Best FaZe Members


The Top Ten

1 FaZe Rain

Best bo2 trickshotter/Montager of all time

Rains the best I love him

I'm a proud raindrop.

2 FaZe Apex

the best

Apex is a mw2 legend

Apex is funny and good. his nephew faze baby is adorable

Dumbass - Forhad_765

3 FaZe Jev

Jev is literally the only interesting faze member. Jev is love, Jev is life.

Jev really is the only one I watch. I really enjoy his content.

Hands down the funniest greatest FaZe member to ever exist

Jev is the only one who is actually interesting now

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4 FaZe Pamaj

Amazing Feeds insane snaps GOAT

The best of all time

The Best

Best player of this clan

5 FaZe Adapt

Hard be
tween adapt and jarvis

He is funny

Adapt is the actual goat

Adapt is my baby girl he is thicc

6 FaZe Banks
7 FaZe Temperrrrr
8 Faze Tfue

The only Faze member I like lol

Best player in fortnite

best papi

He is just the best...

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9 Faze Cizzorz



STREAMER by the way


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10 Faze Rug

Rug is the best ever youtuber and faze rug is cool!

Best ever faze rain sucks

Rug is so entertaining and family friendly

Should be #1, I like his tunnel videos - PeeledBanana

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The Newcomers

? Faze Ali-A

Best intro
Very cringy
Horrible 90's
Square face

? FaZe Sway

The Contenders

11 Faze Cloak

Dude to be honest he’s better than TFUE he carried his ass in the fall skirmish

12 Faze Jarvis

Amazing Fortnite player

Best faze member

He should be 1 or 2


13 FaZe Replays
14 Faze highsky

Highsky will be the one to take over FaZe one day for him being the yougest one to join FaZe best attitude the dude is going to win a tournament one day just wait and see...

Good luck in your Young carrier highsky

He is the youngest but doesn’t mean he’s less skilled. Great attitude and is still learning

15 FaZe Kitty
16 FaZe Censor

He is a good person for a good meaning to others

Duglous is bloody hot!

Not only is FaZe Censor great at call of duty, he is an amazing role model and he has gone on to do so much more things since he started his career. He is extremely enjoyable and he always tries to teach a good message to younger viewers, me being one.

17 FaZe Baby


18 FaZe Kay

He is sick

19 FaZe
20 FaZe Fakie


21 FaZe Hazz

Bruh he's better than rain totes

22 Faze Olofmeister
23 Faze Swan

The best

24 FaZe Nate Hill
25 FaZe Tenser

he's lit

Just the funniest FaZe member

26 Faze H1ghsk1

His 90's are good he drops least 10 kill games

Best 13 yr old fortnite pro player


27 FaZe Linksy
28 Faze Cruelson
29 FaZe Ninja
30 FaZe allu

Old FaZe member

31 FaZe FIRE
32 FaZe Away
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