Female T.V. Characters Who Need A Good Old Fashioned Spanking

The tattletales, manipulators, stuck-ups, airheads, arrogants...they're right here!

The Top Ten

1 Bianca DuPree (Beverly Hills Teens)
2 Nellie Olson (Little House On The Prairie)

She's been whipped many times before, let's really do it this time so she doesn't forget.

3 Liv Rooney (Liv and Maddie) Olivia "Liv" Rooney is one of the two main protagonists of the Disney Channel original series Liv and Maddie, along with her identical twin sister and best friend Maddie. She is 16 years old and is the oldest member of the Rooney children. Liv also has two younger brothers and two parents who work at ...read more.
4 Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo Series) Daphne Ann Blake is a fictional character in the long-running American animated series Scooby-Doo. Daphne, depicted as coming from a wealthy family, is noted for her red hair, lavender heels, fashion sense, and her knack for getting into danger, hence the nickname "Danger Prone Daphne".
5 Jen (Power Rangers Time Force)
6 Kimmy Gibbler (Full House)

Learn to knock, brat. Also, don't call your friends parents insulting names.

7 Angelica (Rugrats)

Belt lashing, with a thin leather one.

It's called a hand. Use it.

8 Stormer (Jem & The Holograms)

If you're into that kind of stuff then yea.

Nah id rather spank sexy lesbo kimber

9 Maddie Rooney (Liv and Maddie)
10 DW (Arthur)

This girl is such a brat that she thinks she knows everything and the world goes around her. She uses Arthur, whines, and needs a spanking by their parents when she acts likes that.


The Contenders

11 Dora (Dora The Explorer) Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer". Her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend, Boots.

She should be #1

She should be at least #3

Yeah she does need one. - andrewteel

She is trash

12 Taylor Earhardt (Power Rangers Wild Force)
13 Vida Rocca (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
14 Luanne Platter (King of the Hill)
15 Neely Capshaw (Baywatch)

I agree with you, she does look sexy in swimsuit and wetsuit! She's always played in best parts of Baywatch and she's definitely the hottest blonde on that show!

She's look hot in every Baywatch episode and she's a lot hot in one=piece swimsuit ans wetsuit!

16 Cora (Arthur)
17 Gia Moran (Power Rangers franchise)
18 Megan Parker (Drake & Josh) Megan Jessica Parker is Drake's younger sister and Josh's step-sister and is one of the main characters of Drake & Josh. She is portrayed by the American actress Miranda Cosgrove.
19 Judy Hensler (Leave It To Beaver)

Take a metal hairbrush and slightly heat it on a stove and whale her

Ouch. I would say with a paddle instead.

20 Lisa Hayes (Diif'rent Strokes)
21 Jeannie (I Dream Of Jeannie)

Jeannie's evil twin Jeannie, that is - DRIVEIN101

22 Gia Mahan (Full House)
23 Cindy Curbstone (Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm)

She acts stuck up so she should be punished.

Give her a stoned made spank paddle

Animated characters count, too - DRIVEIN101

Well shes stuck up.

24 Sue Ellen (The Patty Duke Show)
25 Sharpei - High School Musical
26 Muffy Crosswire (Arthur)
27 Jenny Piccolo (Happy Days)
28 Sue Heck (The Middle)
29 Lola Loud (The Loud House) Lola Loud is a fictional character from The Loud House and the third youngest child of the Loud Family and Lana's younger twin sister, Lola is arrogant, smart mouthed, spoiled, and is a tattle-tale, like Lori despite her selfish behavior deep down she's compassionate, she shares a room with her twin ...read more.
30 Rachel Berry (Glee) Rachel Barbra Berry is a fictional character and de facto female lead from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.
31 Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

Smart-ass brat

She alway acts like she know everything, it’s annoying as hell

Annoying little know-it-all. That’s a paddlin’

32 Misty (Pokemon) Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ ...read more.

Why should she, she puts up with the guys antics all the time.

Maybe I'm biased as an amourshipper, but Misty comes off as overly naggy to the boys and no fun to be around. Her sweet and innocent pretence irks me.

33 Cindy Vortex (Jimmy Neutron)
34 Judy (Doug)

Smack her purple butt till her butt turns deep purple

35 Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Princess Azula is a fictional character and antagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Heck yea. Seems tomboyish too

36 Meryl (Trigun)

For treating Vash like dirt

37 Ronny Robinson (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)
38 Kimberly Hart (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers)
39 Rachel Green (Friends) Rachel Karen Green is a fictional character, one of the six main characters who appeared in the American sitcom Friends.
40 Sister Bear (The Berenstain Bears)
41 Sandy (SpongeBob SquarePants)
42 Iris (Pokemon)
43 Patti (Doug)

Smack her purple butt!

44 Rebecca Hawkins (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Rebecca Hawkins sucks as a duelist

45 Princess Vi (Samurai Pizza Cats)

She's an ugly brat

46 Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Katara is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

I guess but she changed early.

47 Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

YES! YES PLEASE! I never liked this killjoy of a hypocrite anyway and she needed to be called out for every bad thing she has done! She's worse than Lisa! I wouldn't even mind if she got killed off and not Maude.

48 Jessica Lovejoy (The Simpsons)
49 Patty and Selma Bouvier (The Simpsons)
50 Peggy Hill (King of the Hill) Margaret Joseph "Peggy" Hill is a fictional character in the American animated series King of the Hill.
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