Female Tekken Characters With the Sexiest Legs

How they look, and how they use them. What makes you want them?

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1 Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams is a fictional character from Namco's Tekken fighting game series. A cold-blooded Irish professional assassin, Nina made her first appearance in Tekken, the original game in the series She is one of four playable characters to appear in all main installments in the series and the only ...read more.

Nina is the hottest, as I would for any inch of her gorgeous body, her legs look perfect, endless, nicely chiselled and shapely rounded. The way she walks, her high heels make it even more appealing.

Furthermore, Nina knows how to use them, her superior abilities (velocity, strength, suppleness) allow her everythings, she has got sneaky kicks and lethal constrictions.

Sex appeal is everything that she is, sexy body, huge but lush boobies, wish I could touch them, gorgeous in every angle, wish she was real, I would sex her up so bad that she would want me, love you loads nina, you are the best

Nina and Anna are both in their 40's... And they still manage to look incredible. They are both stunningly beautiful, but personally I prefer Nina to Anna because I like her blonde hair and purple suit, it makes her different to Anna

Nina drives me crazy, ever since I first played Tekken 3.
She is still hot as hell. Sexy Body, Nice Boobs and Ass.

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2 Anna Williams Anna Williams

Anna's leg structure is the sexiest of all the ladies. I know everyone stares at her legs and forget the fight. I know everyone is jealous and wish that their favorite chick has the fine legs that Anna has. Yummy..

Watching Anna use them legs make me wet at the arcades.

Anna is definitely the hottest female character ever, she deserves the to spot, she is very beautiful

Dat legs, dem feet... hot n' sexy!

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3 Lili Rochefort Lili Rochefort

If you want legs no one has more than Lili. longest leg female character highest kicker and widest splits.

I love her skirt! So I vote for you lili!

Lili because French women has the best legs as noted by the general public.

Love her my god

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4 Jun Kazama Jun Kazama

Jun's legs are sexy customize her in that short short and damn them legs are long. Plus jun's legs are nice and slim unlike most of the other female (like Nina) Nina's legs look as hard as rock.

Jun's legs are so sexy. She should be first on these polls. Anna and Nina can't even do a split kick they're stiff as hell. Jun can do sexier moves with her legs and is more flexible.

Jun has the longest and sexiest legs for sure... And she's no slut! (like Anna )
Jun and Kazuya match perfectly...

Those shorts she wears are sexy

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5 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama

Very Beautiful and has a good Spirit

She is cute but her legs are too thick. - Toshin

Asuka has a perfect butt, sexy boobs and beautiful legs. She drives me crazy!

She is the hottest

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6 Zafina

Why there is so few comments on Zafina? Her Asian visage and long hot legs are worth playing with for a whole day!

Sexiest butt might go to Anna or Julia, but legs are all about Zafina hands down

Her nice slim legs are hot!

Shez has power of a snake luk at her leg duh!

7 Christie Monteiro Christie Monteiro

Even though Nina is my favorite character, I think Christie has the hottest legs -Selma

Her legs like Jennifer Lopez? Are sexiest obvious!

Dayum! I think she's sexiest. I mean...look at those boobs, they're so soft and big!

! ncredible sexy latina!

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8 Xiaoyu Ling

She's more than that she's sexy

Soft and thin great legs

9 Julia Chang Julia Chang

She has the most beautiful legs from all girls in Tekken.

The legs look good

Her legs are much better and sexier than Nina's who is the 1st ön the list.

10 Michelle Chang Michelle Chang Michelle Chang is a fictional character in the Tekken series of fighting games by Namco, where she was introduced in the original Tekken in 1994. A young woman of Chinese and Native American descents, Michelle possesses a mysterious pendant allegedly capable of controlling evil and powerful spirits.

Michelle is clearly the most attractive female in Tekken. You couldn't tell me you weren't obsessed with her in Tekken 2. She is badass and surpasses all these girls except for Christie & Nina, maybe.

Michelle is by far the sexiest female in Tekken

Love her legs I wish I have them she is so pretty

The Contenders

11 Alisa

Oh come on! Alisa should be higher! Do you see her legs? Soft, smooth and fast as lightning really, vote for Alisa

She's so hot and the best

Yea...I love her

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