Top Ten Epic Rap Battles of History

The Top Ten Epic Rap Battles of History

1 Darth Vader vs Hitler

You need to wash up dog, here step in my shower!

Probably the two best characters in the whole series battling against each other with funny lyrics, good acting, and an actual winner, as Darth Vader froze Hitler. - booklover1

Peter and Lloyd are the kings of epic rap battles I wish they could share their ideas with me I love the Epic Rap Battles of History channel

You got the people fired up, wrote a paper got them fired up, but when your bunker got fired up, you put a gun in your mouth and fired-Darth Vader

2 Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

The beat is really catchy and they say such clever things

You blow, jobs! You arrogant prick, with your second hand jeans and your turtleneck Ill drill a hole in then middle of your bony head with you own little spinning beach ball of death! Hippy! You got given up a birth. I give away your net worth to AiDS research! Combine all your little toys and I still crush that. iPhone? IPad? I own, I smack!

I spent about 10 minutes trying to decide between this one and Albert vs Stephen.

I think it was HALs portion that made me pick this one. The line 'I'm sorry Bill, I can't let you do that' sounds too awesome in that voice.

Very catchy I love it the most

3 Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

tho its true that my work is based on you I'm a super computer your like a TI-82

I nearly know all the words to this rap battle. Every time I talk to my mate and my sister about epic rap battles of history they sit there singing

"There are 10, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 particles in the universe that we can observe, yo mama took the ugly ones and put them into 1 NERD! "

"There are ten million million million million million million million particles in the universe that we can observe,

You're mama took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. "

I'm the giant who's shoulders you would've stood on - if you could stand! I'll give you a brief history of pain with the back of my hand!

4 Rasputin vs Stalin (vs Lenin vs Gorbachev vs Putin)

First off, the costumes. Pretty darn accurate, if you ask me.
Next, the lines and flow. JUST YES! Don't believe me? One word: Gorbachev.
Now, the beats. Great, greater and greatest.
And of course... Pewdiepie as Baryshnikov. All of my yes.
This, without a doubt, put the EPIC in Epic Rap Battles Of History.
Also, Gorbachev won. Putin was close, but Gorbachev just took the victory first.

Even though I don't know all of the people that star in the rap battle, I really enjoyed it! The costumes were amazing (I'm looking at you, Stalin), the raps were hilarious ("If your name ends with in, time to get out! ") and (You two need yoga... You need a shower! "), and it was overall a great ending to a great season. I especially enjoyed them all dancing at the end!

This must be the best one of them all, most power behind the words, clever lyrics and interesting personas of history. I think nicepeter did a great job of portraying the spirit I imagine Lenin had during the revolution, the conviction is just awesome. Regarding the lyrics especially the birth of Marx and birthmarks part is quite clever. I think Putin could have been done a bit more clever though.

This is the most brilliant and the best one, if you know a little history about the Soviet Union, after every sentence you would burst out laughing!

5 Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock


The battle begins like normally (jk because the music was legendary). The two have a single verse each, until they are interrupted by Tarantino. The three each make the time to roast Michael Bay, and then Kubrick shows up on a tricycle to glorify himself. He takes a final shot at Bay, and then Bay flies in on a helicopter to teach them all a lesson.


This one was probably the most entertaining and exciting. It's so full of surprises and also EA are bad

Michael Bay won
Got a gift from above and eyes of an eagle
When it comes to blowing up no director is my equal

Superb use of a director's movies as disses. And 5 rappers!

6 Skrillex vs. Mozart

Sometimes both sides on't sound very good, sometimes there's one who's bad and one who's good, but very rarely are both sides good enough for it to be hard to decide who one. There are a lot of battles like this where there's one character who we're clearly supposed to be rooting for, such as Amadeus, because he is held in a higher regard and rooting for his parody character will make you sound more intelligent. On this one however you have to give credit to both sides and even if you picked one you can't say the other was bad.

Mozart won. It was a good rap battle, and I like the feature of autotune and dubstep on Skrillex's side. Made him stand out more than he usually does.

Not only are the rhymes good, but the beat deserves much more credit, particularly the instrumental one when Mozart starts rapping (there's a sentence you wouldn't understand out of context! ) - keycha1n

All of these videos are super funny, but this one made me laugh out loud. Mozart did win with " No one knows what you are but a sad little troll who knows how to press a space bar."

7 Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter

Lecter's lines were so good! "Jack, you're a classic megalomaniac, you didn't mention me once in your entire battle rap! " "Barney take me back to solitary confinement, because this dirty little lamb has just been silenced"

This is one of my favorites. I say Hannibal Lecter won. Jack the Ripper was pretty good too though. But that's just my opinion. Hannibal Lecter definitely had some badass lines!

This may not be the best overall, but it's the best of Season 4 so far and is in my personal top ten. Great match-up, with Hannibal dishing out some of the cleverest insults of the entire series and the beat itself is bad-ass.

I voted for Edison vs Tesla, but I gotta give props and hope for this one to get up there too. This one was great! Mostly because of the addition of Dan Bull. - higgsboson2142

8 Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers

Just for the line: "Let me be frank. Don't start beef with the Frank who hangs with B. Franks giving ladies beef franks!

Don't make Nietzsche come over there and put a knee up in your chi.

The best one. Second is probably the directors one.

This is the best, hands down. - Kubbelstone

9 Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe

I watched it a month ago and I still haven't decided who won. Poe was killing him with fast rapping, but King was hitting him hard with his rhymes. My jaw literally dropped at how awesome this was.

Easily the best battle in regards to lyrics and skill, in my opinion.

The ones below this one will always have less, never more.

This should be up!

"I'm workaholic with fiction addiction"

10 Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama

"You got the momma jeans, and a mister fantastic face - so rich and white it's like I'm runnin' against a cheesecake"

SAVAGE. SO SAVAGE. - keycha1n

Although I didn't vote for this, Obama definitely has the best one-liner in the history of the show

Republicans need a puppet fit it, got your hand so far up rear, they call you mitt

I like the first lady joke

The Contenders

11 Deadpool vs Boba Fett

Ooh whats that a missile backpack I guess you'll be right if a bird attacks

Although the most recent, the beat is one of the most well done of the entire series. The burns and disses were straight fire, and I can't believe that this is number 47. Loved it!

Boba Fett won because of his last line, Deadpool was winning the first part but Boba Fett won it.

Best one for clash! There wasn't a single line that lacked straight fire!

12 Doctor Seuss vs Shakespeare

How does this not have voters? Watsky is a dude...

The entire concept is just hilarious, but then the execution was so cleverly done it's easily among the best of these if not the very best.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 killed it! "Oh! No! We'll smash your globe! Yo, you may have wrote the script, but now we're runnin the show! You can take your filthy words and send them back home to your momma. Break our foot off in your ass with our feetie pyjamas! " Gets me every time lol

Hands down the best beat/ melody of any of the rap battles! Watsky's fast rapping definitely solidifies this as the best one.

13 Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury

My favourite Epic Rap Battle of History. And Freddie Mercury owned it.

This was the most brutal roasting session I have ever seen, and I love it

Not top ten? I'm horrified by the state of the internet. But seriously, all you losers can kiss my ass. But you'd have to wait in line.

I think it should be at least at the top 5

14 Elvis Presley vs Micheal Jackson

How about MICHAEL Jackson's name be spelt correctly? It ain't rocket science to spell the name Michael correctly!

It's definitely a good one, but Elvis Presley won, everyone thinks Michael Jackson won because they don't get the jokes that Elvis made. "Your daddy beat gold records outta ya like alchemy." That won it for me. - BlazenSpirit

"I didn't lose any chocolate. I just added vanilla! " lol

Loved this one! Awesome stuff

15 Artists vs TMNT

I love Smosh and Rhett&Link, they were both in there! Link is Leonardo, Rhett is Donatello, Anthony is Rafael and Ian is Michelangelo.

the architects of rebirth are rap addicts u beat the foot but it wont go well

Even though it's a finale that's dauntingly short, the artists portion of this battle is one of my favorites ever.

It's beat is extremely catchy and the artist portion of the battle is great.

16 Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

You may of freed the slaves but chuck is everyone's master

Very funny chuck Norris won he doesn't fight he allows you to loose he doesn't swim water loves to be around him laugh out loud

"I'll rip your chest hairs out, put 'em in my mouth. I'll squash you like I squashed the south."

4 score and 65 years in the past I won the civil war with my beard

17 Goku vs Superman

This was the best one by far! Even if it is low on the list it is my opinion!

Raywilliamjohnson as Goku just made this battle even better. I think that in the end Goku would have won as nobody knows what his weakness is whereas Superman has cryptonite. Anyway, Goku's rap was better.

"There's only one way this battle's gonna end, one more Superman who's never gonna walk again." LOL - BlazenSpirit

Easily one of the best. It's recent and thus doesn't get so much love.

18 Napoleon Bonaparte vs Napoleon Dynamite

The line "I will shoot your moon boots straight up your poop shoot," gets me every time! Bonaparte is something straight out of Monty Python and Dynamite proves a very worthy adversary! Great rhymes and rhythms on both parts!

Good background music that suits the theme of both rappers in a crossover rap battle

You're the only Dynamite that is never going to bang :/

"You're the only type of dynamite that's nerver gonna bang" this is just awesome and the French in the video is so funny. Bonaparte definitely owned dynamite

19 The Wright Brothers vs The Mario Brothers

This one should be number 1 on this list the wright brothers checked the Mario brothers saying we stay up all night playing donkey kong

Like Pow how you like my now like flames out of mouth like are names were bowser

This is my favorite because Rhett and Link guest starred in it.

Sorry wright brothers this time you chose wrong...

20 Blackbeard vs Al Capone

First: The flow of both rappers is sick, especially Capone's.
Second: This is one of the rap battles with the most historical allusions in it.
Third: Not only does it allude to history, but it alludes to Assassin's Creed! A battle having both historical and pop-cultural references is hard to create. Props to them for that!
Fourth: "You spent time in Alcatraz- I'm sure you were fine if you dropped the soap as little as you drop dope lines." hilarious.

I mean that rat nest beard's trapped so many crumbs this bum could get marooned and still eat lunch for a month.

You ain't a tough guy my kids dress up like you for Halloween

Two bad ass legends up against each other, the fierce power and brutality of Blackbeard vs the wit and charisma of Capone.

21 Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the winner

Already on the list please remove.

22 Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible

Get my chair. I'm weary from tearing you a new derriere from here to red square. Absolutely awesome

Look alive, creme the kremlins arriving. Try to serve Ivan no surviving!

Frederick's whole performance is the best in this one. Too bad it is biased for Catherine.

I absolutely loved Alexander, Frederick, and I thought the Pompey part was hilarious, but Catherine had basically no good lines and she acted like a fake modern pop star.

23 Justin Bieber vs Beethoven

I love the lyrics of the song and I love it. Beethoven destroyed the poor kid

I would smack you, but in Germany, we don't hit little girls!

Bethhoven rocked him up

And I'm glad I'm deaf so I don't have to hear that

24 Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill

This is my fave due to it being one of the closest rap battles on the channel. There was no winner, both Roosevelt and Churchill kept in it up til the final lines. + "I'm about to take you out prematurely, like your family", "rhyme minister" and "My parents died, while they were young and it was morbid
But at least they didn't ditch me when they were alive like yours did". Damn, this battle was savage!

I love this as t shows the most patriotic Brit vs the most patriotic Yank so awesome Dan Bull as Churchill nailed it and EpicLloyd Played it splendid my altimeter favourite

Love it, great costumes, sick bars. Amazing.

One of the best Epic Rap Battles to date.

25 Edgar Allan Poe vs Stephen King

Had great wordplay, and in my opinion is the best battle of season 3 so far.

The beat is beast

The lyrics for EAP vs. SK were incredibly clever and Poe had a pretty beast bit (you know which bit I'm referencing to)

26 Doc Brown vs Doctor Who

This needs to be at least in the top five actually if you don't mind its just the doctor and I live how he's like now calm down will you everything is going to be fine

Actually if you don't mind its just the doctor. Best line ever

THE BEST. Enough' said

By far the best moment is when 'Tom Baker' starts rapping.

27 Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin

Great concluding lines from both rappers puts this in my top 3. "TB and scarlet fever, gotta catch em' all!" and "As hard as the wood that oak gave your mother" are classics. Darwin clinches the victory in the final seconds of the rap.

Hold up... this guy spent 8 years studying barnacles dock... KICK IT

Honestly Ash has the best opening line ever. Got the highest speed stat, drop raps lightning fast is so good

It's an amazing rap with some good lines..."TB and scarlet fever, gotta catch 'em all! " "But when I Need a weak verse, I choose you! " "If you're looking for the fittest I'm the natural selection! " "Set sail and Galapago-suck on deez! "I'm not Charles Sheen, but I am Darwining! " "It took millions of years for mankind to evolve, now they're hunched over cell phones playing with your balls! " "As hard as the wood that Oak gave your mother"

28 Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.

It's a good rap battle.

This was hands down the most brilliantly written.

This one is the best of all... Great lyrics

They both did good good rhymes and roasts so it's a tie for me - maloneyscott

29 Bill Nye vs Isaac Newton

As Neil said the universe is infinite but this battle is finished.

Why is this down here? This is one of my best list. Specially when that cosmos host appeared from nowhere... Hilarious...

This was the funniest one and is extremely underrated

Weird Al is in this one!

30 Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers bro I mean really its funny as hell

I hope you don't mind if I rock sneakers till this battles over, so I don't get blood from your ugly face on my panty loafers

Mr Rogers slaughters T

"I'll chop you into 4 black dudes and remake cool runnings"

Clever line, and so so insulting!

Mr T only needs one letter? It takes less than that for Rogers here to kick yo ass!

31 Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin

You couldn't break a piece of balsa, slap chop your face make a double chin salsa, if you look closely, you can see (Free gift if you order more than you need)

Ill craft a lyrical coffin and spit the nails in, call me arthur miller son, cause its death of a salseman!

32 Stan Lee vs Jim Henson

juggernaut in stacking knots unstoppably disneyland lord of your intellectual property

Brilliant battle, and the most clean one in the series, with a total of 0 swears! A funky beat, great insults, and I laugh every time Kermit raps, but I love this battle because of Walt Disney's cameo at the end! Brilliant, and way to make Disney look like a house of torture and insanity!

I loved the way they put all the little cameos into their raps, and the psychological meaning it had with Walt and Stan mentioning Jim's death at an early age. Yet aside from that the lyrics were genius. By far my #1.

This is hands down the best one in the whole series and it gave us the grim reminder that one day Disney will own everything

33 Batman vs Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes won. Hands down. I don't even think I can play devils advocate on my decision because Holmes owned him through the whole rap. Batman sounded like he smoked three packs of cigarettes then proceed to rap awkwardly after choking on water that went down the wrong way. Batman may have had some awesome lyrics but his presentation of the lyrics were corny. Sherlock Holmes destroyed him.

Both Batman and Sherlock start off okay, but their second verses are among the best ERB verses ever, in my opinion. Batman's verse is so brutal, and Sherlock is insanely clever. This is definitely in my top 5.

Batman:I'll crush your British nuts until they're bangers and mash, I've seen better detective work in tango and Cash

Another one that should be top 5 and for some reason isn't.

34 Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali

One of my favorite ones because almost every line was a funny insult unlike other battles.

It had both flow and epic lines. They actually rapped properly instead of others like clint eastwoods talk-rapping

Ali offended me when he said space jam sucks - maloneyscott

I Liked the part were Muhammad Ali said to Michael Jordan I saw you slapping Regie Miller boy what's wrong with you you fight like those girls that make your Nike shoes

35 Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar

Very well thought out lyrics and design. It flowed well and didn't have untimely pauses that plague some of the others. Probably the closest rap battle in my opinion but I'd give it to Caesar

This one was awesome and is it me or does Julius Caesar look like supermariologan?

36 Zeus vs Thor

The burns in this rap battle was INSANE. You should see how Renegades React reacted to this battle. I have to say that Thor had to take the win in this. Zeus had some dirt on Thor, but nothing compared to what Thor had on Zeus. The Greek mythology just has so many bad things about it that Thor can pick out and slap into his lyrics during the rap against Zeus.

Both Zeus and Thor set the standard for raps in the future, I mean they just leveled the playing field.

The fact that this battle currently sits at #35 is very telling of the "clientele" ERB is forced to cater to. The lyricism, flow, delivery, rhyme schemes and savagery are all second to none here. AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE.

My god, this should be SO much higher. Insanely clever lyrics, unbelievable flow, and a pretty sick beat combine to form what is a Top 5 ERBoH, without a doubt.

37 James Bond vs Austin Powers

Love the actor that played Austin, but Bond takes this one out in a close one.

Tension rose. Tension blossomed. Every single rhyme I find increasingly bettering as the rap progresses. It's stupendous!

This is my 2nd favorite, Jack the ripper vs Hannibal Lecter being my number 1! Both had some good and funny lines. This needs more votes! Jeez!

Incredible lines and beat. Powers was on point.

38 John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly

The one that started it all. They have some fire in this one and it gives it a more passionate vibe.

John Lennon Won

I hate that everyone says John Lennon won this one. I'm not a Bill O Reilly fan, but in this erb, he won. All of those Beetles references that he mad were pretty clever.

The og rap battle

39 Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky

time out lets talk about athletic achievements u and me have many world records between us 184 that's plenty of em and I've set 183 of em

Wayne had epic rhymes and Tony's flow sounded extremely nice

40 Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Gandalf kicked his ass and then fed it to a overweight cow named john

The Prophecy never mentioned the day I'd kick your ass back to Gandalf the grey.

Your ass is like gringotts everyone makes a deposit hahaaha

41 Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla

The wordplay in this one is some of their best writing. The only problem is that for people to really enjoy it, they need to know the history of Edison and Tesla, and the nature of the technology being developed.

"The world would curse the con Edison with every utility"... that's gold right there.

I give this my vote in part because I almost cracked a rib laughing the first time I saw it and in part because I keep watching it again because the flow and lyrics are so great. For those that don't know the story and want ANOTHER laugh today, there's a comic explaining it all in brief at (no dry science, I promise)

Nikola was way more intelligent and if it weren't for him I wouldn't be typing this right now. Plus the lyrics were awesome and so catchy

"Your a geek, plagued by OCD, you never had sex but you sure got screwed by me! " Couldn't stop laughing! - EpicHorrorMaster

42 Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

One of the most savage rap battles on the channel, with heaps of political easter eggs and references to dive into. Makes top 3 on my list.

I don't really like this one to be honest. It just kissed Hillary's ass and only attacked Trump. I don't like either, but still. - RoseWeasley

I don't like either of them but Donald completely tore up Hillary. But Abe won anyway

Hail Trump

43 Darth Vader vs Hitler 3

This is THE BEST hitler vs vader version ever! Boba Fett won it!

Ray William Johnson would be the epitome voice for Donald Duck & Knuckles the Echidna (mainly by the voice of Ray William Johnson himself).

I beat you twice you sellout, now you bow down to Mickey Mouse! - Tacocheese

You wrote a little book. Got me fired up. Had a Beer Hall Pusch. Got me fired up. But when your bunker started getting fired up, YOU PUT A GUN IN YOUR MOUTH AND FIRED UP!

44 George R. R. Martin vs. J. R. R. Tolkien

I honestly, liked this one, but it was too obvious that J. R. R. Tolkien won.

The lyrics were amazing the beat was good best rap battle yet

Martin won hands down. His flow was amazing.

Every time I battler it's return of the king.

45 Rick Grimes vs Walter White

Characters from my two favorite shows ever, how could I not choose this, "No one saw Shane coming, except for your wife."

This is just it. I've seen most others and I've never liked any better than this (except the Vader vs Hitler ones)

I'm so sorry for the narration that bites by zombie at the end...

They nailed the characters perfect. The 'Carl, get back' was spot on!

46 Master Chief vs Leonidas

So funny and Leonidas I think think won
"Your in my world now Chief, THIS IS SPARTA! "

"Cortona says your Greek, so why don't you stick these lyrics up your ass." Really good use of the phrase going Greek. Hilarious reference to sodomy in ancient Greek culture.

300 asses need a kicking, give more teabags than lipton"- Master Chief

Even my initials spell M. C

47 Nice Peter vs Epic LLOYD

It was cool at the end

The most emotion and the hardest lines.

EpicLLOYD could voice Sonic the Hedgehog & Nice Peter could voice Bomberman.


48 Superman vs Goku

This is ALREADY here

49 Terminator vs. Robocop

Terminator won will the balls line.

The music sounds like Deadpool vs. Boba Fett

50 Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child

To me, this was the best rap battle in season 5. Julia easily won, by the way.

Am I the only who thought Julia child won because of charm?!

Gordon Ramsay was play perfectly I felt he won

New one in my opinion gordon won

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