Top Ten Flavors of Hot Chips and Puffs

The Top Ten

1 Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Best chips to eat when binge watching movies. I'll take three bags please

Their my favorite personally because I ate them since I was a kid

They are good but there are not that spicy but they have a little kick

I love em I never knew they were number 1

2 Flamin' Hot Fritos

I like these because there nice and good, and not spicy at all

No not at all

Hell yea

3 Ranch Dipped Hot Wings Doritos

How dare they discontinue these! They weren’t just hot for the sake of being hot, they actually had flavor too.

Love these things

The best chips.

they suck

4 Flamin' Hot Funyuns

They are so good and delicious. Not only are they spicy but they definitely have a different crunch

Have a good taste too them

Best Hot Chips


5 Spicy Nacho Doritos

These hoes smack.

The best chip

Cool ranch

6 Takis Fuego

They are the best. They are spicy but have their own interesting flavor

Perfect crunch perfect taste amazing ratio to crunch to spice the flavor amazing!

Yes I can eat up to 20 and my mouth with still be cool and not on fire but I still suggest having a bottle of water at the side for any explosions. This should have been number one their more hotter and better than hot cheetos

These should be number 1 who ever made this list probably does not even eat hot chips

7 Spicy Guacamole Pringles
8 Sweet Spicy Chilli Doritos

They're more sweet than spicy with a kick but when you're eating one right after another, the heat adds up.

9 Chester's Flamin' Hot Fries

This is my favorite hot chips out of all. This stuff is delicious! I love it!

I could two bags of these a day

Really good and addictive

Very crunchy and adddicting

10 Flamin' Hot Lays

These are so good one of my favorites

The Newcomers

? Artisan Barcel Fuego Chips
? Tapatìo

The Contenders

11 Cheetos Flamin' Hot Limon

The bag has Chester cheetah with a lime squirting it on the Cheeto, I actually like Hot Cheetos Limon better than regular Hot Cheetos

The limon gives a zesty kick that evokes orgasms throughout my body... No seriously, I would marry these chips if I could. Just put on a veil and give them some flowers and we're good to go. Hot cheetos are fantastic on their own, but the limon flavor brings it to a whole 'nother level. #getonmylevel

They are so yummy! They have a good hint of lime and have just the right spiciness!

12 Sabritas Turbos Flamas

These are so spicy and delicious! It broke the scale for spiciestness, deliciousness and the rating! Periodt

These are awesome. They look like swirls or dna and are spicy.

Hotter than dinamita chips

They are really good

13 Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon

They are like Takis, but spicier and they have a stringer taste.

It's for the people who like REALLY spicy food like me and those who can handle it.

You can find them at your local candy store just like Canada Liquor in Glendale California.

These are amazing

I think these chips are very flavorish and tasty but tyhey do have a kick to them.I would for sure recommend these if u love spicy foods

Dinamites are the best and and get will dominate my top 3 list.

14 Paqui Ghost Pepper

Spiciest besides the one chip challenge

There so hot just one can kill you

15 Doritos Flamas

These things are GOOD

Really good should be top 10

I love spicy

16 Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno
17 Takis Zombie

These chips were the best until Barcel decided to not sell them in big bags anymore now their just in takis mini


18 Lay's Kettle Cooked Jalapeño

These are the best chips I would die for them... Delicious... Yum😋😋

19 Flamin Hot Cheeto Puffs

So good! Very addictive I’m not fat but I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.

honestly these are the best.

20 Blair's Death Rain Jolokia Pepper

The best if you can find them.

21 XXtra Flamin Hot Cheetos

They all look tasty


22 Flamin Hot Ruffles
23 Utz Red Hots

These are legit the best chips on earth. Hard to find though

Are you guys nuts? This should be number one.

24 Paqui Grilled Habanero
25 Blair's Death Rain Habanero
26 Walkers Max Flamin' Hot Crisps


27 Jays Hotstuff Potato Chips
28 Hot Popcorn

These pack a real punch, and the light almost heavenly texture stands out from the crowd!

The best

29 Flamin' Hot Munchies
30 Great Value Burnin Hot Chips
31 Spicy Pork Rinds
32 Golden Flake Hot Chips
33 Spicy Cheese
34 Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper Potato Chips

Their lattice shape gives them a really nice crunch - giraffuba

35 Takis Nitro
36 Sabritones
37 Hot and Spicy Planters
38 Paqui Fiery Chile Limon
39 Flamin Hot Kettle Chips
40 Mexican Habanero Chips
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