Top Ten Worst Types of Facebook Status Update

I see these post all the time I'm getting sick of it
The Top Ten

Hit me up is what it means. Why can't you just messenge the person

2 Ones where they just talk stuff about someone
3 The checking in everywhere you go post
4 The free whoever post when someone gets locked up

Free my cousin. Free my friend. 100% of the Time it doesn't work

5 The Passive Aggressive “I’m So Over It” Post
6 The question post
7 The reposting pictures update

When you're friends share everything and get no likes.

8 Posting videos of fights

I hate it because they always screaming and the worst they recording the ground pretty much the whole time. And the comments on who really won.

9 The I'm leaving Facebook post

I'm sick of Facebook. I'm leaving. Bye.
20 minutes later there back posting Dumb Statuses

10 They I'mma fight this person post
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11 The Random Cuss Word Post
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