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1 Oreo Cookies and Cream

This flavor is the best thing I ever tasted in my life! Is SO GOOOD

Let me just say if you don't like this who knows what you like I have alwys favoured caramel but after this woah caramel is know known as 2 place for me this is the BEST

BEST MILKSHAKE EVER! If you haven't tried it, you live in a cave. Get off your butts and buy a Oreos and Cream Milkshake! NOW! If you don't I shall find out and scream at the top of my lungs.


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2 Chocolate


We're talking about chocolate here. irresistible, sweet chocolate. it's the best - BigBoss

C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! The bet flav eva
- 19Kaitlyn99


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3 Vanilla

People stop saying oh its to boring because yes it looks plain but it tastesso good and if you like chocolate you will like this ten times better so try vanilla trust me and if you you don't like it then obviously you don't like milkshakes in general cause this should be first

I'm sick of everyone thinking of vanilla as the "plain" milkshake flavor, just because it's a similar color as milk. For the record, milk and vanilla are two very different flavors that taste INCREDIBLE together. Just saying.

I love vanilla! It belongs in the number 1 spot not chocolate! Well I would be OK if vanilla was in 2nd place but still! It is amazing!

Vanilla is sweet and no one really hates the nice smooth taste

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4 Strawberry

Strawberry is the Tina Turner of milkshakes (Google it kids). Simply the best, better than all the rest.

Simply amazing with its strong fruity flavor. Even more elegant when whipped in vanilla ice cream um!

Its so fruity and delicious... so much better than chocolate!

Absolutely amazing. the flavour and it's 100 times better than Chocolate

Wow.I thought I'm the only person who thinks that Chocolate is plain awful.I tried chocolate ice cream once and I didn't enjoyed it - MLPFan

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5 Banana

Banana! The best flavour there is! Yay for bananas! Bananas are healthier than chocolate, and who can turn down the irresistible yellow hue and alluring fragrance of an ice cold banana shake? Exactly! Nobody!

Banana, Vanilla ice cream, and milk simply blended... AMAZING!
Absolutely delicious, you can taste the fruitiness, and and sweetness
It is definitely the best flavor!

Best milkshake

I am absolutely craving a banana milkshake right now! Banana is simply the best flavour! Nice, ice cold, creamy, banana milk please!

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6 Caramel

I Love Caramel Sooo much!

I love caramel it's so yummy,this is by far the best flavour

I haven't ever had Caramel but only because I've never seen it on a menu. I think I'd like it

Caramel is the best milkshake flavor by far! I love it!

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7 Mint Chocolate Double Fudge

Mmm... A Mint Chocolate Double Fudge... I WANT IT!

Love it


its cool

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8 Cappuccino

Yum like starbucks in a milkshake

"Best milkshake out there?

You can't top a coffee milkshake, argument over.

Coffee flavored milkshakes are very very nice. they taste like a frappe.

9 Mint Chocolate Chip

If you don't LOVE this, you're a dummy

Omg, this is my absolutely positively favorite flavor in the entire world! If you have never had mint chocolate chip (which I would find pretty unbelieveable), try it right away. It's an must! Love all you mint chocolate chip lovers!

Mint chocolate chip is way better than chocolate which is boring and gross, better than plain old vanilla, and I like strawberry though, but I like this better!

Mint and chocolate you get the best of both worlds instead one one boring flavor

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10 Coconut

I love coconut, its so tropical and delicious, coconut and pineapple is even nicer

COCONUT IS THE BEST FLAVOUR EVER! It's so amazing and cooling and sweet! :O It's a really rare flavour as well, everyone wants it! :3 It's so cold and delicious and spectacular! Best flavour ever.

Yum, yum, yum, coconut is amazing, its real sweet and creamy

AWESOME! So tropical and great when cold!

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11 Lemon

People often describe lemon as "sour" but with milk, it's the exact right a,out of sweet, with a tiny kick.

Where can I purchase tis flavor and how many grams of sugar

Best summer flavor!.. Lemon and vanilla add just the right amount of sweetness. Especially if you like citrus but do not want sherbet. Be creative and add chopped basil or mint...sort of like a mojito shake


12 Chocolate Covered Strawberry

These milk shakes are delicious!

Yum I really want to try this out

Dolicisnous a word I made up for great things

13 Strawberry and Banana

Best thing ever made on earth are these fruits. then add them together with a delicious ice cream and blend it up with a bit of milk and chocolate syrup and Jesus shall arrive in your mouth - ItzPhantasy

Two best plain flavors combined!

14 Raspberry

It's nice

Hooray for Raspberry. Yummy and underrated. Why no Lemon on this list. I think Lemon is a fab taste. Like Lemon meringue pie.

raseberry is so good with blue heaven - hermione_granger

First time I had it I was so amazed

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15 Bubblegum


Mumm I want to how that taste like I have tasted bubblegum ice crem but I want to taste the milkshake a lot I wonder how that Tastes like


16 Lime

The absolute best flavour in my opinion! This is the one that I always order.

In my opinion lime is easy number one, it so sweet and refreshing

Heaven in a glass

Lime is by far the best. This is the flavour that I always order.

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17 Cheesecake

I love cheesecake

I like cheesecake has ice cream yum-o

Boi wut is this ting brav

18 Peppermint

I love peppermint shake I will have it March 17th Sunday that will be good for me can have it tasty to freshen my breath

It sounds yum

No one ikes it

Lun thae

19 Marshmallow

Marshmallow is the bomb, the first time I had it I loved it

I have never heard of it but I would rate it OK!

It's the best ever. Marshmallow milkshake to the rescue! !

Soft, creamy... Yum!

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20 Mixed Berry

It has a lot of fruits that people like

Sounds awesome

not nice

21 Chocolate Banana


I had chocolate banana and it was so GOOD GREAT awesome

Lord have mercy, orgasm in your mouth

Delicious I really like it!

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22 Black and White

Vanilla and Chocolate! Each are great on they're own but put them together and your mind might get blown!

Their ment together like black+white=ultra delicious!

Wow this looks gool that is the word I made

Yin and yang of milkshakes! 1111111111

23 Cookie Dough

I love cookie dough and if I didn't have it I would die this coming from 50 year old

This is better than chocolate.

Just think of cookie dough and icecream together!
It's the most amazing thing you can EVER have!

= The Best Flavor Eveeerrr

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24 Mango

Mango ice cream is rich but very refreshing. And I love Mango in anything. The mango brings you to another world. I love Mango Milkshake: If only places like Mcdonalds sell them, I would be a regular customer!

I like the smooth tropical taste of pure delicious mango. I never get tired of it.

Why is mango sow low on ranks... It is the best followed by chocolate - zuni

It's a tropical madness of delicious flavor.

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25 Nutella

Best shake by FAR - superchubbell

Swag is a shake

I wonder if it tastes good

26 Chocolate Chip Mint

It's like having Thin Mints and ice cream in the same delicious shake!

It is so tasty like heavan in a bottle

27 Peanut Butter Cup

so good

Basking robins has the best peanut butter and chocolate milkshake

Should be way higher than 29! - Maya159610

Best milkshake ever! If you have never had it then... GO GET 1!

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28 Blue Heaven

I can't belive you haven't heard of it it is the best -

Favorite since I was a kid

29 Butter Pecan

! No.39 this yummy milkshake tastes like pecan pie people!

30 Smores

Too so cool

31 Pineapple

Dude number one

Where can I buy it?

It's good. It tastes so good like butts in cream.

Where can you buy it I wonder

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32 Orange

I love orange! It is my favorite color and flavor! It's so sweet and cold like an orange should be.

Orange is bomb.com I can drink it all day

Where can I buy it?

I like the orange cream love it

33 Heath Toffee

TOFFEE! (I really like toffee)

34 Birthday Cake

It is better than cake!

35 Spearmint

It is the only flavour I did not see on your list Choc mint was there I know but personally I like spearmint flavour by itself

36 Peach

so good

37 Kiwi

I like kiwi because green is my favorite color!

38 Peanut Butter

Banana and oreo cookies

I hate how these are lacking in ice cream shops. It's my two favorite foods combined! IC & PB! They're easy to make, too. Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, and Milk. That's it. And blend it. The taste will bring you to Heaven.

Iā€™m a peanut butter lover

Peanut Butter shakes are awesome! šŸ˜Š

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39 Blackberry
40 Apple


41 Lobster

Tastes amazing in salad, why not in a milkshake?

I believe that a lobster milkshake is the best because it has a tangy sweet flavour but is shamazing as Nicole shirtswinger says


42 Rum

I hate it bad don't try it out

43 Blue Moon

That's awesome. I had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing

Blue moon ice cream/milkshakes are a midwestern thing. I can assure you, it's bright blue and every kid's favorite flavor!

Crazy I didn't know their was such thing as blue moon

44 Double Decker


45 The Elvis

Peanut Butter and Banana

46 Chocolate Orange

Cause it the best around and no ones ever gonna let it down.

I don't know what it taste, hahaa...
I just like he name

47 Mars Bar

So simple to make, and tastes so delicious! 2 pumps of vanilla, 1 pump caramel, 1 pump chocolate, tastes just like a real mars bar!

It looks good

Gunna try it

48 Reese's Pieces
49 Salted Caramel

Awesome flavor so good


It is the opposite of de-yummy

50 Grape

Grapes are better then mangos and passionfruit. Logic.

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