A super-addictive Eminem fan, constantly writing letters to his idol, but sadly a letter drops out of the fan mail cart and Stan wonders why Eminem hasn't replied and Stan goes bonkers and eventually it drives him to torture his girlfriend who is pregnant and eventually kill himself. I think the lyrical genius, the timing of each verse and sheer beat of it all fits into one, the jigsaw pieces fit together to make a word, and that word is awesomeness. Its quite sad too, the song. - EMIN3M

I used to never listen to rap because I listen to the music in songs instead of lyrics. One day my friend showed me this song and I really liked the music, so I continued to listen to it. I figured that it was rap, so I might as well listen to the lyrics. This song tells a sickening story but the story is great. After this I decided to listen to more Eminem and I listened to the words and I absolutely love his music, he is purely genius. This song made me like rap so it is definitely my favorite.

Lose Yourself and Not Afraid are good, but they are overrated. Probably because they were on the radio so more people heard them. But this song... Is amazing. It is lyrically genius. The story is sickening but so interesting and intense and the music is amazing and his flow here is amazing. This song got me into rap and it is definitely one of the greatest rap songs of all time. This is like a piece of art it is so mind blowing. - ILikeChocolateMilk

Stan is a just... Fantastic. It's really is a play in the form of a rap song... And I love it. Em manages to express a heartfelt message to his fans through a medium that takes them into the world of "stan" a seemingly good man who has nothing in the world to count on but new Eminem records. The thunder and rain in the background is haunting... And Dido's voice is chilling... Ems changing of roles from STAN back to Marshall... Is genius

Stan is about a crazy fan of Eminem named Stan, like the name of the song, who writes letters to Eminem wanting to meet him. Eventually, Stan goes crazy and writes mean letters to Eminem. He is later seen driving a car while it's raining, and he says his pregnant girlfriend is in the trunk. He then crashes into the water. They find his car later in the video. It is revealed Stan dies when it shows his mother and little brother at his grave.

When I first heard "Stan", my heart soured. I was stuck and listened to it over and over and over again, because it was so unbelievably amazing. The ending made me cry: Come to think of it, his name was--it was you. Stalker Fan = Stan. (that's what Marshall said) This song has a really good meaning--do not become totally devoted to Marshall--look at Stan. ("And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call... ") That's sad--that's why I love Eminem

You only need to listen to "Stan" once before realizing that this ill-fated account of a psychotic Eminem worshipper is simply unforgettable. "Stan" unmasks a vulnerable Eminem, one that turns up the pathos several notches while barely raising his voice. Dido's ethereal crooning adds more soot to the tale.

- gocanes52

One of the best songs of all time. when everything else from the last decade has been forgotten, this song will be remembered for ever, its just got so much meaning. in 100 years time Eminem will be remembered as one of the best poets ever to have lived.
Not to diss his new stuff though, I don't understand the problem people have with it. the lyrics, flow, maybe not the beats but em's rapping is as good as it's ever been... but this is his best song so far and should SO badly be number 1.

It tells a story that feels so real, so honest. We go into a very disturbed mind of an obsessed Eminem fan and it's kind of like a psychological journey in a way. I'm not even going to mention how good the flow and the beat is (even though they obviously are) because I believe the most important part of this song is the lyrics.

Stan is such an emotional song that deserves to be first. It portrays the life of a demented fan who becomes obsessive which is an awesome storyline. It sends out a great message to all the fans and not many songs have good meanings in them these days. Most of all, it's rapped by the best rapper ever, Eminem.

Amazing. Gotta love the classics. This song was and will always be one of Eminem's best songs ever. The way he structures the song to sound like a normal conversation and the classic sound effects that were so prominent during the old Eminem is still there. Gives you an almost movie like experience.

Eminem's most mature, thought provoking and emotional song. He has tackled tough subjects before, but few like the craziness of obsessive fandom and how it ruins lives. It showcases Eminem's talents as a storyteller, not just a rapper, and stands the test of time as one of his greatest tracks.

Talk about lyrical content or the story or the rhyme stan has it all and is by far Eminem's best creation that cemented his position at the peak and earned critical appreciation that none could achiev. ut should have been on number 1. stan shows the story of an obsessed fan that commits suicide because Eminem didn't write him back and takes his pregnant girlfriend with him. This song created a term stan for obsessed fans. what a song - 7700zeal

An amazing song that can be interpreted a million different ways. The last two verses gave me goosebumps and had me on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next in this lyrical story. The chorus is also haunting and beautiful. Better than Lose Yourself.

While songs like "The way I am" will have you on the edge of your seat, and songs like "My name is" will have you laughing, nothings strikes a balance of soulful vocals from Dido, flawless lyrics from Em, and a story. Fantastic song, and a song none Eminem fans can love!

This song is best example of story telling from any Eminem album. How can Not Afraid be ranked above this? Sure it can be said that Not Afraid is meaningful, but in the way that Lose Yourself was inspirational, but to a lesser degree. This list is too loaded with Recovery stuff.

"Not Afraid"? No, be afraid. This song is pretty much the greatest rap song of all time, from the best rapper of all time, in the best album of all time and can eat anything from Recovery alive. It tells a story, expresses the anger that we all love from Slim Shady, and gives you chills

this is one of the best raps ever love the way you lie are you kidding me howd that make it on this list lose yourself is one of the best songs not raps of all time even rolling stones has lose yourself on their list and its gives me chillsa rock magezine also has this 1 stan

Stan is the most touching song I've ever heard! When I heard it, I could not believe that could sing a song so touching, this song is opposite to what you would expect from him...

Song tells such a story that opens the eyes of all who listen to it. It gives the tone of the story that just touches the heart of all who listen. The beat is amazing, as well as the lyrics. An absolute amazing song overall that lets you see both sides.

It doesn't have amazing flow there's no denyin, but if you say your heart ain't torn in two when you hear your crazy. The angry emotions of Stan the writer gradually become more twisted as you listen to his anger and demonic nature take over him in a matter of minutes. The beat and chorus grip you and the emotions thrown on you by the end of the song leave you in a different state of mind in the end.

Tells a story, its really an amazing song, that we can all kinda relate to. Nobody can listen to this song and hate on Eminem for anything after they here it. Lyrically, amazing. Great flow. Tells a story, it all adds up to the best Em song in my opinion.

It makes you really appreciate Eminem. It was number 1 in almost all of the countries in the world with music charts.

First listened to this while running. Started sweating from my eyes.

There's just something about Eminem's delivery here that draws you in and demands you to listen, to feel what isn't just a song--but a story.

This is the best Eminem song ever actually it's the best rap song ever because it tells you a story about a crazy fan who can do anything... It's a song full of emotions in my opinion it should be ranked number 1