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1 One Click Headshot

Listen this before and during gameplay


By far the best song for gaming at least

Undoubtedly one of Feed Me’s greatest. The sampling is brilliant and the drop is FIRE.

2 Blood Red

Most incredible drop that ever existed in all genres of music

Gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

Makes me wanna take acid and listen to dubstep.
Such brutal drop. Good artist good music get it voted up.

Blood red is such a breathtaking.
This is why we should love dubstep.
To be quite honest with you, feed me is a lot better than skrillex in my opinion.

3 Trapdoor

HOW IS THIS NOT #1? This is the best song by feed me by a long shot. I'm not saying one click headshot is a bad song, but trapdoor is a million times better. Trapdoor just has that dance factor to it. It just makes you wanna get up and move around. This is like a pump up song and a song you hear at the club combined in one!

Trapdoor is the song that made me realize my true love for TRAP. He was the pioneer! This should be higher on the list.

4 Rat Trap

Greatest and the latest. Rat trap is so bad ass.

Incredible, no explaining, just incredible.

Obviously the best and anyone who disagrees needs to get there head checked.

5 Grand Theft Ecstasy

GTE or Relocation belong in the first slot. Never get tired of the complexity.

This is what you call proper dubstep. LoVe this guy, he is amazing at making dubstep.

Can't wait till he makes a new hit single.
His latest is rat trap

SPOILER ALERT: rat trap is number 4 on the list.

6 1UP

What is with these people, if you hate this then you have no soul.

This isn't even Feed Me, it's Spor, but good tune anyway.

Spor is Feed Me's old name - AwesomeAndrew62

7 Pink Lady
8 Whiskers

Feed me is thy MASTER of dubstep, drum n bass and any other type of music
He should definitely be in the charts.

He might not be because he is just to cool to be on them.
I especially love whiskers, mind blasting song.

9 Let You Go (Feed Me Remix)

I like the original let you go by chase and status but this is pretty cool

Do more remixes like some remix versions of skrillex or deadmau5

10 Death by Robot

Have you looked up the lyrics to this song? Gives me the chills every time I hear it, Jon Gooch is a living legend.

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11 103 Degrees

How is this not number 1?

It is awesome, isn't it?
It is totally awesome.

It is the most awesome thing ever,

12 Silicone Lube
13 The Spell

This song is just so epic, and when it’s not in full swing it still sounds absolutely amazing. You may not think much of it, but get this: This song was released 11 years ago! In a way, this song was ahead of its time, and I think every Feed Me fan has to have heard this.

14 Dazed
15 Last Requests
16 Strange Behaviour

Beautiful and sick at the same time. Perfect combination between melodic female vocals and goosebump-inducing wobbles, a personal favorite of Feed Me!

17 High Noon


18 Spilt Milk
19 ID (Skrillex & Feed Me)
20 Ophilia
21 Bad Taste

Unreleased song by Feed Me - AwesomeAndrew62

22 Different World
23 Final Stage
24 Loud Noises
25 Shine On
26 Thumb Got Stuck
27 Short Skirt
28 No Grip
29 Onstuh
30 Fiasco
31 Chinchilla
32 In the Bin
33 Lonely Mountain
34 Orion
35 Gravel
36 Dialup Days
37 Little Cat Steps
38 Trichotillomania
39 Embers
40 Relocation
41 Cott's Face
42 To the Stars
43 Chainsmoker
44 Innocence (Feed Me Remix)
45 Green Bottle
46 Talk to Me
47 Cloudburn
48 Muscle Rollers
49 Jodie
50 Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)
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