Top 10 Best Non-Weapon Fortnite Items

The Top Ten
1 Med Kit

Med Kits are good to carry, especially if you have a medallion. They are useful if you're taking storm damage or were stuck in a storm.

Rare but not too rare, can carry up to three, refills your entire health. Definitely something you always want to carry with you if you can.

2 Chug Jug

After a fight with a lot of damage taken, you can easily pop a Chug Jug and get full health back. The problem with this item is that you can't often use it while being contested. The only mistake people make is using a Chug Jug for very little health and wasting it.

It's super rare and takes forever to drink, but it is the most powerful healing item by far.

3 Mini Shield Potion

The fact that you can carry around several and they take less time to drink makes these overall better than the big shield.

4 Remote Explosives

One of these days, I'm going to get a kill with these. Even if they aren't exactly the most useful to be this high up, I think they are a really cool addition and an alternative to having a gunfight.

Underrated. I actually have kills with it, and it's great for blowing up opponents' buildings.

5 Boogie Bomb

Boogie Bombs are a fun and useful way to get a free pump on someone. These definitely get people mad, but they are also an easy way to get a free shot or even a kill if you can aim them well.

I'm basically a noob, so these aren't useful to me since I can't aim to save my life. But to better players, they are basically a free kill. They are one of the things that set Fortnite apart from other battle royale games, giving it a unique tone.

6 Port-A-Fort

I just think it's a really handy item, especially if you aren't a building god. You still need to build obviously, but it gives you a basis.

7 Big Shield Potion
8 Launch Pad

It's useful for getting away from players or the storm.

9 Bush

People say bush camping is a terrible playstyle and that the bush item should be removed. Personally, I put a bush on every time I get it. The cool thing is that you don't necessarily have to play a campy game, but it gives you the option if you need to.

The bush now shields you from one hit before disappearing, so that makes it better!

10 Slurp Juice

Slurp Juices are a perfect way to gain back everything while you're in battle, and you can usually use a Slurp Juice in time.

Makes you immune to the storm early on.

The Contenders
11 Grappler

Grapplers are effective for many reasons, like rotations and getting away from players. You can use them to gain high ground or get on top of buildings or builds.

12 Rift-To-Go

Rifts are a very effective way to get out of a situation where you're about to die. Although people can follow you, you can shoot them out of the sky before they land back on the ground.

13 Spike Trap

Not considered a weapon because you build with it and aren't directly killing players with it. It's usually their fault.

14 Jetpack
15 Bouncer
16 Pickaxe

Vote for the pickaxe because you can carry it for the whole game, lol.

17 Cozy Campfire
18 Impulse Grenade
19 Shockwave Grenade
20 Shadow Bomb
21 Dynamite
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