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1 FaZe Rain

Rains the best I love him

I'm a proud raindrop.

2 FaZe Apex

Apex is funny and good. his nephew faze baby is adorable

Dumbass - Forhad_765

3 FaZe Jev

Jev hands down is the best faze member out at the moment.
Every one else has gone sloppy
Jev on the other hand is extremely enjoyable!

Has to be number 1 not only is he a great player but he also is a amazingly funny guy and I alwa enjoy watching his videos.

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4 FaZe Banks
5 FaZe Adapt

Adapt is the actual goat

Adapt is my baby girl he is thicc

6 FaZe Pamaj
7 FaZe Temperrrrr
8 Faze Rug

Rug is so entertaining and family friendly

Should be #1, I like his tunnel videos - PeeledBanana

Best ever faze rain sucks

Just rabbish

9 FaZe Kitty
10 FaZe

The Contenders

11 FaZe Hazz

Bruh he's better than rain totes

12 FaZe Fakie
13 FaZe Linksy
14 FaZe Replays
15 FaZe Censor

Not only is FaZe Censor great at call of duty, he is an amazing role model and he has gone on to do so much more things since he started his career. He is extremely enjoyable and he always tries to teach a good message to younger viewers, me being one.

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