Top 10 Best Fortnite Battle Royale Players


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1 Ninja Ninja

He is all round a great player but has been screwed by traps before so maybe not in dodging traps lol

Easily gets a casual 25 kill win

So good with his monster 20 kill wins and amazing clutches, I have 0 wins so I am in AWE of his Godlike skills #1 Ninja

STreAM sNIpInG - TuxIsAPerson

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2 FaZe TFue

Voting without bias to your favorite Twitch streamer, this guy is easily the best player in the game. While his peeking strategy may be controversial to some, he has simply optimized the way he plays the game, wins every single fight even when he is being overwhelmed 4+ to 1.

I watched Ninja and Myth plenty and thought to myself these guys have to be the #1 and # 2, then I started hearing this Tfue name so I checked it out within 5 Minutes I knew this guy was better than everyones so called "greatest" believe me I love Ninja and Myth but this dude is just plain better. I guess all I can say is sit back and watch.

He shares wall hacks and new glitches. People might think he is a hacker but I don't because he FINDS these glitches in the game and when I try them out, they work and I'm not a hacker! He is also a god at peeking and shooting. His accuracy is over 90% every shot he takes! He is an all round great player and that's why he is #1!

He kills Ninja a lot, unless he takes fall damage...

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3 TheMyth

Building genius and excellent at shotgun play. Imagine he played seriously.

He should be number 1 or at least number 2

Myth is a very funny casual nice streamer. Known by most as the fastest builder in the game. He very rarely loses build battles as he can build at the speed of light and as we all know, Fortnite is not a combat focused game, it is a game based on outbuilding the opponent and if you can do that you will probably win the fight.

He is funny and amazing at building

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4 Daequan

Best videos I have ever seen, he makes them very fun with his great sense of humor, and his aggressive play style.

Super entertaining, a true twitch streamer in my opinion. He is what I like to call "the shotgun god" going quad heavy shotgun and destroying players, Daequan is outstanding. The only thing I can think of, is that he has died loads of times In 1 v 1 situation simply because he got too cocky. - LufBulThinks

Obviously the best he got technically 40 kills that is number 1 in my books

your trash

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5 Dakotaz

Dakotaz, In my opinion is the best fortnite player of all time with his fast reflexes and awesome aim/snipes, he could take out anyone who gets in his way... He wont stop until he wins... "THEY TALK ABOUT MY SNIPES"!

Best snipes in the game

Dakotaz is one of the all around best players. He blows heads off with his snipe shots. And to be quite honest, "THEY TALK ABOUT HIS SNIPES"


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6 Nick Eh 30

I posted this guy because he is great and pretty funny, he was at 50 when I posted him

His building skills and reflexes is amazing. Can take out squads easily by out building them.

He should be number 1 hands down his reflexes are god like

The best

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7 H2O Delirious

I like you because you are funny

He killed ninja and then made a video with him

He is very enthusiastic about the way he plays and he always seems to predict what the enemy is going to do because everyone usually plays the same believe it or not.

I like to say ninja is not the best FORNITE player since he did get killed by a lot of people and YouTubers

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8 Ceeday

The boom of Fortnite

Ceeday is great. - B1ueNew

The funniest Fortnite player

Can have 1 gun and still win the game.

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9 iDanstarr

Excellent player love watching all his videos yeah definitely an underrated player

Get him off this list

What? He did not won for a once


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10 Svennoss

How can this guy not be in the top? He has the best stats in the world by far

Svennoss is the best fortnight player I have ever seen so vote for him

He is the best fortnite play he can play game with out loosing much health

He knows how to win. that's the point of playing a battle royal right?

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The Newcomers

? cake568jaded
? Ghost Aydan

Ghost Aydan is 100% the best console player ever played so I think he is better

Ghost aydan as 15th

He is one of the best buiders in the game!

He is so good at building for being on ps4 I know how it is like to build on ps4 because I have a ps4 and I am not good at building

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11 Maximilianmus

Maybe not the best player but one of the funniest and most entertaining - B1ueNew

He is the best and funny

The best clearly

I now him

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12 Lachlan

Lachlan Is not the best builder in the world, but his aim for sure makes up for it. His sniping can go either way, but his shotgun and AR shoting is almost always on point. He is a good team player in making sure every teamate has a good amount of health as well. Although he often slacks when building, in tuff situations he can triple wall ramp and all that stuff. I find myself slacking and not triple walling because I'm in a hurry to kill the person too. Lachlan doesn't go tryhard and all that stuff but he rather is chill and doesn't work too hard but can still get a dub. Notice how a lot of try hards don't really comment much on their videos or streams, but Lachlan does fairly often. He is more relaxed and isn't in a huge rush to win. He aims for kills a lot and has good plans going into games. All around Lachlan should be number 6 or at least at 8 like now just because of the skill he has.

Not the most amazing player ever but still quite good. Very talented casual player!

In my opinion lachlan is really good at fortnite super good at playing he just doesn't act like a try hard and still does really good and I don't really like try hard pLaYers.

He's the best!

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13 FaZe Cloakzy

I voted not because he is the best but because I want him to be higher than Ali--A I mean seriously this list DO DO!

Noo he's better than a ton of those people this is wack

Captain of the FaZe fortnite team - SprockySpriket

You are the best fortnite player

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14 Noahsnoah

Amazing but doesn't get enough credit. Funny too

Best player ever

Best of the best of the best of the best

Funny and Use support a Creator ‘NoahsNoah’

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15 Ali-A

Not the best but still a great player

I think he is the best gamer not only because of how good he plays but also because he try to teach his viewers some skills and ways to kill

By far one of the best fortnite players! He makes his decisions carefully and he might not always show his fails on video but still really good at the game.

He makes almost everything easy and entertaining in Fortnite

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16 Muselk

My favorite fortnite player

The best Australian player by far

He should be at least top 5

He is funny and is a great teammate

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17 JackSepticeye JackSepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

The one and only jack

Love his videos

Humour exelonte

Does he even play fortnite? oh well! he is a good person anyway!

18 CDNThe3rd

So apparently Ali A is better than CDNThe3rd

He is better than Ali a trash

He is great at building and he pushes really hard and he make's fortnite easy

Double G Double Peace.
CDNThe3rd for the win! - TriggerTrashKid

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19 Muslek

His real name is Mason and lives in California

He's a good player but he is bad

He is over powered with all guns in Fortnite

He's already here - DarkBoi-X

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20 Cleggy

You should get a billion subscribers

He is underrated and funny, this guy should have 1m subscribers - B1ueNew

21 AlexRamiGaming

He is the best player in winning games, he does get win streaks of 10 many times.

Every time I see a snip of his live stream he is always wining, doesn't he have the most solo wins?

He has a good shot and very smart when he plays!

Is gay

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22 LazarBeam

Greatest Fortnite player ever. Easily gets 25.

LazarBeam is the best simply because he is the funniest and most entertaining. Watching LazarBeam die repeatedly is better than watching Ninja win but just silently watch his screen

Bloody legend

Use code lazarbeam

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23 Pokimane

It's cool how a girl is playing, and is really good because most people would be like "Fortnite is a guy game" but those people are just sexist and just get mad being beat by a girl who is better than them at what they do.
-Coming from a boy

Better than Ali A!

He is the best girl player

She is funny, loud, hot, and better at fortnite than I could ever be

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24 High Distortion

Super underrated because he doesn't talk too much or have a cam. The best one against squads.

No doubt the best player in the game.

This is kinda dumb

HD is one of the best and should at least be in front of Dakataz and behind Daequan

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25 VanossGaming VanossGaming

Terrible player

But has some amazing content that make us laugh for like 2 minutes straight. - AnLSUQB

Usually plays with H20 really good

Awesome content
He trying very hard to step up his game

He has 2nd most wins

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26 Gingerpop

Its me I'm Gingerpop I can't believe this I'm top 4!

True opinion

Insane player. Easily the best fortnite player I have seen.

You are not gingerpop

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27 Fe4RLess

Hess so funny and better than ninja and everyone out there he makes me laugh but ninja doesn't.

He is so funny and gets amazing Snipes

He is the best

Makes the best videosss

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28 Sypherpk

Has a great aggressive play style and is the most underrated Fortnite streamer. In my opinion, he is should easily be in the top five and even a contender for number one. From what I have seen his building and editing skills are unmatched.

An amazing builder and editor, very educational and helpful to new players. While he plays he will commentate on everything going on to teach his viewers how to get better. Amazing guy, definitely deserves to be higher than Ali-A

SypherPK is a overall tactical player and is good mentally in games. He takes advantage of editing buildings and consistently gets at least 10 kills.

Great edits, crazy good

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29 Typical Gamer

Best fortnite player

One of the greatest players I've ever seen and has those clutch plays

Really good fortnite player he deserves to be at number 4.

He is killer

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30 Avxry

He should be after ninja

Should be second way better than ninja

He is way better at sniping and building than Ninja.

Has my name Avery so

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31 DanTDM DanTDM

Sucks! (at fortnite)

Dan is better at fortnite than me

Pretty good but not the best

He sucks at life

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32 summit1g

Very good and is always positive

Casual Killer

Summit is at least top 6

he's A GOD

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33 Vikkstar123

Shows his losses too, goes through teams with ease

Plays fortnite for fun, yet competes alongside pros and great players and holds his own. Extremely humble guy as well.

Amazing player

Best player killed Ninja twice!

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34 RNG mrfreshasian

Easily the best Fortnite player in Oceania. Watching him destroy is really fun to watch and he has an amazing win rate! Top player

Plays with laser beam so he is obviously good and he has a better win percent then ninja

Better than Ninja by far. Amazing to see him shred players in Oceanic servers.

Fresh is the best in the world

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35 Dr DisRespect

He will disrespect you

Dr Disrespect My Wife - pos_van

Why u disrespect


36 RiceGum RiceGum

Fake youtube videos

Every time he does the one kill one strip he gets 23 kills

Underrated at Fortnite

The only reason he's on here is becuase of samuray

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37 Kawhi Leonard Kawhi Leonard Kawhi Anthony Leonard is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association. He has played for the San Antonio Spurs and the Raptors.

Absolute unit at Fortnite, it's the main reason he has not played this season.

The lebron of fortnite

He wins every time

Simply the best

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38 Iamwildcat

An amazing player who does well in every game. Always has brilliant ideas of attacking his opponents. Makes great content and definitely deserves to be top 10.

I don't understand why Delirious is ahead of him. Wildcat carries him. He can keep up with guys like Ninja and his content is amazing

Man carry's he's team almost every single game and makes he videos enjoyable to watch

He is honestly the most underrated player in my opinion he should be like top 15 at least he does not get enough credit

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39 AP2NT

How is Ali A higher?

Definitely not as good as Ninja but he should be higher then rice gum who fakes his videos.

I was honoured to be killed by him


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40 Nickmercs

Understands the game on a different level, and has the best shotgun in the Fortnite. No argument. Kinda sucks at building though.

Best console player

Unbelievable shotgun

He should be in top 5

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41 SSSniperwolf SSSniperwolf


Sexy and hot suck at fortnite that is true

Suck at fortnite

Amazing YTER but not the best for this list

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42 Ettnix

He is a swede like me and have you seen his no scopes. Ettnix should at least with out a doubt at least be in the Top 3

He has now over 2500 wins, which is the most in the whole world. Check him out, he is insane.

He has over 2200 wins

He has number 3 in the world when it comes to wins and has higher win %, k/d and kills per game than ninja. How is he not Top 3?

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43 NoahJ456

An actual god at sniping

He is a god with a shotgun and he is ridiculously good with a scar.

Noah is a GOD, very underrated and also... I Subscribed lol

Smart player

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44 Ambrew

He does 2,3,4 hour videos on fortnite he is the best at fortnite he works really hard and concentrates on fortnite in my books ambrew you are number 1 asunder is no 2.Keep working hard AMBREW!

Search him up - StrikeOfLight


the best

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45 Diamond Mamba

He and his brother is good.


I do not know who you are but I am voting for you

I wish u could teach me your skills.


same here

47 G18

Doesn't get enough recognition. Not a top 10 player as of right now, but well on his way to be one.

Don't sleep on the dong

He's the G


48 Valkrae

Shes funny and gets dubs

Best Fortnite Girl

Carried THE Tsm_Myth

She's good

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49 Iiswifzz


Top 10

A god at sniping
killed ali a multiple times
20 to 26 kills a game
should be top ten

50 Pack A Puncher

Should be 5th god sniper streams a lot and he loves the rpg and scar and bolt action sniper rifle

He is the best console fortnite player, builer and sniper

He is a beast

Can outbuild anyone
God sniper
Amazing at Scar and RPG - Shady_101

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