Top 10 Flaws With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I'm gonna get a lot of hate on this XD
These are listed in no particular order, I just wrote them as they appeared in my head. BTW, I apologize if something's not right, I'm not a superhero movie expert.

The Top Ten Flaws With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

1 Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

What a dumb portrayal of Lex Luthor! And in the next movie we have Jared Leto as the Joker. WHAT? - DCfnaf

I didn't even know exactly what character he was supposed to be at first - Mcgillacuddy

He should stick to playing Theodore LOL

He should stick to Theodore lol

2 When Batman and Superman fight, Batman doesn't use the kryptonite spear and bomb right away.
3 Batman and Superman settle their differences because their mothers have the same first name
4 Lois Lane needs to be saved several times.

I find this kind of irritating in my opinion. She got captured, shoved off a building, and almost drowned. She got saved three times in the movie. - TheYoshiOverlord

Yeah what's with that

Lois lane is just like an interuption in the movie

5 Little to no humor in the movie at all.

Would it have killed Zack Snyder to slip in a few jokes in the movie? - TheYoshiOverlord

The entire movie was a bitter joke.

But doesn't the comics have as much humor as this movie?

Does it matter?

6 General Zod and Lex Luthor's blood shouldn't have made Doomsday; it should have made a combination of Lex and Zod's phenotypes.
7 The dream sequences

Though entertaining, these added nothing to the movie, and when they ended, there was no reference to them again. - TheYoshiOverlord

8 People thought Superman was responsible for the terrorist attacks.

Uh, HELLO?! Superman doesn't need bombs and guns! - TheYoshiOverlord

This was absolutely correct and the senate blames superman what happen to forensics.. and only bullet they had is on lois handbook what a joke..

9 Batman kills people

Zack snyder must have explained "Bat going crazy thing"

It's completely wrong. Batmans whole thing is not killing people, it's a crucial part of his identity, and Snyder throws it all out the window to be EDGY. - Jackamalio

I would make an argument about that but the Batman from the 1989 film kind of did something similar so...almost all film makers have a problem with that kind of characteristic?

10 The Kryptonian ship lets Lex create Doomsday because the council is dead.

See, the thing is, Lex said all of the Kryptonians we're dead, but he used kryptonite dna to enter the ship so how the hell did an alien spaceship not think of this?

Frankly how in gods name they can keep a facility of kyrptonian ship in the middle of the city and that too very near to superman shrine seems like the producer wanted a short film set or something else.. and

The Contenders

11 Superman lets the guys with guns get away (when he stops Batman from stealing kryptonite)
12 Superman has super hearing, but somehow doesn't hear a bomb ticking in the wheelchair.

Not to mention he can't hear Martha and find where she is

The most ridiculous part was superman can't not only fly but can fly faster than speeding bullet that's a blooper for suure...

Stupid nitpickers.

13 Darkseid was teased too early
14 Young Bruce Wayne being levitated by bats

Made no sense. Bruce Wayne sucks.

15 Doomsday was in it

They should have saved doomsday for the next superman film. - Jackamalio

16 It's boring
17 Wonder Woman barely gets any screen time.

Like, 20 minutes. Then BAM, done. - Mercwithamouth

18 Bizarro wasn't the villain instead of Doomsday.

What? Who cares? It wouldn't have made a difference! - DCfnaf

19 Terrible pacing
20 The ending was terrible

Killing superman in the 2nd film was too ba d.. a nd mostly tooo much cg i.. s ame like star wars sequel... and every time it was dark..

21 Superman doesn't have Super Speed which could've been useful when finding Martha Kent
22 Wonder Woman has a blade that can cut pieces off Doomsday without the creature being weakened by Kryptonite

So, by extension she could also kill Superman. She could also have loaned Superman her sword, allowing him to make sushi out of Doomsday.

23 Bad cinematography
24 Bad humor
25 The director is mediocre
26 Lex Luther has no motivation
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