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41 Bestial Invasion - Destruction
42 Dawn of Destruction - Evile
43 Wings - Vader
44 Thrash Till Death - Destruction

Fast tempo with sharp drums - dubbelvla

45 Frozen Dictator - Gyze

Japanese melodic death metal song from 2017; very catchy rhythm with speed - dubbelvla

46 Scum - Cavalera Conspiracy
47 Fury of the Storm - Dragonforce

This is technically faster than "Through the Fire and Flames"...

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48 Necrophobic - Slayer

This is definitely the fastest slayer song.

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49 Beneath the Remains - Sepultura

The drums are absolutely insane in the whole songs. Definitely one of the most brutal sounding creations out there.

I agree, the whole album is brutal and fast

50 Fast as a Shark - Accept

This should be much higher, this is faster than Master of Puppets! - somekindofaguy

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51 Agorapocalypse Now - Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Incomprehensible grindcore + inhuman drum machine = an insanely fast song.

52 Fight Fire With Fire - Metallica

Faster then half of the songs on this list

I think Master of Puppets is in the top 20 because an overrated Metallica song and more people knows that than this... but this song much faster! - somekindofaguy

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53 Painkiller - Judas Priest

This song reaches insane speeds, doesn't deserve top 5, but close to it

This song deserves to be number 1

54 Insurrection - Cavalera Conspiracy
55 Morbid Visions - Sepultura
56 To the Rats - Trivium
57 Bullets - Assassin

This makes Angel of Death seem like Doom Metal - Brobusky

58 The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera

This album is very underrated. This song is the definition of thrash metal - Sabbath

59 Bushpig - Anvil
60 Rising Force - Yngwie
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