Best Health Supplement Companies

You care what kind of gas you put in your car, why not care even more about the kind of fuel you put in your body?
There are hundreds of supplement companies out there but they aren't all created equal. When it comes to supplements, you want to keep them pure and affordable.

These are some of the best companies to find the general Health supplements you want at a price that is affordable.
The Top Ten
1 Botanic Choice

Super inexpensive, and you can find anything you need. They use only the highest quality ingredients, and their website is easy to use. You can shop by category to find your concern area and get directed to the products that will work for you.

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2 Supplements To Go

Geared toward the workout enthusiast, these guys have tons of supplements for both general health as well as gym-goers.

3 DXN International Private Ltd. Visit Website
4 Nutrilite

Their products top everyone's in flavor, vitamins, antioxidants, and carbohydrates.

5 Native Remedies

The market leader in herbal and homeopathic remedies, Native Remedies is another great choice for supplements. The website is informative and easy to use, and their prices are incredible.

6 Professional Supplement Center

Carrying a large selection of brands and tons of different products, these guys really know how to take care of you. The website has a Vitamin Encyclopedia to learn about what you're taking, as well as a library of homeopathic remedies so you can see what your grandparents took.

7 Zone Diet

I know it has come to fame for the Zone Foods and the fad diet, but they also have a large selection of supplements to round out your diet.

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8 Seeking Health

They specialize in pure, highly absorbable, well-formulated nutrient supplements. If their website were a tiny bit easier to navigate, they would have been higher on the list. Still, they get full marks for product and price.

9 TN Vitamins

Free shipping on orders over $49, tons of supplements to choose from, and over 35 years of experience in the industry. You can't go wrong with them.

10 Healthy Directions

Backed by a group of doctors, Healthy Directions provides all the major supplements you need as well as a list recommended specifically by each doctor.

The Contenders
11 Piping Rock Health Products

I wonder why is not added here. It's led by the great entrepreneur Scott Rudolph. All of its products are of high quality. I've been buying from this retailer for a bit over a year and have had only positive experiences so far. Once I got a damaged good, but a quick call to customer service and I got it replaced in no time. The prices are the lowest. I buy eye health supplements at a very low price.

If you are a new customer, you can save $10 with coupon code AAEQCT. I really recommend this store if you are serious about your health.

12 Advocare
13 Vestige
14 ProHealth

A full-service website with news, facts, and a supplement shop. It's a company based on information and quality.

15 Alphay
16 Youngevity International

I started out always thinking, "Yeah, I should probably take some vitamins someday." My doctors tried so many different procedures, diets, tests, and studies to figure out why I was so sick all the time, in constant pain, and I was only 22.

I spoke with Dr. Joel Wallach, the naturopathic doctor working primarily with their formulations, and he put me on the Healthy Body Digestive Pak with an additional supplement called Vision FX for my eyes. After three weeks, I was no longer in any pain (for the first time in years). I dropped 20 pounds and no longer need glasses. No surgery, no invasive procedure, just pure minerals and vitamins to give my body the tools to heal itself.

I am in awe. This company has its priorities, science, research, and products in total order.

17 Unicity
18 Rivalus

They specialize in supplements for competitive athletes but have vitamins and other dietary aids as well. If you hit the gym regularly, hit up Rivalus.

19 Paradise Herbs

Lab tested, consistently pure and sourced from verified, uncontaminated suppliers.

20 Vibrant Health

Green Vibrance is consistently the best and most potent green drink. They are fully transparent with their ingredients.

21 Healthforce Superfoods

Only the highest quality ingredients from controlled sources and laboratory tested for consistency.

22 Keva Triple Stem Cell
23 Wellabs
24 Nature's Way

High-quality vitamins for a variety of needs.

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