Top Ten English Translations of German Language Band Names

Many German band names are really odd. But people are so used to them that they won't realize anymore. Then again, it's not too different with English language band names (e.g. Smashing Pumpkins).

The Top Ten English Translations of German Language Band Names

1 The Dead Trousers (Die Toten Hosen) Die Toten Hosen is a German rock band currently consisting of Campino (vocals), Andreas von Holst (guitar), Michael Breitkopf (guitar), Andreas Meurer (bass) and Vom Ritchie (percussion), that was formed in 1982. more.

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2 The Doctors (Die Ärzte) Die Ärzte (German for "The Doctors"), is a German rock band currently consisting of Farin Urlaub (vocals, guitar, bass), Bela B (vocals, drums, guitar) and Rodrigo González (vocals, bass, guitar, piano), that formed in 1982 in Berlin. more.
3 Crumbling New Buildings (Einstürzende Neubauten)
4 We are Heroes (Wir Sind Helden) Wir sind Helden is a German alternative pop band consisting of married couple Judith Holofernes (vocals, guitar) and Pola Roy (drums), as well as Jean-Michel Tourette (keyboard, guitar) and Mark Tavassol (bass, guitar), that formed in 2000. more.
5 The Princes (Die Prinzen)
6 Silver Moon (Silbermond) Silbermond is a German alternative rock band consisting of Stefanie Kloß (vocals), Thomas Stolle (guitar), Johannes Stolle (bass), Andreas Nowak (drums) that formed in 2000. more.
7 Power Plant (Kraftwerk) Kraftwerk is a German electronic music band formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970 in Düsseldorf. The band was fronted by both Hütter and Schneider until Schneider's departure in 2008.
8 The Fantastic Four (Die Fantastischen Vier) Die Fantastischen Vier, also known as Fanta 4, is a German hip hop group from Stuttgart, Germany, named after the German title of Marvel's Fantastic Four.
9 Children of the Wrath (Kinder des Zorns) Kinder des Zorns was a short lived German hip hop group consisting of Separate (vocals), Abroo (vocals), Casper (vocals) and Fadee (production), that formed in 2004 and disbanded the same year . Their only release was the album "Rap Art War", which had little commercial success. The album became more more.
10 Killer Mushrooms (Killerpilze)
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