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1 F1 2014

This was awful, just a repackaged 2013 with less exciting gameplay and the less exciting season. - submergedboy

My favourite one since the 2000, better controls than 2013 and more fun also. I can definitely say that I'd go on it more than most F1 games, especially on the PS3

If anything it is one of the worst f1 games in codies era

2 F1 2013

The best of them all

Another quality f1 game, enjoyed this one a lot too. I liked the classic stuff especially. - submergedboy

Anyone of top teams could be champions, very good game

Better than 2014

3 Formula 1 97

This will always hold a special place in my heart. The first Formula 1 game I owned. Controls are easy to pick up as a beginner. Arcade mode is a short fun time. Championship is easily enjoyable. Full length qualifying (back when it was an hour) can drag it back down nowadays, however this is just what it was like in 97. The ability to change driver names I always enjoyed.

4 Formula One '99

This one made up for the mistakes with 98 and felt like a proper improvement on 97. The graphics were a massive improvement

5 F1 Race Stars

Basically, they saw mario kart and said "i want some of that" and literally made a crappy rip-off of it. okay for kids, I guess. not a fan of the made-up teams either. - submergedboy

I'll have to give this a vote because I just find it enjoyable and different. It isn't your typical F1 game and, as my partner can testify with, even non-F1 fans can enjoy it. It's pretty much F1 Mario Kart style

It's just a cheap version of mario kart, it's not that good

6 Formula One 2000

This one was made by EA Sports and was the first one I played without commentary. I enjoyed this. The still added addition of being able to edit the grid was enjoyable. Not been able to find it since I had it

7 F1 2011

It was okay... nothing I particularly loved about it though. - submergedboy

This is the best f1 game as I have fond memories on career mode, I have never enjoyed a career mode on any f1 game like this

8 F1: Formula One Championship Edition

Very good for its time, it must be said. still engaging and realistic to this day. - submergedboy

One of the best f1 games ever, good graphics, decent ai, good weather model and good damage model and this was released in 2007!

9 F1 2015

This one wasn't really meant to be good. it was just a placeholder while they worked on 2016 to get it onto the new gen. as a result it was quite glitchy and featureless, but the new gameplay and model was good. - submergedboy

10 F1 2012

An all-round solid game. nothing stand-out, but it was the foundation and added a lot of stuff that would lead to 2013 being so great - submergedboy

I used to have it!

The Contenders

11 F1 Challenge '99 - '02
12 F1 2010

This is the good stuff. I miss logging on to my 360 in 2010 to fight another close championship. - submergedboy

My childhood. 17 seasons of career mode. I loved it. I miss the days

What else could it be? If it is possible to have nostalgia from as recently as eight years ago, then this is the ultimate of it.

13 F1 2009

My first f1 game. I mean obviously it was made for the wii and psp so obviously had limited features and graphics, but they did a good job with what they had. it engaged me enough to become a hardcore f1 fan. at the time, it was great. - submergedboy

One of the worst f1 games ever, it had abysmal graphics, poor ai terrible damage model, lacklustre pit stops, annoying engineer and a poor handling model. The only things positive about this game so you can watch qualifying while in the garage and you got a free steering wheel with the game.

14 Formula 1 2018

Possibly the best effort codies have done so far. - submergedboy

15 F1 2017

The less said about this one, the better. - submergedboy

16 Formula One 2003

This game is very poor due to the fact that it was missing basic settings such as setting your race distance on spectator mode and the handling was too

One of the most dissapointing f1 games ever

17 Formula 1 98

This is even worse than 2009 (f1 fans, particularly WTF1 say)

18 Formula One 05

The camera angler are awful on this game but otherwise, it is ok at best

19 F1 2016

Very innovative and added a lot of features, I loved the new r&d system. I will look back on this one with nostalgia, I spent the most time on it out of any f1 game so far. bit glitchy though. - submergedboy

20 Formula One 04
21 F1 2002
22 F1 2001
23 F1 Championship Season 2000
24 F1 World Grand Prix 1999
25 Formula One 2002
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