Top 10 Things that Shouldn't Have Happened in Warrior Cats

Things in the Warrior Cats universe would have been better without these events!
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1 Twolegs destroying the forest

I like the old territories better than the lake territories. Since this happened, we had to spend our time reading 4 books that basically covered the entire journey there.

Makes me hate humans more than I already do. But we're here to change things, so I ain't gonna be depressing no more.

I agree. Four trees was amazing to me, but... they were slowly dying where they lived forever. If the lived there still- the series would be dead COMPLETELY. Firestar the main character... makes the right choice to leave the forest. Besides. STORM X BROOK FOREVER!

I agree with this! Twolegs should NOT have destroyed the forest! ThunderClan was happy there!

2 Thunderclan turning Mapleshade out

Mapleshade doesn't deserve the dark forest Apple and Oak deserve it. Also I think Freckle doesn't deserve the dark forest too.

I don't really hold it against Thunderclan to exile Mapleshade, I mean she lied to them and betrayed them by mating with the 'murderer' of two of their clanmates and using of the victim's names for her own selfish gain, to protect herself. However they had no right to exile the kits, they're completely innocent, they can't control who their parents are. They're just as much as victims of Mapleshade's lie then any other Thunderclan cat, thinking their father was dead when he was actually alive.

Exile Mapleshade, not the kits.

Yeah.. by doing that they killed a lot of cats... Crookedstar lost everyone he loved, Spottedleaf disappeared, etc, etc. Still, I hate Mapleshade for killing Spottedleaf and breaking both Firestar's and Sandstorm's hearts. She broke Firestar's by killing the cat he loved, and broke Sandstorm's when she watched how Firestar reacted to Spottedleaf's death. Not to mention killing Willowbreeze and Crookedstar's daughters!

Agreed. They shouldn't have turned her out. Considering pretty much everyone was in a forbidden relationship, forcing Mapleshade to suffer when others had done so much worse was terrible. That stupid leader was being so biased, too. "My feelings are hurt because of my son, so I'm gonna kick this helpless she-cat out. Yup, I'm a leader."

3 Firestar loving Spottedleaf

Seriously, can't anyone see what was going on?
1, Spottedleaf and Firestar never developed feelings for each other.
2, In Firestar's heart there is only Sandstorm.
3, Firestar and Spottedleaf is just a simple crush, no need to be spontaneous.

Haha. I'm glad some people agree with me. Spottedleaf is to dramatic and Firestar is too good for her. Sandstorm goes much better with him. I love Sandstorm. This should say "Spottedleaf being born" They don't work out. Most people in the world are gonna hate me for this. Erin hunter, why the heck would this happen. Now my sister dosen't like Sandstorm. We see you Erin... We see you. I watch you in your sleep. I watch you when you make Ashfur the worst villain ever. Begone Spottedleaf!

Its like a middle school boy in love with a college kid that everyone (but me) likes, then she notices he likes her, then calls him at random times even when he is married and has kids to flirt with him and try and steal him away.

Spottedleaf is like double Firestar's age and barely talked to him before his death. And now she stalks him in his dream! Seriously...I can imagine how irritated Sandstorm was!

4 Hollyleaf dying

Ugg, Hollyleaf was honestly a Honorable cat that did almost nothing for her clan except save Ivypool. Although, lots of things wouldn't have happened with out her. She is so overrated and I hate her, I'm glad she died.

She did many bad things, but I loved her so much! She deserved to live again, with her friends, brothers, mother and just her clan in general!

Hollyleaf was one of the best characters I've seen in the series, it's just so unfair that she had to come back only to die in the next book...

She made some bad decisions, but she is a great cat. She even forgave her mother after all the terrible things Leafpool did. (Breaking the code, lying, etc)

5 Snowkit dying just to move Speckletail to the elders' den

Talk about ruined character potential. It would of been amazing to see the development of a deaf cat adapting Clanlife. If the Erins have the ability/skill to write a blind a blind character, they can write a deaf character, it just takes a bit of research and planning. Reducing a deaf kit's death as a way to move forward a subplot of a very minor character is lazy and possibly offensive.

Snowkit could have been so much more than just a deaf kit. He would have made for an interesting cat in the books! And, if any deaf people read it, it'd encourage them that Snowkit survived. Snowkit was wasted potential. We could have seen him become a great medicine cat, even a warrior! Ugh. The Erins, though, are infamous for throwing away good characters.

Well, she wanted to think her kit was perfect, absolutely perfect. Like there was nothing wrong with him and he'd be the best at whatever he became. I think lots of queens think like that. Scratch that. Every queen except Rainflower ( well she thought that, formally ) or anyone else who had some reason not to love their kits. I think Fireheart or someone else asked him something and he replied, " S'all again? " I don't know. Haven't read that in awhile. But yes he was caught by eagles and died. And then... Speckletail, with extreme kit depression, becomes an elder. Considering Snowkit was an only kit, he was spoiled. When Speckletail found out her son was deaf, she snapped. She even tried teaching Snowkit a little bit before he was carried off. But there are a LOT more cats that have gone through worse with kits. One of the most obvious. Bluestar! Her kits, Mistystar and Stonefur, were given up. Bluestar's ambition forced her to take the life of a deputy and eventually leader. ...more

The "snowkit is snowtuft" theory isn't true, he was carried off by an eagle. there's no way he could've survived. 1. the eagle's talons would've left really deep wounds in him, which would make him die of blood loss 2. even if he didn't die the eagle would've killed him before eating it 3. even if he did somehow fall out of the eagle's grasp, he would have fallen to death. he was all the way up in the sky and he's a tiny kit no way he could have survived a fall at that point

6 Hollyleaf announcing the truth at the gathering

I just read Sunrise and I can't think about this, she destroyed Leafpool and Squirrelflight's LIVES. They both LOVED those kits and I hate Hollyleaf for this. Why at a GATHERING? Also the hell did she kill Ashfur then. Leafpool lost her kits, her mate, AND her role as a medicine cat, and Squirrelflight lost her adopted kits and mate, because of stupid, stupid, horrible Hollyleaf

She should not have. But, I know Squirrelflight had to tell Ashfur. It was the only way to save their lives. Afterward, she could have at least told them she lied to save them.

I mean Ashfur was going to reveal it anyways... But NOOO hollyleaf killed him and then told the gathering herself!
I love hollyleaf but that was awful! I admire her because she always felt bad about it in the caves with fallen leaves.

I love Hollyleaf so much! She loved the code, and couldn't live with lying to the clans anymore!

7 Mapleshade's kits being thrown out

It's not the kits' fault that their mother broke the warrior code. Oakstar made a terrible decision by exiling the kits, if Oakstar would have kept the kits in ThunderClan, the kits wouldn't have drowned in the river. They could have been an asset to ThunderClan.

I could understand exiling Mapleshade, she did something wrong and was strong enough to survive on her own, but exiling three innocent kits? That would be the equivalent of arresting the children of a criminal even if the kids did nothing wrong!

YES! You can punish Mapleshade, but not her kits! That's against the warrior code! The kits had no control over it!

It's actually breaking the warrior code.

8 Dovewing being born

Hey! She's awesome! It wasn't her fault of having to choose between her sister and her mate! If you had to choose between a sister you loved very much and a house that faded you, and a person that loved you, and you loved him as well, as well as having his children, what would you choose? Have ANY of you been in love in love before?

I mean I used to think dovewing was ok... but now I hate dovewing for joining shadowclan like she could've stayed in thunderclan. And what is it with every warrior's series having some sort of forbidden love? And Dovewing is really just a mary sue like she was the "perfect sister". If she hadn't fallen in love with tigerheart/star I think I would've still kinda enjoyed her character. Seariously did they have to make every series about some sort of couple running off together then coming back to the clans or breaking the warrior code to love? The new series with shadowkit is not really interesting to read, and WHAT is up with the new warriors names, Flipkit? Pouncekit? Shadowkit!? Seriously!? I do think they are running out of names but they could name them like they used to, these new names are really strange and what other names are they gonna come up with? Preykit?! I think the Erins are just trying to continue the series, I understand that lots of people enjoy the warriors series ...more

Dovewing could have been written better...and her "special name" makes me think she's some sort of reborn Spottedleaf.

And the whole "forbidden love" thing...all I can say to that is, hey, what else can you do to keep your obsessive fans flocking back to your lacking novels? Forbidden romances! They'll suck it up faster than a tick on an elder's pelt!

Yeah, she had no use in the slightest. She was used to make a dumb love triangle! Ivypool and Hollyleaf did more than she did, Hollyleaf deserved that spot! DIE DOVEWING!

9 Yellowfang continuing to meeting Raggedstar

I hate Raggedstar. Not just because he was her mate, but seriously, what did Yellowfang see in him? He was mean to her when she decided her destiny was healing, he had mood swings, they probably would not have been good mates. I'll just say I was not SAD when he died. If Brokenstar wasn't born then so many kits wouldn't have died *sniff*

I love the Raggedstar and Yellowfang couple and even though them not meeting would prevent Brokenstar. He was one of the main plot points in the series and a lot of stuff would not have happened including Firestar joining the clans.

Yellowfang and Raggedstar are an OK couple, they should have just been friends, not mates. Then Brokenstar/tail wouldn't have come along! Yay!

Then brokenstar wouldn't have been born! Yay!

10 Silverstream dying

Then there would be now Millie, and I love Millie. Silverstream was a sweet cat, she had a sad death, but it was best for everyone.

She should've lived, then there wouldn't be that horrible Millie, and Blossomfall wouldn't be in the DarkForest.

I agree it's sad; she died giving birth to her new kits. A life for two lives.

This if silverstream didn't die. I'm okay with silverstream not dying, but that would mean no briarlight. I like silverstream and briarlight.

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11 Feathertail dying
12 Firestar dying

I agree that Firestar needs die for the story to move on but for THOR'S SAKE, could they just make a character die of old age, peacefully, in his sleep, with his family with him. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK?

Cats need to die at some point. Besides, Firestar lost all his personality when he became leader. Bramblestar is a great leader, and there need to be more leaders after Firestar. I know he's nostalgic for all of us, but he needed to die at some point. Besides, he head such a heroic death! What more could you want for him?

Actally I like that this happened. It was sad at first but now I realize that he's a player.I liked him as a warrior more than a leader. Plus bramblestar would never be leader and I love him!

He was a good character, but I think he was better as a warrior. Also, it seemed like he had been leader for AGES, we needed someone knew

13 SkyClan getting kicked out

This was so stupid! I mean seriously, both times they could have just adjusted their borders a little the first time. In AVOS they didn't even care for SkyClan even after StarClan specifically told the Clans that they needed to stay. All every Clan cared about was what the other Clans did. And the first time, they didn't even think about it, just cast them out and didn't care. Bluestar's reasoning is even stupider. "There are only four trees." So now your letting trees decide the fate of the Clans? If your Clan was struggling during leaf bare, and there were only 20 trees surrounding your camp, but 24 cats, would you kick four of them out?

The clans were so wrong to let them get kicked out! Though I do think that they had to know that to actually not do it again.

YES! I read dawn of the clans first and I was so sad when I realised there was no sky clan!

SkyClan is better in the gorge, that's just the way that is.

14 Briarlight dying

Bellyache is not the way to kill off a noble, persistent, eager warrior. It doesn't show the true Briarlight. Plus, she was a nice character, always excited for her duties. She should have gone out Briarlight as possible, not helpless and miserable as possible!

Erins. If you really wanted Briarlight to die, you should have made her die a much more nobler death. I think you should have made her die trying to save someone else instead of making her die of a stupid sickness(correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was greencough).

I cried enough at her death. And then JAYFEATHER cried. I was so shocked, I didn't think it was possible for him to cry!

15 A tree falling on the ThunderClan camp

That was sad! Longtail shouldn't have died and Briarlight shouldn't have been paralyzed! She teaches a lot of courage this the tree we are talking about?

1 death, 1 injure and a destroyed camp... A lot of destruction for one little tree!

I honestly think that they just did this to get rid of longtail.

That should not have happened. Then Briarlight would have had a better future.

16 Mapleshade going to the Dark Forest

Alright. Why didn't Starclan say "Hey, guys. She had a pretty terrible life, and everyone in the living world hates her. Let's give her another chance, maybe?" Blackstar, while he got his nine lives, got visions of the past to assure that he was a good cat. I think, that if Starclan did something like that for Mapleshade, she could have ended up in Starclan and have been a *better* cat. Mapleshade was never bad, just broken, and Starclan did NOTHING to help her.
-Birdcreek's Opinion :)

She deserved it! Even if she had been evil for love, she shouldn't kill cats! Every life is important, whether it's a vengeful evil cat, or a gentle medicine cat!

She was a not a good cat, she deserved to go there, but she was an interesting character. I think she should have been able to redeem herself in some way, though. She wasn't evil at first, but she definitely didn't deserve to go to StarClan at first.

Mapleshade did want to be in the Dark Forest. And she wanted blood to rule the forest, so she did deserve to go to the dark forest.

17 Ivypool being born
18 Tigerstar bringing BloodClan into the forest

If it didn't happen then Tigerstar would have lived, though.

Ok Tigerstar was thinking like a total idiot I mean like he could have lived.

That was his biggest mistake and downfall.

He brought bloodclan to the forest. And that's how he died! He caused many deaths with that! Including my baby whitestorm! :(
Anyways scourge took one of firestar's lives.I'm not a big fan of firestar, but it was still sad!

19 Cinderpelt loving Firestar

I know you may not see this, but whoever said she didn't love Firestar is wrong. Last page of River of Fire, A Vision of Shadows. She admits it to Alderheart, son of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, after he nearly fell in love with a kittypet named Velvet. She said she gave up hope for him ever loving her because of her duty as a medicine cat.

There's almost no platonic relationships in warrior cats so it annoyed me when I found out Cinderpelt loved Firestar. No offense to CinderXFire lovers.

We need more platonic relationships in Warriors! Honestly, it should have just been like a teacher-student friendship.

Cinderpelt did love Firestar. Last page of River of Fire.

20 Using the name Maggottail

Ma'am, that's just disrespectful to your child. Please cease these ruthless actions immediately and stop bullying him! What did he do to you? Exist?

Imagin being called maggot kit? A mother must hate there kit if she gave it that name!
Mother: oh! I hate kits, I'm just going to call you maggot kit!
Maggot kit: starts crying
Mother: oh maggot kit! Stop yelling! *walks off to get death berries*

It's a terribly cruel name. What kind of mother wakes up one day and decides she's going to name her child Maggot?

What horrible cat named him? Imagine naming your child Maggot.

21 Snowkit being taken away

When even the blind ones have some kind of use, why not the deef ones. They just let him die, because they did not know what to do with him

This is right, Snowkit shouldn't have been taken away.

Make a decision Erin Hunter, a kit will get taken away, then lives by some KITTYPET, I'm POINTING AT YOU PRINCESS! Princess in her mind: 'OH IMA LIE THAT FIRESTAR IS MY BROTHER TO SNOW KIT AND LIVE ON! ' Snowkit then feels betrayed, and then trains with some evil lady cat called mapleshade. Then, he trained with brackenfur in the dark. Then ashfur helped hawkfrost do some silly fox trap, than the stupid fire takes in. 'Snow tuft' (snowkit! ) helps make the stupid fire. Than, snow tuft eventually wants to kill firestar. WOW ERIN HUNTER. JUST- LETS GET BACK TO MY STORY. Than sol works with snowtuft, ashfur gets slaughtered by a stone and hollyleaf. Snow tuft tried to kill jayfeather, holly leaf killed snowtuft and everyone's happy. NOPE, snowtuft died and went to StarClan and Dark Forest's border, he saw firestar, ferncloud, Speckletail, and... who was it... OH, ASHFUR.

22 Ivypool having kits

Just... NO! She's a strong, independent woman. If okay with her having sa mate but KITTENS?! Do ALL female cats in ThunderClan need to make babies?

I actually like seeing a "bad girl" becoming someone that actually has a heart for someone...

23 Creating cats with impossible genes

I honestly don't get why people get in such a fuss over genetics. It's fictional children's book, people! You don't complain about Scar's colouring being impossible in the Lion King, so why should Warrior Cats have to be different?

24 Spottedleaf loving Firestar
25 A fire destroying the ThunderClan camp

Yellowfang wouldn't have died!

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