Top 10 Reasons Why Warrior Cats is a Great Book Series

Warrior Cats is my second favorite book franchise (nothing can beat Pretty Little Liars, of course) and these are the reasons why I love this series.
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1 Great Plot

War, blood, gore, forbidden romance, love, family love, bonds, teamwork, the circle of life, mystery, equality, religion, politic like happenings, yeah this has it all. And plus, the fandom is kind to you, (at least as long as you except them, lol) and welcomes you into the fandom. Also, you don't have to be part of the fandom to be a fan!

Honestly, the plot in this series rivals that of Harry Potter. I sobbed during both of them, but Warriors definitely has an extra element to it that's amazing.

Once I read one book I could not stop, I would always keep a warrior book by my side at ALL times and It makes me want to continue reading forever.

The writing is truly impeccable. Explaining it makes you sound like a wacko, but reading it transports you to another world entirely.

2 Cool Characters

The characters make a story what it is. In this great series, Warrior Cats, the characters have interesting backgrounds and different personalities. It makes everything so much more interesting.

(MOST! ) of the characters are well-developed and aren't mary/gary-sues. My favourite cat is Firestar because I'm his biggest fan, if I was a warrior cat I'd be Sandstorm. My least favourite is Scourge.

They have a lot of great characters in the series and a lot of suprises they have and secrets that will bring you in shock when I heard Bluestar had kits I died (not really) I was so shocked.

The characters are super cool because they all have their own special things and stuff.

3 Positive Messages

Warrior cats gives people positive role models and life lessons. They learn to forgive crimes, forgive themselves and carry on with life.

This has positive messages such as protecting their clans and the people the characters love.

Yes unlike other series

Warrior Cats is an amazing series that shows loyalty, passion, and choosing wisely

4 Good Role Models

Fireheart and Graystipe helps other cats even if they aren't their best friend.

Firestar is the best role model.

5 Not as Childish as You'd Think

Half of the book is violent battles, and the other half is either practicing battles, killing mice and birds, healing injured cats, or romance.Very childish.

There are so many interesting themes in Warrior cats. Younger children may not notice but when you are older it is really interesting to find all the different concepts of religion, war and betrayal in these books.

There's murder, racism(kittypets/half-clans) war, romance, giving birth, tragic pasts, child rejection, severe injuries. Childish huh?

It contains:
Racism (against domestic cats/kittypets and half-clans etc)
Cats turning insane
Love drama
Giving birth
Tragic pasts
Child rejection
Still think it's childish?

6 For Everyone

Unless you can't handle violence, and I'd say it's for ages 10+, but I started reading a bit earlier than that so who knows?

Started reading at age 8, never stopped loving it!

Except people who can't stand violence.

I'm happy these books exist!

7 Mature

It has really deep stuff going on, people think its for younger kids, but I honestly believe teens and adults can read it too.

Well, the books are. It's fans...I think it's safe to say we're all weirdos.

Please don't hate me

Yeah lots of love drama.

8 Not Stereotypical
9 Cool Fanbase

There is a massive fanbase that is so wonderful and has spawned countless animations and art. Some people live off creating incredible warrior cats fan animations

Urm... Something I may have to disagree on. Being a crazy fan who used to write fanfictions and role play, I can say the fan base is kind of scary.

The fans of the books are really cool and nice, unlike some fanbases that are annoying.

10 Females are Valued as Much as Males

As society progresses, we see that this happens more often than not, which is a good thing. The thing is, that for books today to show that they in their universe do value women as much as men, they often have to point it out directly, to an extend where it's too much.
The Warriors series does a good job of completely disregarding this, and basically giving it to us like it's completely normal for that time which it was written in.

Yeah, it's not like " She-cats have to be queens or medicine cats, and when they are to old, they HAVE to become elders. The toms will protect the she-cats their whole life." it is like " Toms and she-cats can become anything they want." I really like that!

This is so true. Each gender can be whatever they want. There are she-cats as leaders, toms as medicine cats, and it's all their skills that matter. They're valued for what they can do.

This is a great reason, queens are respected for protecting the clans future and female warriors are not disrespected in battle since they are just as formidable as Tom cats (look at hollyleaf! )

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11 It's About Cats

The comment that said dog people won't touch it? I love dogs & hate cats.. Yet I love the Warrior series. It's my favorite.

Of course! Dog people will never even dare to touch it!

I'm a dog person (cats are cute too) and I love warriors!

I want to pet them so badly!

12 The Romance

Forbidden Love is the best!

I love forbidden romance

Greystripe xsilverstream for life! Sandstorm x fireheart forever!

Makes you really love the characters even more, and gives the book more depth

13 Clever

It is! If I was to type a chapter book, and I was given 300 pages, I wouldn't know what to write of! The whole idea was very clever to come up with. Props to you, Erin Hunter!

The plot is so unpredictable and well thought out!

14 Evil Cats Have a Reason to Become Evil

In a lot of books you have villains that are just said to be pure evil or not explained at all. In warriors every single villain has a reason for being evil, and some characters- like Hollyleaf - are in the grey area, which is even more rare.

Yeah, because you can't just say: I'm gonna be evil because I can! like, bad guys have a reason, like for example: I want power! Or: I want revenge!

Yup! Even it has a reason why scourge killed TigerStar!

Yeah! In Rainbow Magic the goblins were born bad there not even that evil

15 Contains Violence

The violence is awesome. Eyes getting clawed out, bleeding to death while giving birth, being crippled by a car, stomach ripped open, throats slit, getting half your face ripped off by a dog. Yeah, it's awesome.

16 Depth

So much work has been put into this series!
So many books, characters, plots,

The characters are super relatable and awesome!

17 Different Plots

Many books besides Warrior Cats just have the same thing: always one hero to save a villain who looks impossible to defeat; magical spells and worlds, or just a plain old peaceful life you can't understand. I'm not saying EVERY SINGLE book, it's just that I've read books and most of them have one of the above.
In warrior cats, you venture into many life stories and lessons we must accept. Bringing in many different characteristics of each cat has taught me that not everyone uses talents the way I use mine, so shoving them into bright light isn't the same old boring thing everyone's seen. I was expecting to see an ending like "and they all lived forever in peace" or some great old ending in one of these books. But turns out, they will never rest in peace. This is a Survival game, not just the regular one, it has many wars and battles. Take the one for StarClan against The Dark Forest (which I mention reluctantly) for example. Warrior Cats was an awesome introduction to my living. I ...more

Every season has a new plot, and sometimes there are some things between, and it's very great!

Every single series has a different kind of plot - it's not just another villain to defeat, another world to save

18 When Cats are Dead They Aren’t Gone Forever

Awesome upside which makes the deaths a bit easier.Then they perma-killed Bristlefrost and I start to wonder if the whole previous 47 books were just so this death would be more sad.

StarClan makes me feel so much better after a cat dies. Imagine if they all just disappeared?!?!

19 An Expansive, Interesting Universe
20 Still Making New Books

I can't wait for the series after the Broken code!

This is a great upside

21 Different Character Personalities

There are many different characters, and unlike in other series, they all have there own, unique, personality. Ravenpaw and Graystripe are quite different, so are Leopardstar and Firestar.

Yeah, this makes it realistic, because that in real life, all the cats in the world have different personalities!

22 Multiple Good Plots

Every arc of the series has a prophecy that will be fullfilled by arc's end. Excluding Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. The first arc was about this kitty pet named Rusty that was prophecized to "save the clans". By arc's end, he fulfills the that prophecy and becomes leader of ThunderClan. I'm sorry for they people reading the first arc since that explaination was a spoiler for the first arc. I only needed one example.

23 The Kits
24 Important Lessons

Like love, loyalty, equality... all that stuff? Totally.

25 The Risks

Honestly, it was amazing when Fireheart ( or Firestar ) risked his life to try to save Bluestar!

It makes has more action!

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