Top Ten Films People Say They've Disliked Without Giving It a Chance

Having asked several people what film they've started watching and switched off and said they didn't like it before really watching it and giving it a chance. I've done it myself. What film can you just not bring yourself to watch all the way through?

The Top Ten

1 Titanic

It's just plain old sappy romance. Like Pearl Harbor, they just took a historical event and just only put a few minutes of the actual event and the rest be sappy romance. - jack2244

How can anyone dislike this movie, that too without even watching it in first place? Criminals! - LordofL

Well, since you asked... the special effects were, for the most part, not believable. But mainly, Leo the environmental fraud was stiff as a board long before he froze to death.

2 The Artist

To be honest, I don't even remember a thing about this movie - jack2244

3 The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Brilliant movie. Who can dislike it? - jack2244

4 The Blair Witch Project

This movie was so boring - jack2244

5 Lost in Translation

Great movie

6 Days of Thunder
7 The Sound of Music

But... this is a good movie - jack2244

8 King Kong (1933)

This one is pretty good - jack2244

9 Casablanca

Great Movie but often overrated. Some folks just exaggerate this movie. - LordofL

This is hated by people? It's seriously one of the greatest movies ever - jack2244

10 Brokeback Mountain

It's a decent movie but I can see why people dislike it - jack2244

The Contenders

11 Captain America: Civil War

This was one of the best of 2016 - jack2244

12 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Yeah, it's understandable if people wouldn't want to watch it, but they can't say it's horrible without watching it. - Elric-san

I like it but I can understand why people would hate it if they do - jack2244

13 Alien

This is another one of the greatest movies ever. - jack2244

14 Fantasia

Again, another one of the greatest movies - jack2244

15 Wall-E

Great Movie. Worth every second you spend on it. - LordofL

I thought everybody loved this movie - jack2244

16 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Give this flick a chance!

17 Forrest Gump
18 Gladiator
19 The Jungle Book
20 Frozen
21 Inside Out (2015)
22 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
23 Under the Skin
24 Jurassic Park
25 The Godfather
26 Mad Max: Fury Road
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