Top Ten Most Evil Soap Opera Villains

Find out which charecters sre causeing the most grief in genoa city
Salem and port charles

The Top Ten

1 Stefano Dimera

No one is a more evil or a better villian than the great Stefano Dimera. He is the villian that you love to hate.

2 Helena Cassadine

Had the Whole population of port Charles on pins and needles when she returned in 2009. She had her own daughter shot to death in front of Luke and Ethan just to make a point that there is nothing she wouldn't do. The woman has ice in her vains and hands down outweighs the other villains.

They don't get any more evil than her. How is it that she can never die? No matter what anyone does, she always manages to survive.

3 Sami Brady
4 Vivian Alamain
5 Phyllis Summers
6 Ej Dimera
7 Britt Westbourne

I HATE Britt! She is one of the most selfish people in the show. She stole the last of Lulu's embroyos just so she could get herself pregnant; then she made Dante and Lulu actually believe that they would never have a child of their own, and they had one all along. Just like Lulu said-she doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets whatever she wants. I can't believe that nikolas actually lets her back into his house and his bed after what she did to his sister. And the worst part is, Lulu has never done a stinkin' thing to Britt! No wonder she's often called Britch.

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8 Andre DiMera
9 Victor Kiriakis
10 Theo Hoffman

The Contenders

11 Tabitha Lenox
12 Jerry Jax V 1 Comment
13 Lisa Niles

Pure psycho! She was obsessed with Patrick Drake and wanted to do whatever she could to get Robin out of the way. I HATE her! So glad she's finally gone!

14 Dr. Leisl Obrecht

She's the one who told Britt to steal Lulu's embryos in the first place. And of course, Britt agreed.

15 Cesar Faison

Psycho and a murderer.

16 Ava Jerome

She will betray anyone to save her own life. That says enough.

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17 Sheila Carter

This Bitch was so evil her character evolved in two soaps.

18 Kate Roberts
19 Irene Manning
20 Nelle Hayes
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