Top 10 Worst Warrior Cats Moments

Anybody here feel the same way about these moments? There are the ones that seem to drag on and the ones that are so sad you almost cry every time. If there are any sad ones here it's because it's sad, not that it's stupid or bad or THE WORST! They are just so sad I almost cry. Not that I have anything against these moments, I just don't like them too much.
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1 Firestar's death

Firestar, one of the most powerful leaders in the forest and defeats enemies such as Scourge and Tigerstar, dies an incredibly stupid death. I mean what would be a worse way to die than from a stupid tree?! I did like how Brambleclaw became leader but why is he choose his mate to be his deputy?

Just to clear something up, Firestar did NOT die from the tree. The tree happened to fall, yes, but he didn't die from it. He died from the wounds Tigerstar gave him while they battled, not a tree. Erin Hunter isn't stupid, and Firestar didn't die from a stupid tree.

Firestar dying means the deputy has to become leader. I feel so bad about it because Firestar was great as leader! Bramblestar will be a good leader, I just don't feel it was the right moment for him to die.

This was most likely the climax of the Warriors story. Firestar had endeavored his whole life to end Tigerstar, but with the end of Tigerstar came the end of himself. The forest was shaken by his demise;I was too.

2 Snowkit's death

It was so sad, it bit right through my heart! I watched a video about snowkit's death that made me wanna cry! I think it really added something to the book for you to think about a lot. It really made the book sadder. It did the book some good but didn't do any good for snowkit or the super sad feeling thinking about him. It's not the worst, it's the SADDEST!

This was one of the saddest moments! It broke my heart when the eagle grabbed him taking him away. He didn't even know what was going on because he was deaf! I wish that he could be reincarnated or something! Poor Snowkit.

I really thought that he could be someone special in the book, like someone prophesied or something, maybe a medicine cat since he was deaf. I can't believe that he died!

Dumb birds... snowkit was so kind and sweet not to mension my favorite character snowkit didn't deserve to die and there is much more then dying by a bird and plus snowkit was adorable

3 Hollyleaf's announcement

I like hollyleaf, but this is seriously the most stupiest decision she had ever made! That wasn't worth telling, and she has gone totally insane by that! But folks, don't hate hollyleaf: Don't forget how much goo deed she did-I guess that's forgavable because she went to starclan

Okay, first of all, Hollyleaf is the worst. She is just a big idiot. Hollyleaf is so dumb, that she decided to blurt out the truth in a gathering. Like, seriously, she could've just told Firestar instead of just saying it in a gathering. Everyone describes Hollyleaf as a thinker and thoughtful in the warrior cat books. But, that is not true, because she doesn't think before she speaks. Yeah, and this incident proves it. Hollyleaf also, decided to try to kill Leafpool, one of my favorite cats. Now that is a real crime. I am surprised that she was not exiled, because she did deserve it at the time. She also killed Ashfur, oh, the Hollyleaf lovers always say that she didn't mean to kill Ashfur and everything like that. Yes, Ashfur was a very bad cat and everything, but that doesn't give you the right to kill him. Now, if he were evil like Tigerclaw/star, then yes, but Ashfur wasn't evil. He just loved too much. Again, Hollyleaf isn't really the thinker here either! Lastly, she ran away ...more

I thought Hollyleaf's announcement was pretty important because, if she hadn't, she probably would've ran away anyway because she couldn't handle her birth breaking the warrior code, which was everything to her. And yes, there were whispers about Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, but it didn't haunt them. By the time Hollyleaf came back, everyone had pretty much gotten over it. Also, Ashfur was going to reveal it just to spite Squirrelflight Hollyleaf did it because she thought she was doing the right thing. Quote unquote "I thought I was doing the right thing, but no one understands! "

I hated it. From this, I have just pure hate now of Hollyleaf. Sorry to all of the lovers of Hollyleaf, but I hate her. First, she kills Ashfur because of the secret. But then, she tells everyone! So what was the point of killing Ashfur again? And then, she liked to see Squirrelflight suffer. I would at least still care for my foster mother! And then she tried to kill Leafpool, even after she lost the love of her kits, Crowfeather, and her position of a medicine cat. And then she ran off, like she didn’t care.


4 The great journey

even though it was quite important, I felt the new porphecy arc really boring: The story has cats moving, ashfur v.s. brambleclaw(LOve fight), and leafpaw/pool keep mumbing how she can't trust brambleclaw

This was probably the part that dragged in the most. It just got boring, that is until they killed sharp tooth and did all that but after that, it kinda just got boring. I would've skipped it if I didn't care if I missed an important part. That's why I put this on the list.

The great journey shouldn't have happened. They should have stayed in the forest all along and Power of Three should have taken place there.

I actually really liked the great journey. It wasn't just important in the storyline, it was also important for character development.

5 Jayfeather breaks his stick

Jayfeather destroyed the only memory of before the tribe of rushing water had been made. That stick was definitely important! The ancients may still be able to contact him along with the other ancients but now the memory isn't strong anymore.

I actually thought of this as a sad moment, if you think about it Jayfeather doesn't really have friends. He thought Rock was his friend... But... No

Jayfeather: *breaks stick*
Stick: *breaks*
Jayfeather: *surprised Pikachu face*

Jayfeather can be so dumb sometimes.

6 Skyclan gets chased out

It reminds me of the Urban Renewal and Highway Building.
Minorities were barely acknowledged by the cities, and their neighborhoods would get highways built through them, like how ThunderClan chased SkyClan out because they needed more territory.
For more info on this,
look it up dumbass.

I don't like skyclan to be honest so I'm kinda glad.

SkyClan is best in the gorge.

Yas it made me so mad

7 Firestar loses a life and Russetfur dies

Russet fur was born a rogue, but she has a warriors heart. She gave up her life as a rogue to be a warrior. Firestar losing his life was tragic too. It was a battle that should never have happened.

I hate this. I don't personally like firestar, but I didn't want him die. Why did russetfur tryto kill him? And why did that stupid Lionscrap, I mean lionblaze killed russet? Phh

Two deaths in one battle? It went in this order: russetfur starts an attempt to kill Firestar (what a butt), lionblaze accidently kills russetfur, Firestar loses a life, shadowclan hates lionblaze mostly but thunderclan is also hated and flametail becomes an annoying bratty character. Just saying, it's true.

That battle shouldn't have happened! I really hated ivy paw/pool!

8 The Thunderclan fire

It was very sad! Also that YellowFang and two elders die cause of the dumb fire! It was very 😭

9 Scourge enters the forest

I hate scourge, Scourge fangirls are everywhere! He killed Tigerstar with dumb dog teeth! Scourge is the worst.
Firestar: I don't want to hurt your clan, just get out
Scourge: Never! I will stay and make the forest BloodForest!
starclan: ARGHh

Scourge is the best bad-guy in a series that is seriously lacking villains with motivations.

I don't like Scourge. I don't even know how the fandom can love him so much.

I actaully feel bad for Scourge. If you guys have ever read "The Rise of Scourge" you would know what I mean.


10 Windclan gets chased out

Yeah, I guess this would be my second choice...But they do come back, so not that much...

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11 Treecutters come and ruin forest

Why couldn't they have left the poor little kitties alone?

I really hate treecutterssss... How come they just destroy the forest like that?

12 Briarlight breaks her backbone

This part is really sad for me. According to the writers, Briarlight cannot have kits.
But the really heart-wrenching thing is that she admits she never regretted following Longtail into the camp. I was in 😭

That's just horrible! She can't walk! I would HATE having to have everyone start being sympathetic and I would be happy when they stopped!

Briarlight is stupid I hated this too because Millie stopped paying attention to poor Blossomfall for stupid Briarpoopbutt. Sorry but I really hate Briarlight!

This was just really sad. It caused Millie to neglect Bumblestripe and Blossomfall, and it was sad seeing that she could never be a warrior.

13 Graystripe is kidnapped

Gray stripe, the thunderclan deputy, Is taken away and Firestar loses his best friend. How sad. Graystripe comes back, it's just bad he gets taken away.

I was so angry about this! If he hadn't been kidnapped then Brambleclaw would never be leader and I would be happy

Graystripe should have been kidnapped. If he hadn't he wouldn't have met Millie, and after all, he came back...

This part was so sad! I loved Graystripe. He was so brave

14 Bluestar's death

Bluestar needed to die. She was a great character, but Firestar would never have gotten to be leader, so it kinda needed to happen.

Aw it was so sad but really nicely written!

Why Bluestar? Tigerstar the brat!

She did it for her clan!

15 Hollyleaf's fake death and the real one

HOLLYLEAF IS AMAZING YOU FOOLS, HOLLYLEAF HATERS! She didn’t fake her death, she just managed to escape from the falling rocks into the tunnels. You should be worrying about the real death. Hollyleaf was the best cat that has ever existed.

Hey! Remember that female character who died a while back?
You know, the one that everyone accepted, since bad stuff happens all the time in the wild, and they quickly replaced her with a better team member?
Guess what? SHE'S ALIVE
Hollyleaf's death was believable, and the clan lost nothing by losing her. She had no impact on the plot before she died, except being a side character. They just did this to get another girl in there.

Hollyleaf fake dies, and dies for real. It's just sad! This is the second saddest death I know of.

This was just stupid. They brought her back after 2 books just to kill her again!

16 Dogs are let loose (by Tigerclaw)

I hate Tigerclaw and he does not deserve Tigerstar name he is the most evil cat I know right now I wish he was never born then all that innocent cats would not have dies

Why does Tigerclaw have to e so evil?

17 The great battle

But it led to so many dramas! It's also my favorite book. I'm so sorry for the ones that don't like the battle. - Hollymint

So many of my favorite characters died!

18 Feathertail's death

Why is Feathertail such a loved character, heck, she hardly did anything throughout her appearances. Her death wasn't sad in the slightest, dunno why everyone loved her so much.

This made me REALLY cry.😿
I feel really bad for Crowfeather and Graystripe.

19 Stormkit's accident and when his name changes to Crookedkit

So sad! He's only kit! how can you expect a young infant to obey all the rules! Rainflower was too mean! I can't seriously understnad why erins brought her to starclan; she should be assigned to dark forest where she sucks and rotts and probably attempts to bully other disabled kittens until she is chased away in the Great battle!

It was all Goosefeather’s fault. If Crookedstar was still a Storm, he would be named Stormcloud or Stormclaw or something cool and his dream name, Stormstar.

So Sad! Give me a mug so I can drink my tears!

He was a kit for Starclan's sake! That was emotional abuse..

20 Mapleshade chain

tbh I kinda feel sad for when mapleshade tells the story about her kits but like she tried to make crookedstar evil and make spottedleaf FADE AWAY FOREVER AND kill a million cats

Mapleshade suffered. It was all Appledusk and Reedshine’s fault.

I hate Mapleshade!

21 Ivypaw's hatred of Dovepaw

I love Dovewing, I like Hollyleaf more, a lot of people find 'excuses' to hate her, though it was IVYPAW who started being a brat first! and Dovewing only snapped at her ONCE! Don't say you don't fight with your sister! but jealousy is so dumb, Squirrelflight was never jealous of everyone liking LEafpool and finding her annoying, Leafpool wasn't jealous of Squirrelflight for being allowed to have a mate, and kits not in secret, and Alderheart was a little jealous of Sparkpelt but he didn't shut her out and hiss at her all the time for it! they stayed close and she made him feel so special about being a medicine cat in that one scene!
Ivypaw is just the WORST her and Clear sky are the only main characters I hate, (I used to hate Violetshine and Jayfeather as Jaypaw but they DEFINITELY grew on me, Jaybean for life! )
And Ivypaw with her, "Why do you get to be special?! I wanna be special! " Then she is special and whines to her sister about it.
Like, how does everyone love ...more

I would've put this at the top somewhere if I had thought it through...

It's not ALL Ivypaw's fault. I mean, everyone was treating her sister specially.

Yes, I didn't like reading this...

22 Discovery of Leafpool's kits

I wish they never found out, just so they could live a happy life.

23 Swiftpaw's death

I hate Bluestar too much. Probably one of the characters I hate the most (Along with Dovewing, Ashfur and Twigbranch. Yeah, I hate Twigbranch a lot). Bluestar is a dramatic brat.

Stupid Bluestar, if Bluestar wasn't so depressed maybe one of Longtail's apprentice would become a warrior.
I was in tears when Swiftpaw died

Why does everyone hate bluestar? Swift paw did nothing and now everyone is crying!

That's Bluestar's false! Stupid depression of drama-princess!

24 Cinderpelt's death

I personally LOVED her and cried buckets when she died. It was so sad! I prefer the original to CinderHEART.

This was my saddest cat death, I felt joy when he came back as cinderheart

I cried for a month straight,

Any cat but Cinderpelt!

25 Gray Wing's death

I cried and cried and cried for days even months it felt like. I re-read his death over and over and cried each time.

Whyyy he was amazing I cried for days because of his death

I felt sad for days

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