Top 10 Best Fortnite Battle Royale Players


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1 Ninja

He is all round a great player but has been screwed by traps before so maybe not in dodging traps lol

Easily gets a casual 25 kill win

So good with his monster 20 kill wins and amazing clutches, I have 0 wins so I am in AWE of his Godlike skills #1 Ninja

Best fortnite player in the world

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2 Dakotaz

Dakotaz, In my opinion is the best fortnite player of all time with his fast reflexes and awesome aim/snipes, he could take out anyone who gets in his way... He wont stop until he wins... "THEY TALK ABOUT MY SNIPES"!

Best snipes in the game

Dakotaz is one of the all around best players. He blows heads off with his snipe shots. And to be quite honest, "THEY TALK ABOUT HIS SNIPES"

Snipes all day

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3 TheMyth

Building genius and excellent at shotgun play. Imagine he played seriously.

He should be number 1 or at least number 2

He is the bob the builder of fortnite and has a great shot. But the he sometimes makes dumb beginner mistakes

He should be #2

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4 Gingerpop

True opinion

He made it out

GOD Builder


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5 Daequan

Best videos I have ever seen, he makes them very fun with his great sense of humor, and his aggressive play style.

Crafty builder, quick play maker.

Obviously the best he got technically 40 kills that is number 1 in my books

A god with shotguns

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6 Avxry

He should be after ninja

He is the man the myth the legend

Way better than ginger pop

Second place he’s really really good

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7 AlexRamiGaming

He is the best player in winning games, he does get win streaks of 10 many times.

He has a good shot and very smart when he plays!

Awesome live streams and has godlike skills on console

most wins

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8 summit1g

Very good and is always positive

Casual Killer



9 Ali-A

Not the best but still a great player

I think he is the best gamer not only because of how good he plays but also because he try to teach his viewers some skills and ways to kill

By far one of the best fortnite players! He makes his decisions carefully and he might not always show his fails on video but still really good at the game.

He is so good

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10 Muslek

His real name is Mason and lives in California

He's a good player but he is bad

He is over powered with all guns in Fortnite

His name is Muselk/Elliot ali sucks

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The Newcomers

? Ambrew

Search him up - StrikeOfLight


? Pack A Puncher

Should be 5th god sniper streams a lot and he loves the rpg and scar and bolt action sniper rifle

Can outbuild anyone
God sniper
Amazing at Scar and RPG - Shady_101

The Contenders

11 Svennoss

How can this guy not be in the top? He has the best stats in the world by far

I think that he should be 2 and his streams ar awesome and are geest

The best in the world

How are you on 12 place!?

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12 Vikkstar123

Very talented

Yo vikk is a legend. Sure he's not the best buyback he shouldn't at least be #10

Vikk is a killing machine, he wipes out squads by himself easy.

Vikk is a great player!

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13 Nick Eh 30

I posted this guy because he is great and pretty funny, he was at 50 when I posted him

His building skills and reflexes is amazing. Can take out squads easily by out building them.

He should be number 1 hands down his reflexes are god like

Has the best strema

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14 Typical Gamer Typical Gamer

Best fortnite player

He is beast at fortnite put him at 4!

Good with a duo partner

Best Builder and fire asf at fortnite!

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15 AP2NT

How is Ali A higher?

I was honoured to be killed by him

Best player by a long shot

Lmao typical gamer passed him?

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16 RiceGum RiceGum

Fake youtube videos

Every time he does the one kill one strip he gets 23 kills

Underrated at Fortnite

I saw his gameplay and he won even when he was not serious.

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17 CDNThe3rd

So apparently Ali A is better than CDNThe3rd

Best no scopes in the game

He's just one of the best

Top 10 no question

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18 Muselk

The best Australian player by far

My favorite fortnite player

Good player at Fortnite

He's so creative with strats!

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19 Sypherpk

SypherPK is a overall tactical player and is good mentally in games. He takes advantage of editing buildings and consistently gets at least 10 kills.

He is an amazing player, with his quick building and tactical play style. He is practically unbeatable

Should be in top 15

I think he's as good as ninja if not better. Presently, he has more kills than Niinja. Love his playstyle

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20 H2O Delirious

I like you because you are funny

He Understandably the best player at fortnite

Best on controller


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21 Iamwildcat

Man carry's he's team almost every single game and makes he videos enjoyable to watch

Plays as though he is Ninja's apprentice!

Gets wins almost all the matches he plays

Iamwildcat is a really good player, although Immarksman should be on this list I've watched him carry wildcat many times

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22 DanTDM DanTDM

Dan is better at fortnite than me

Sucks! (at fortnite)

He's my favourite fortnite player

Pretty good but not the best

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23 High Distortion

This is kinda dumb

Insane player. Og

Solo vs squads legend
Best player in the game by far

24 Ettnix

He has over 2200 wins

most wins

25 Noahsnoah

Amazing but doesn't get enough credit. Funny too

Meme boy

26 G18

Doesn't get enough recognition. Not a top 10 player as of right now, but well on his way to be one.


He's the G

27 RhinoCrunch

He made it out

28 Zaitr0s

He is best in the world


29 VanossGaming VanossGaming

Usually plays with H20 really good

Terrible player


30 NoahJ456

An actual god at sniping

He is a god with a shotgun and he is ridiculously good with a scar.

31 Valkrae

Best Fortnite Girl

Carried THE Tsm_Myth


32 Drock507

Friends with him on PS4 he i9s a great player when it comes to shotguns and building

33 LazarBeam

Real good



34 Dr DisRespect

He will disrespect you

35 Mxke Productions

God of fortnite

36 Ttv_mbaty
37 Xx0crossroads0xx

The sauce drips immensely

38 Nickmercs

Best console player

39 AlmightySneaky

Best console player in the world

Should be in the top 10 better than Avrxy.

Best player


40 burp354

Got a 89 kill win in solo

41 Iiswifzz


A god at sniping
killed ali a multiple times
20 to 26 kills a game
should be top ten

42 FoldedCandle945

Fast building in consoles and wins most of his games with an average of 13 kills a game

Fast builders = good and powerful players

43 LeMIGHTYSausag3

An actual god

44 Tymiffy6

2nd best console player

45 foamyelephant92

In my opinion he is twice the player as ninja even when he is on a console.

He is best at sniping

46 Diamond Mamba

He and his brother is good.

47 Marcus Jones
48 Altdreman05

Easily the best console player

49 Jakestar249
50 Vegemite_god
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