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1 Stiles Stilinski


He knows how to cheer someone up. He stays with you until the very end. - Moonheart

Il est tout simplement...UNIQUE!

He is super loyal and a funny guy.
He is also super good at solving things.
He's for sure my favourite character on the show

2 Allison Argent

I will always miss you

Why tf is she this low? By far the most selfless and badass character on the show. She's number one on my list. - fangirl1967

Allison is my favorite character she is a badass and she cars about person she loves and she dies saving her freinds - bretty

3 Malia Tate

She is the best female character HANDS DOWN! We all know it. She might not have been in the show from the start but that doesn't make us love her any less. She's funny, caring, loving, hot, strong and also very emotional which makes me love her even more. Her development in just 3 seasons has been INCREDIBLE and people tend to forget about it

She does not know what she is doing at times, she loves to have fun. She and Stiles are good pair, because she gets Stiles to sleep. She does not understand school subjects, but she knows when she is needed. She is awesome. - Moonheart

My favorite character because she is funny, nice, and sweet. Plus, we both hate math.

She is so funny and so badass. Definitely the best character on the show

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4 Lydia Martin

Hate her. Her character development is such a cliche and she annoys me. She should just get killed off

She knows how to be awesome. Lydia cares for the people around her and is willing to do anything to help. She and Stiles makes a good team because of how smart they are and how good they get clues. - Moonheart

It took 4 seasons but I finally am warming up to her. I hated (except when she and Jackson had their moments but after he left) her until that episode where she said "Not all monsters do monsterous thing." Now I like her. I like her a lot. If you get that reference high five.

She's my idol

5 Scott McCall

He is the sweetest out of the group. He wants to protect everyone. He keeps his emotions inside of him. - Moonheart

The one and only

He is so hot and caring and brave LOVE HIM


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6 Derek Hale

He cares for the people he loves. He makes bad choices on girlfriends, but he just wants to be apart of the pact. - Moonheart

7 Liam Dunbar

His so adorable

8 Theo Raeken

Bad ass - bretty

9 Chris Argent

He lost his whole family, but his father, but even then he did not agree with his father. He helps Scott and everyone out when he is asked. - Moonheart

10 Jordan Parrish

The more involved Jordan got in the plot, I found myself squealing whenever he came on screen. His entire character arc was fascinating to me and I always wanted to see more of him. He's so dutiful and adorable, and he's such a seemingly ordinary individual, and yet there's so much going on with him that he doesn't quite understand. He also delivers quite a few hilarious lines.

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11 Kira Yukimura

Love her so kind and beauty

12 Dr. Deaton

He is sweet. He loves to help when asked. He is like Scott's second father. He cares for everyone. - Moonheart

13 Bobby Finstock

He is funny. He is mean, but he does care for his students. - Moonheart

14 Boyd

He is awesome. He would to anything to save his friends. He is a mysterious one. You don't know a lot about him, be he is helpful. - Moonheart

15 Peter Hale
16 Tara Graeme

Even though she is a minor character, she is helpful. She helps Stiles whenever he needed help. - Moonheart

17 Hayden Romero
18 Ethan
19 Erica Reyes
20 Cora Hale Cora Hale
21 Sheriff Stilinski
22 Melissa Mccall

An underrated legend

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1. Allison Argent
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