Most Explicit, Bloody and/or Violent Movies Starring David Caruso

The Top Ten

1 Jade

Rated "R" for Violence, Language, Nudity, and Extreme Sexual Content Including Pornography Tapes.

2 First Blood

Rated "R" for Violence and Strong Language

3 An Officer and a Gentleman

Rated "R" for Violence, Pervasive Language, Nudity, and Strong Sexuality.

4 Cold Around the Heart

Rated "R" for Strong Violence, Language, and Sexual Content Throughout.

5 Kiss of Death

Rated "R" for Strong Bloody Violence, Pervasive Strong Language, and Nudity

6 Blue City

Rated "R" for Violence, Nudity, and Some Adult Language

7 Proof of Life

Rated "R" for Violence, Drug Content, and Language

8 Black Point

Rated "R" for Violence and Language

9 Session 9

Rated "R" for Horror Violence and Language

10 Twins

Rated "PG" for Mild Violence and Mild Language

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