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61 Stimulate

Apparently people are easily swayed by catchy producing and less by genius. Not saying that all the Recovery-songs at the top end of this ranking are low quality. Hardly any of Em's is; rhymes, content, flow, visual imagery, scene-setting or even catchy producing there's always a reason to really like a song.
For me 'best' means 'good in every aspect, in a way that makes that song a whole, in which every single word or sound is right where it should be. '
Songs like this one, Renegades, Way I am, Rabbit Run, White America, Emulate are Em at his best in my opinion.

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62 97 Bonnie & Clyde

People this is crazy. This is by far one of the top 10 songs ever made. It has comedy, violence, and a good beat. It's perfect. Real fans open your eyes and press like on this comment.

Are my eyes fooling me... It is in 65.. What.. One of the best song he ever did. It must be in top 30. Thousand times better than anything on crappy recovery.

?! Why is this 220? And how is the highly disappointing Berzerk and Just Lose It above this?! I'm sorry but what?! This is my 2nd favourite song in the world, even though it scares me to death. It has some kind of magic. It's beautiful and evil mixed together, and yet don't have a single swear word. LISTEN TO THIS please

'97 Bonnie and Clyde - KnightRyder364

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63 Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II

Great love song its mine and my girlfriend song this song and part one should be in the top ten

Wow love the way you lie 1 is just an awesome rap ever I heard but 2 it can do better

What is this song doing here? This is better than the first one! I love this song

I wish it had more rap to it though.

64 Talkin' 2 Myself

This song definitely needs to be higher, amazing lyrics, chorus and emotion, definitely at top 20 song!

I finally got a song I can relate too. Its lyrics expresses every emotion of mine. People who are not voting it have simply not listen to it.

What why is this only 46th and love the way you lie on 4th?!? O. O come on should, be at least under the top 20! Eminem is simply one of the best rappers

WHY, the HELL,is this song so low?

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65 Crack a Bottle

Too smooth of a beat to pass up! This song is amazing, you here it once and you sing for months. Definitely a top twenty for sure.

50 Cent has good flow and mainstream lyrics but mediocore singing please stick to rap.
Dr. Dre has good lyrics that tells the true meaning of love
SLIM SHADY sings without auto-tune (something most singers can't do. ) Raps better, is chaotic, no mainstream and barely any love lyrics and still proves to be the king of rap. No wonder he has the longest and coolest intro at the beginning go slim SHADY! - trainsobel

This song is gets stuck in your head. This is really low. Should be top ten for sure.

64? That's a joke right? Because a great song like this should NOT be 64 or anywhere under top 20.

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66 Bully

How isn't this on the top 10? This inspires me so much

Took me more than 6 months to stop listening to the song like after every 3 hours...

Beat is unbelievable. Lyrics, powerful. It is one of the best Eminem songs of all time without a doubt.

This is amazing

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67 You're Never Over

Eminem you mean everything to me, you're the best man n I m your biggest fan ever... That's all I wanna say right now but one day you'll know me n you realize that day I m more crazier then stan P.S...

This is the best Eminem song, well at least top ten it's not popular at all but is very deep and Eminem rap very fast in this song. You're never over is about Eminems friend who died.

One of the best Eminem songs I have ever heard in my life!

Great Beat, Great Lyrics Not to good of singing, but who cares

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68 DÉJÀ Vu

77 are you kidding me this song deservess to be in the top 20. The chorous is just crazy amazing!

I think the best Em song is Deja Vu

Favorite Eminem song by far. Crazy that it's so far down on the list.

I really liked the song and it sort of shows what a drug addict does

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69 Almost Famous

This song is not bad at all. Ya this song underrated because of not Afraid, lose your self, stan. But this is one of the best song. The song need to be higer ranking. But this song include Adult word that's y song down too much

So? The best song on Recovery and possibly the best song I have ever heard is 71? ARE YOU SERIOUS! This has a SICK beat with POWERFUL rapping telling a story. No. Lots of people voted for the other garbage songs on recovery including 25 To Life and Love The Way You Lie. Should be top 5 AT LEAST!

Definitely one of his best songs ever. He kills every verse in this song and the chorus was to sick. Top Ten in my book. Legendary

This is the best song on Recovery by far. This tops Not Afraid and absolutley DEMOLISHES Love The Way You Lie. I can't believe this amazing song is so low. You may as well have put Lose Yourself below the top 100. Wow.

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70 Bitch Please II

I don't understand why this is all the way down here. Dr. Dre is as gangsta as ever, going back to his typical gun threat, don't mess with me attitude that makes him dre. Snoop goes in hard on in the beginning of his verse, with his typical sly braggishness, and his somewhat downplayed gangster personality, and of course, him being a pimp. The comes xzibit, with his in-your-face approach and kind of a hardcore, underground sounding type dre. Then em. Slims cleverness and thinly veiled sarcasm in his verse is what makes the song go full circle. It sounds less like dre, x, and snoop are featured artists and more as if they are a group. He goes back to the recurring theme in this album of telling his critics to get off, yet it never sounds overdone or whiny.

The meat and potatoes of rapping, really a great song why on earth is it 96th with: Em, Dre, Snoop, Nate, Xzibit so many great artists and they are placed 96th

"Hit and Run, Get the Funds, Get it Done, Split and Run, got about 50 guns and I love all of em the same, bang, bang, damm baby girl whats you name? " such a sick lyric from Snoop

And the chorus is so catchy. just how is this masterpiece 96th

Just a weird song... Seemed forced (Like in a "I have to collaborate with Dre it's an obligation" way)

Slim's opening was one of the best intros in rap to date. Every verse was great.

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71 We Made You

Eminem is the only rapper, the ONLY, I bring myself to listen to. And this is the first a Eminem song I've ever heard, and when I watched the video, I nearly wet myself laughing...oh, that made me sound a bit like a baby...

Whatever! He's so funny and he doesn't rap all sorts of stupid lyrics like most rappers, he's songs actually mean something, and they are so damn funny! - Oldia

The best song on this list by far... - Celestius

It's a sin that I actually had to look for this song on this list. Best. Eminem. Song. Ever! It's so catchy, and whenever it comes on, you just can't help but to sing along.


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72 Amityville

I can't believe that this song isn't in the top few. This song is amazing. It's the good old violent Slim Shady. True Eminem fans will love this. It's related to Marshall's life, plus additional sense of humor in the song, and then Bizzare making the song a little more crude.

Doesn't deserve to be on MMLP... Kinda spoiled the album (especially Bizarre)

73 Wicked Ways

Eminem really saved the best for last with this song. Great track and definitely deserves a higher rating at least top 25

Very underrated song. Top 40

Sad song. Deserves higher

Great song

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74 Cum On Everybody

Okay song... Could've been better though

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75 Go to Sleep

Really how is this song not higher? Its amazing... The Eminem part of the song at least it's so nice to listen too.

This should be in top ten


Sick diss - ruined benzino's career

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76 So Bad

Best song in Recovery, without a doubt. Vocals are amzing, instrumentals are even better, and it's all in all an amazing song.

Man its simply awesome

One of the best songs from Recovery - 8gerrard8

So bad? More like so GOOD! I love this song! Should be a lot higher.

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77 Airplanes, Pt. 2

Should be in top 10..
Listen It If You Are A true Fan Of him..
Love You Marshall.. You Rocks!

His verse is probably one of the best he made

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78 Buffalo Bill

The rhymes are perfect

Such amazing lyrics one of my favorite bonus CD songs

The flow is destroying

79 Welcome 2 Hell V 3 Comments
80 Drop the World

How is this not higher on the list!? - codyisland

This song should be in the top 20! It's amazing - Andyandy

This is average

Lil Wayne was way better and I'm an Eminem fan

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