Best Europa Universalis IV Mods

I think this one is straightforward. The Steam Workshop has so many great mods that making a list of the best should be easier than most games.

The Top Ten Best Europa Universalis IV Mods

1 Extended Timeline

Extends the timeline from 2 to 9999, impressively representing historical border changes although the development is still biased towards Europe. The single most popular EU4 mod on the entire Workshop. - romanempire249

2 Catus Cheats

A cheat mod that can be as helpful as the Nation Designer itself sometimes. - romanempire249

3 Nation Designer Extender: Unlimited

A nation designer mod that is unique for allowing negative idea sets. - romanempire249

4 Arbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion

A fantasy world within EU4. - romanempire249

5 Imperium Universalis

EU4 in the ancient world - extremely thorough and well-organized but also ridiculously prone to crashes. - romanempire249

6 SuperStates

The states and provinces of various North American and Oceanian nations mixed into the EU4 timeline. - romanempire249

7 Lord of the Universalis

Amazing Lord of the Rings mod that allows play even long before the events of The Hobbit. - romanempire249

8 Free Nation Designer

Another nation designer mod, but unique for allowing monarch skills higher than 6. - romanempire249

9 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Carthoge Reloaded)

The feel of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum is inserted into the EU4 map. There are a lot of side mods for this. - romanempire249

10 Thick Borders and Recolored Water

Another map mod with a lot of side mods. - romanempire249

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