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FaZe Rain

Rains the best I love him

I'm a proud raindrop.

Faze sway is the best

Best bo2 trickshotter/Montager of all time

FaZe Apex

I saw Apex in the airport and he was really nice

Apex is funny and good. his nephew faze baby is adorable

Apex is a mw2 legend

the best

FaZe Banks

Honestly he acts like a jerk/douche in public

He’s the best

FaZe Pamaj

Amazing Feeds insane snaps GOAT

Best player of this clan

The best of all time

The Best

FaZe Jev

Jev hands down is the best faze member out at the moment.
Every one else has gone sloppy
Jev on the other hand is extremely enjoyable!

Always been the best, he's actually funny and didn't resort to ONLY playing Fortnite like any of the losers on this list.

Has to be number 1 not only is he a great player but he also is a amazingly funny guy and I alwa enjoy watching his videos.

Just the best, no other faze members seems as good and doesn't just play fortnite 24/7 like the other geesers

FaZe Rug

To be honest I'v never met him, but in his vlogs he is acts really kind to people. I would do anything to see meet him!

Rug is so entertaining and family friendly

Should be #1, I like his tunnel videos

he is kind and sweet and his vids are just so AMAZINGLY COOL

FaZe Jarvis

Best I've ever seen at fortnite came so close in that pro am tournament

He is a god at Fortnite getting over 10 kills every game and I think he shoukd Be first

The best shooter and builder ever on X box

Very clean with edits on fortnite

Faze Tfue

He's the best fortnite player in the World! He beat ninja.

The only Faze member I like lol

He's better than all of them

Best player in fortnite

FaZe Cizzorz

Greatest death run creator

Hottest streamer by far

Plays good and is cute

He's crazy oh ma goy

FaZe Sway

Sway is cracked out of his mid day even Jarvis said sway was better than him

Best Fortnite controller player (personally)

He can build for days

I feel faze sway is better than faze tfue

The Contenders

FaZe Adapt

Adapt is the actual goat

Adapt is my baby girl he is thicc

Hard be
tween adapt and jarvis

He is funny

FaZe highsky

Highsky will be the one to take over FaZe one day for him being the yougest one to join FaZe best attitude the dude is going to win a tournament one day just wait and see...

Good luck in your Young carrier highsky

Faze highsky is the youngest faze player and should be the best

Young kids are good

He is the youngest but doesn’t mean he’s less skilled. Great attitude and is still learning

FaZe Cloak

He has good close quarter combat skills
And amazing snips

Dude to be honest he’s better than TFUE he carried his ass in the fall skirmish

Faze Ali-A

Best in faze favourite youtuber


He is trash

Best intro
Very cringy
Horrible 90's
Square face

FaZe Replays

He is awesome, always trying to do trickshots like me

FaZe Temperrrrr

Best Quick scoper

FaZe Kay

He is good I am is fan


there the best

FaZe H1ghsk1

His 90's are good he drops least 10 kill games

The best fortnite player ever Plushe gets 15 kill gameplay

Cute and plays the best

It's my opinion

FaZe Lazerbeam

Best fortnite player in the worl

Not even faze. DUH X I X

Bloody legend

FaZe Kitty

snaps absolutely he , snipes nasty

Plays ok

FaZe Ninja
FaZe Nate Hill

Cute fam BigsKillAway on twitch

FaZe Teeqo

Faze Teeqo says no bad words

FaZe Baby
FaZe Censor

Not only is FaZe Censor great at call of duty, he is an amazing role model and he has gone on to do so much more things since he started his career. He is extremely enjoyable and he always tries to teach a good message to younger viewers, me being one.

He is a good person for a good meaning to others

Duglous is bloody hot!

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