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141 Chauvinist Pig
142 Campaign Speech

Awesome freestyle track!

This songs a badass freestyle

To be honest your chill rate:2

Trump doesn't have any chance of retaliating... Totally abused... 😂

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143 If I Had

Too many radio listeners voted on this page. This song has one of the best lyrical openings I've ever heard. There are 6 songs in the top ten that I don't think deserve to be there.

I love this song. It isn't fast, but it's real. I still love Eminem, I love his new material and old lyrics. He doesn't need pills to kill it.

This should be to 10 not 100...

Not even in the top 100, definitely in his best 30 tunes or so - defmay

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144 313

Come cleaner than Jay Rue jackin of when he showers. Get it? Haha I'm 14 and used to like recovery till I discovered sslp mmlp and infinite. Ems wordplay at it's best

145 Kill for You

This song is good, but it's not the right picture. Somebody thought this song is Kill You, and not Kill for You - guitar

This song is incomplete without Eminem. Love the rap.

What a song it blow my mind. One of the best rap lyrics by Eminem

This is t my favorite but it's very good as a sign from the great after more than a year of silence this has me very excited for what's to come in January

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146 Where I'm At

Hope that hoe dies in you line of song...

147 Speedom

Not the best Eminem verse ever but damn it's badass

One of Eminem's fastest raps ever

Bloody good even though I despise monster raps..

His fastest song with great lyrics. Don't see what it's doing down here, GET UP FFS

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148 Love Game


I HATED this song the first time I heard it, but I suddenly loved it after the second listen. It takes the depressing concept of being a hopeless romantic and turns it into something humorous. With the silly beat, the corny samples, the hilarious lyrics, and Kendrick Lamar's awesome verse, it's definitely one of the most underrated Em tracks, and it may as well be my favorite track on MMLP2.

This song is a hidden gem.

Em and Kendrick should have done way better on this song

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149 Remember Me?

One hell of a song even though Em got outshined by his features. Sticky Fingaz just straight up murders this song

Jeez, this song is raw as hell. I mean, you have a really good verse by Em, but Sticky Fingaz... he just straight up murdered Em before Em even appeared on the track. - SwagFlicks

Better song than #133 on this list. Great word play, vocals and lyricism from all 3 rappers.

It should be in top 40

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150 Dead Wrong

Em is with one of the greatest rappers of all time, The Notorious BIG. The lyrics are hilarious and well though out. This song is carved into rap history.

Eminem with one of the greatest rappers ever. Only song that competes is my name is

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151 Rhyme or Reason

The way he uses a sampling of Time of the Season is masterful. He is still on top of the game.

This is one of the most incredible raps lyrically that I have ever heard. The way he used The Zombie's Time of the Season is masterful.

It's awesome, lyrically it's precious and the allusion to Criminal is nice

Can I have a request for this site?
Rank Eminem songs properly for god sake!
This song not only catchy and beautiful on the chorus
It also uses the Time of the Season sample which is genius!
Whoever put this song down here must be retarded
One of the best songs on The MMLP2 and one of his best of all time in my opinion
Lyrical at its finest,you can't see an underrated song when you hear one
"But I still am a Criminal!
Ten year old degenerate grabbing on my Genitals!
Last Mathers LP went diamond
This time I'm predicting that this one will go Emerald! "
Some of the best lines from Eminem
Awesome flow,meaningful lyrics and a catchy beat and chorus
It deserves the top 50 at least!

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152 Doe Rae Me

After Ja Rules mentioned Eminem's daughter in his dis track, Marshal responded with this song with some help from D12, Obiee Trice, and G Unit. My top 5 Eminem songs

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153 Spend Some Time

How can this be so low on this list?

154 Crazy in Love

Amazing song. Deserves top 50 at least

Great song... Great storytelling with nice lyrics

One of best tracks.. Shows his diversity in music.

Nobody noticed this...he SINGS in it! - Hotheart123

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155 Just the Two of Us

Why is this even on here? "Just the two of us" isn't even a song, it's just what some kid who doesn't listen to Eminem thinks is the title for "'07 Bonnie and Clyde". Word of advice; nobody even pay attention to this song. Vote for an Eminem song that is actually a thing.

This is actually a earlier version of '97 Bonnie and Clyde. This was on the Slim Shady Ep. This is arguably a better version.

156 We're Back V 1 Comment
157 Ridaz
158 No Favors
159 Taking My Ball

This is a funny song. I don't understand why people don't like it. The last part is kind of weird but it's funny. Not all songs have to be Stan or Lose Yourself you know. They don't have to have meaning to be good. This song is a lot of nonsense but it's awesome because Eminem turned it into a fantastic piece of music. This shows Eminem has tons of talent.

Has to be one his most unrecognized controversial songs the lyrics just blow my mind and the comedy off this song is amazing.

This should be way higher. It's actually a fantastic song. It's really funny and has great lyrics. Classic Slim Shady.

Seriously? 160? Do people not have a sense of humour? At least put this in the Top 100. AT LEAST!

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160 Drips

No one ever heard about this song? No-one at all? Come on guys. Of the old school songs - ahmedsalama

Obie is genuinely hilarious in this song without even knowing, and Em brings his own "tragic", yet cohesive story to the table. And the beat is phenomenal. - SwagFlicks

Amazing song

Great beat, can't get it out of my head

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