardships he encountered.

I love this song it inspires me so much I couldn't tell you how much this song a has really helped me I'm surprised its only number 6 I believe that it should be number 1

This song is... Well, beautiful. The title says it ALL! The beat is gorgeous, the lyrics are SO DEEP and the whole thing makes me wanna cry when I hear it. Great song if your feelin depressed...