Top Ten Facts About Kurt Cobain

The Top Ten Facts About Kurt Cobain

1 He Died At The Age Of 27
2 Before Nirvana Kurt Created A Band Called Fecal Matter

No. This was one of the band names before they thought of Nirvana

3 He Tried To Audition For The Melvins But Was Rejected

But kurt and the melvins were still friends - Gruunge

4 He Was Born In Aberdeen, Washington
5 Kurt's Middle Name Is Donald
6 Suicide Was Around Kurt's Family
7 He Left A Drug Rehab Center On April 1,1994

Exactly 1 month after Justin Beaver s birthday

8 He Once Lived In Olympia, Washington
9 Kurt Almost Joined The Navy
10 There Was A Two Day Span Between When Kurt Died And When He Was Found Dead

I actually didn't know this. - IronSabbathPriest

The Contenders

11 He killed himself

He committed suicide and music was hurt - Neonco31

12 He wrote a theme song for The Ren & Stimpy Show, but it was later rejected by studio executives at Nickelodeon

It's not confirmed though - Gruunge

13 He never took guitar lessons
14 Butch Vig of Garbage Produced His Band's Second Studio Album, Nevermind
15 His Ancestry Included Irish, English, Scottish, and German
16 His Great-Uncle, Delbert Cobain, Made An Appearance in the 1930 Film, King of Jazz
17 As a Child He Would Usually Draw His Favorite Characters From Films and Cartoons, Such As the Creature From the Black Lagoon and Donald Duck, In His Bedroom
18 He Did a Song With William S. Burroughs
19 He Came Up with the Title to Smells Like Teen Spirit After His Friend, Musician Kathleen Hanna, Spray Painted "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" on His Wall
20 He had a very young daughter before he died
21 He was married to Courtney Love
22 He was a fan of Celtic Frost
23 He once got in a fight with a security guard at one of his concerts because he hit him on the head with a guitar

Kurt was being dragged back onto the concert stage by a security guard, but I don't think cared for that very much... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

24 His Favorite Metallica Song Was Whiplash
25 He auditioned to be in the Melvins, but was rejected
26 While still a teenager, for eight months Kurt lived at a friend's house and slept on the sofa
27 When Nirvana was on the rise, Metallica sent them a fax that read: "We really dig Nirvana. Nevermind is the best album of the year. Let's get together soon, Metallica. PS, Lars hates the band."
28 For many years, Kurt enjoyed making Super-8 films. One of these movies contains a scene in which Kurt commits suicide
29 In his free time, Kurt liked to buy big hunks of meat from the grocery store, and then go out into the woods and shoot at them with a variety of guns
30 For a time, Kurt would often throw up before each show
31 In June 1976, shortly after his parents divorced, a young Kurt scribbled onto his bedroom wall, "I hate Mom, I hate Dad, Dad hates Mom, Mom hates Dad, it simply makes you want to be sad."
32 One of Kurt's friends, Carrie Montgomery, once said that he "made women want to nurture and protect him. He was a paradox in that way, because he also could be brutally and intensely strong, yet at the same time, he could appear fragile and delicate."
33 Kurt's favorite Pixies song is "Gigantic"
34 A line from one of Kurt's journals reads: "I have met many minds able to store and translate a pregnantly large amount of information, yet they haven't an ounce of talent for wisdom or the appreciation of passion."
35 Kurt recorded his first songs in December 1982 at his Aunt Mari's house. They involved a guitar, bass, and spoons banged against a suitcase. Kurt titled the recordings "Organized Confusion"
36 Kurt started using heroin on a daily basis to relieve his chronic stomach pains. In his diary, he wrote "So I decided, if I felt like a junkie, I may as well be one."
37 At one point, Kurt claimed to spend $100 per day on heroin
38 In one journal entry, Kurt stated that the Sex Pistols were "one million times more important than the Clash"
39 After Nirvana was famous, Kurt offered to play at the inaugural International Pop Underground festival in Olympia, but the event coordinators turned him down. Kurt was hurt by the rejection and felt alienated from the scene he cared most about
40 Kurt started wearing boxer briefs after Courtney Love expressed concern over his tiger-print Y-fronts
41 Kurt would sometimes get moody and sit in a corner for 45 minutes without saying a word
42 Kurt once wrote, "Art that has long lasting value cannot be appreciated by majorities, only the same, small percent will value arts patience as they always have. That is good."
43 As a child, Kurt could recite the dialog from Close Encounters of the Third Kind word-for-word
44 Just hours after performing on Saturday Night Live, and one week before Nevermind hit number one on the charts, Kurt overdosed on drugs. Courtney Love found him at 7:00 am the next morning lying on the floor. She revived him by splashing water on his face
45 On Christmas Eve, 1991, three months after the release of Nevermind, Kurt and Courtney Love were living in a tiny room in a friend's apartment
46 As a boy, Kurt was temporarily put on Ritalin to curb his hyperactivity
47 When asked what it's like being number one on Billboard, Kurt responded, "It's like being number 16, only even more people kiss your a**."
48 One of Kurt's most prized possessions was a signed first edition of William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch
49 After performing Territorial Pissings on Saturday Night Live, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic started french-kissing.
50 Before he was famous, for a time Kurt worked as a swimming instructor for kids at the YMCA in Aberdeen
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