Top Ten Final Fantasy VII Songs

The Top Ten
1 One-Winged Angel
2 J-E-N-O-V-A
3 Opening - Bombing Mission
4 Let the Battle Begin!
5 Those Chosen by the Planet
6 Shinra, Inc
7 On That Day, Five Years Ago
8 Fight On!

Pretty sure the name of this track is "Still More Fighting" but it's the best no matter what you call it.

9 Oppressed People
10 The Highwind Takes to the Skies
The Contenders
11 Anxiety
12 Ending Credits
13 Aerith's Theme
14 Tifa's Theme
15 Birth of a God
16 Barret's Theme
17 Cosmo Canyon
18 The Prelude
19 Turks Theme
20 Flowers Blooming in the Church
21 Mako Reactor
22 Lurking in the Darkness
23 Fanfare
24 Costa del Sol
25 Cait Sith's Theme
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