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161 On Fire

A sick speed that passion that is delivered with anger from the heart. I love it especially because it's one of the few things on the new album I can bear. No drugs to help produce it and this came out. Kicks ass.

How is this not even top 100! Deserves to be in top 25 at least!

underrated - defmay

162 C'mon Let Me Ride

THIS song is cool. Who had not heard this, he should listen this.

Thus was awesome songs I love that lyrics

163 Brainless

Eminem kills it like his BET cypher on this track. Sickening!

VERY underrated song. Beats + lyrics = awesome!

Extremely underrated lose yourself is the best though

Second best song on mmlp2

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164 Music Box

The music box background music makes this song even more shivering. The chorus is beautiful, best song on Relapse/Relapse: Refill, hands down.

This song's beat is top 10 worthy. Lyrics are top 10 worthy. It's here sitting at 174...

I think I'm going to throw up. 168! This is such a great song. Love the chorus.

This song deserves to be in top 10

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165 Best Friend

Good song, can't really call this an Eminem song though

Bomb ass song! Should be in top 20 at least

Oh my god it should be in top 20

One of his most inspirational tracks of all time. This proved to me and many more that he is still the best in the game. R.I.P. Proof. Derty Harry will never be forgotten.

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166 The Hills

This is absolute fiire. The first two verses of the original are completely scrapped in favor of some of the best verses of Em's career. The beat is still uncomfortably dark, but Eminem can do something with that unlike the Weeknd. The flow and rhymes are fantastic, the verses flow into the (still terrible ) chorus perfectly, and Eminem's casual anger is fitting. But what makes this song special is the wordplay. Holy shiz is the wordplay on this good. This is a 5/5. - WonkeyDude98

Great song

167 Purple Pills

Great song with good lyrics and rhythm, don't see why it shouldn't be on top 50

Needs to be higher

Ahem... Purple Pills counts as a D12 song

Ahem... Purple Pills is by D12

168 Atlanta On Fire
169 Throw It Up
170 Words Are Weapons

This is one of the best songs by Eminem. On no. 1 on my list

171 That's All She Wrote

If you not listen this song.. Up to this time.. Please listen this. It's a awesome song sung by T. I feat

172 A Milli

This is Lil Wayne

This is a Lil Wayne song...

Not even Em"

173 We All Die One Day
174 Blow My Buzz
175 I'm on Everything
176 My Only Chance

No comments.Has no one heard this song? If anyone comes across this "My Only Chance" is my favorite Eminem song it has brought me up and never brought me down this song perfectly describes my situation.Give it a chance and listen to it.

177 Think Edge
178 Syllables V 1 Comment
179 Warplayer
180 Hello

For some reason I really love this one from Em

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