Top 10 Best Fortnite Battle Royale Players

The Top Ten Best Fortnite Battle Royale Players

1 Ninja

He is all round a great player but has been screwed by traps before so maybe not in dodging traps lol

Easily gets a casual 25 kill win

So good with his monster 20 kill wins and amazing clutches, I have 0 wins so I am in AWE of his Godlike skills #1 Ninja

Excellent accuracy, but not the best player - BluePhoeniX_0

2 FaZe TFue

Voting without bias to your favorite Twitch streamer, this guy is easily the best player in the game. While his peeking strategy may be controversial to some, he has simply optimized the way he plays the game, wins every single fight even when he is being overwhelmed 4+ to 1.

I watched Ninja and Myth plenty and thought to myself these guys have to be the #1 and # 2, then I started hearing this Tfue name so I checked it out within 5 Minutes I knew this guy was better than everyones so called "greatest" believe me I love Ninja and Myth but this dude is just plain better. I guess all I can say is sit back and watch.

He shares wall hacks and new glitches. People might think he is a hacker but I don't because he FINDS these glitches in the game and when I try them out, they work and I'm not a hacker! He is also a god at peeking and shooting. His accuracy is over 90% every shot he takes! He is an all round great player and that's why he is #1!

He has the best aim of the many fortnite players and is the best builder in the game

3 Daequan

Favorite streamer very funny and the best builder, in my opinion.

My favorite streamer the best with shotguns the funniest guy on earth

Best videos I have ever seen, he makes them very fun with his great sense of humor, and his aggressive play style.

Best and overall very amazing in fortnite. Just a few words I wanna say " COME HERE BOY"

4 Nick Eh 30

One of the greatest player & such a positive person. Can turn a bad day into a great one just by watching his stream. Very inspirational too see such positivity.

Nick is the best streamer I know and he plays with a lot of cool and family friendly people

Family friendly and just very amazing at the game and he has someone he wants to get dubs with vols_fan_7

He's all round an amazing person and is very family friendly unlike Ninja

5 TheMyth

Building genius and excellent at shotgun play. Imagine he played seriously.

I like myth he very good and use no hacks, I don't hack but he still beats me, he is very good. I like how he uses the scar it is very funny lol

He should be number 1 or at least number 2

Myth is a very funny casual nice streamer. Known by most as the fastest builder in the game. He very rarely loses build battles as he can build at the speed of light and as we all know, Fortnite is not a combat focused game, it is a game based on outbuilding the opponent and if you can do that you will probably win the fight.

6 Dakotaz

Dakotaz, In my opinion is the best fortnite player of all time with his fast reflexes and awesome aim/snipes, he could take out anyone who gets in his way... He wont stop until he wins... "THEY TALK ABOUT MY SNIPES"!

He is bad and does not get a lot of views and has horrible content

Dokataz in dakotaz is the best in my opinion because he hits his my he's best at sniping and he inspired me to snipe

Best snipes in the game

7 Ceeday

I think he is the best because he always hits his snipes and always gets wins in his videos

I think ceeday is the best player because no one else does memes in fortnite but him

He's my brother in real life

He's obvouisly not scared of any fortnite player if he was willing to take on tfue so its obvouis that he's not scared and has balls making him a good player.

8 H2O Delirious

H2O Delirious is way better than ninja and by the way he from killed ninja and don't just say if ninja just started building he would have won but H2O Delirious just because he's so controller player doesn't mean he couldn't kill ninja even if they had a build battle H2O Delirious for definitely win

To good defeated ninja before he should be the second best watch the video tfue then delirious

He is a god. His videos are the best. He even got ninja to play with him. I love all his fortnite videos, especially the funny ones, which are pretty much all of them.

I like you because you are funny

9 Maximilianmus

He is not even good at why would he be here? The only things he is good at is making trash songs.

He is trash he be placed rank 100 on the worst players in the world

The fact that he is on here proves how rubbish this list is LOLOLOLOLOL NINJA #1 HAHAAHAH

Maybe not the best player but one of the funniest and most entertaining - B1ueNew

10 FaZe Cloakzy

He is and aggressive player that knows what he is doing so I vote for him

2nd Best, if not THE BEST FaZe Player. Cloak is up there with Tfue as far as I am concerned. And, when he plays Duos with Tfue, this guy is deadly!

He carried tfue on fall skirmish best at No scoping smart player

He is the best player in fortnite. He can catch all players ninja too in one trap

The Contenders

11 Noahsnoah

Noahsnoah has courage strength and he isn’t afraid to take risks he is funny and a good comedian but also very good at focusing and his videos are pure and amazing

He is a amazing player good at memes to. I love his videos and I love the way he plays the game

He should be number 1 GODLY with shotguns ceedays trash by the way

Amazing but doesn't get enough credit. Funny too

12 Lachlan

Lachlan Is not the best builder in the world, but his aim for sure makes up for it. His sniping can go either way, but his shotgun and AR shoting is almost always on point. He is a good team player in making sure every teamate has a good amount of health as well. Although he often slacks when building, in tuff situations he can triple wall ramp and all that stuff. I find myself slacking and not triple walling because I'm in a hurry to kill the person too. Lachlan doesn't go tryhard and all that stuff but he rather is chill and doesn't work too hard but can still get a dub. Notice how a lot of try hards don't really comment much on their videos or streams, but Lachlan does fairly often. He is more relaxed and isn't in a huge rush to win. He aims for kills a lot and has good plans going into games. All around Lachlan should be number 6 or at least at 8 like now just because of the skill he has.

He is amazing content creator also although he did not qualify for worlds he is still a magneficent player strategic builds great timing and good aim but fresh should still be higher but lachydachy is still amazing

I don't know Lachy is a great content creator and he can build and aim like there is no tomorrow so in my opinion he should be in at least top five

Lachlan is awesome and cool and Faze Jarvis is better than him and mrfreshaisian is better than him because both of them have average kills is twenty five Elias

13 Muselk

His real name is Mason and lives in California

Museum I watch all his vids he is no dought one of the best fortnite players of all time but he has trouble with sweaty players like ( MrFreshAsian) can I get a shoutout please

He's a memer that straight away makes him better than anyone else on this list plus he's australian who doesn't love the craziness of this guy

He is not toxic like mr fresh asian and he carries many people to victory royale

14 JackSepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

I absolutely love jacks videos I have been there from the start

Epic Big Brain Gamer, Better at Minecraft though. He rarely plays Fortnite anymore so, yeah. Go Gaelic Gladiator!

He is entertaining the best player and is smart and made a nice snipe on his first win. Unlike others that have won by either pushing or AR people in the face

I love his channel and I hope he makes more he makes more fortnite videos and he is the funniest youtuber ever and he is the light of my day.

15 LazarBeam

LazarBeam is better than any other Fortnite player because he is a bloody legend. Even though he isn't as good at playing as Ninja and Ali-A, he is hilarious and he can entertain anyone. Check him out on youtube and use code Lazar in the item shop. Again, he is the true bloody legend.

Bro we can't be friends if you don't like Lazar Beam, lazar beam is funniest person I no on youtube he is got to be number 1

blood legend at fortnite he killed a 100 players in one round'

He actually beat ninja I would give a link to the video but I'm dumb so no

16 Cleggy

You should get a billion subscribers

He is underrated and funny, this guy should have 1m subscribers - B1ueNew

Ali a

17 Ali-A Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

Not the best but still a great player

I love watching AliA videos, he is so much fun and very good at fortnite, one of my dreams is to play with him someday!

I think he is the best gamer not only because of how good he plays but also because he try to teach his viewers some skills and ways to kill

Ali a is a all round great player. From the first day to present and hopefully future

18 RNG mrfreshasian

I think is better than half these people so because I'm an aussie he should be eazy top 10

Fresh is definitely the best his building is amazing so is his editing and aim.

This guy is the real beast! Look at how he carries literally every australian player mentioned above. And if he was to 1v1 the so called best player""Tfue", I would place my bets on fresh7-3 tfue in rounds of 10

Best player ever and has one of the best win rates in the game. He is also incredibly talented. I'd put him as the best player in the world.

19 Fe4RLess

He is the fortnite player that makes me not be depressed and make me feel happy!

You're the best better than any xbox player who doesn't like you your awesome

He is awesome sniper he is good at building and he is a great player if you are reading this, fe4rless is a great fortnite player

As I was watching Videos on FB I came across one of his videos and I instantly loved how funny he is. I think I have watched his videos over a dozen times just to laugh. I think he is the best Fortnite player and agree he should be in the top 10.

20 Pokimane

Nice gameplay and a very beautiful girl,
hope I get a chance to play with her

It's cool how a girl is playing, and is really good because most people would be like "Fortnite is a guy game" but those people are just sexist and just get mad being beat by a girl who is better than them at what they do.
-Coming from a boy

She's hot asf and I wish I could play 1 game with her but I'm not good enough at fortnite to play 1 game with her and she's really good at the game!

She is good and plays with Cizzors sometimes but I would like to play with a streamer sometime in my life. I have been playing Fortnite for more than 2 months and have no wins. I don't like how I don't get wins easy like every else. But my Fortnite Username is jodojordancovent

21 CDNThe3rd

So apparently Ali A is better than CDNThe3rd

He is great at building and he pushes really hard and he make's fortnite easy

He is better than Ali a trash

[+] he is the best fortnite player in the milky way + he was 100% going to win fortnite world cup if he participated

22 High Distortion

Can solo squad like a god and has a tendency to get a ridiculous amount of kills. HD was the first player to reach 100,000 kills. I can't fathom how he is so low.

Super underrated because he doesn't talk too much or have a cam. The best one against squads.

No doubt the best player in the game.

High distortion is one of the most under rated players. He should be in the top ten. He was the first player to 100000 kills, that should mean something

23 VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator with 24 million subscribers. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube.

If he's a friend of jelly he's good by me but he used to be the 2nd best fortniter ever

Terrible player

But has some amazing content that make us laugh for like 2 minutes straight. - AnLSUQB

Usually plays with H20 really good

Awesome content
He trying very hard to step up his game

24 Gingerpop

Its me I'm Gingerpop I can't believe this I'm top 4!

True opinion

Insane player. Easily the best fortnite player I have seen.

You are not gingerpop

25 Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer started in Season 1 and was a Noob but no is a a pro so he has come a long way so he is Number 1 No Cap

He is such a cool player he is funny and he streams for a long time

I love watching him and I get skills off of him and he is the best

I say typical gamer cause he can edit and build awesomely nice

26 Avxry

He can beat almost all the players you listed ahead of him its just he doesn't really care or want to

He should be after ninja

Should be second way better than ninja

He is way better at sniping and building than Ninja.

27 AlexRamiGaming

He is the best player in winning games, he does get win streaks of 10 many times.

Every time I see a snip of his live stream he is always wining, doesn't he have the most solo wins?

He has a good shot and very smart when he plays!

He camps the whole game and doesn't show actual skill

28 DanTDM

I am dan fan because of Minecraft no offense fortnite players

He's a really good Fortnite player and deserves a lot of respect

Sucks! (at fortnite)

You guys have low expectations even I'm better than him and I play on Switch - fwed

29 Svennoss

Definitely the best player but he don't give a... about fortnite

He is a very experienced fortnite player in my opinion. While he may not top the others on this list, he is definitely really good and he deserves to make this list.

How can this guy not be in the top? He has the best stats in the world by far

Svennoss is the best fortnight player I have ever seen so vote for him

30 summit1g

Very good and is always positive

Casual Killer

Summit is at least top 6

he's A GOD

31 Sypherpk

He's so good at the game, not only do the top Pro's get their heart racing and knees knocking knowing they up against Sypherpk but even the Black Hole is scared of him! Seriously the most cool calm collected and even though the tops, he is never a bad loser in a game.

Bro he has taught me so munch easily the best fortunate player

He's the best.Great for educational videos plus he is the trapking.

Has a great aggressive play style and is the most underrated Fortnite streamer. In my opinion, he is should easily be in the top five and even a contender for number one. From what I have seen his building and editing skills are unmatched.

32 Vikkstar123

He's the best fortnite player. he is determined to get victory royales every game#

Shows his losses too, goes through teams with ease

Plays fortnite for fun, yet competes alongside pros and great players and holds his own. Extremely humble guy as well.

Amazing player

33 Kawhi Leonard Kawhi Anthony Leonard is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. He has played for the San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors, and the Clippers.

Kawhi win a championship with the clippers you're the best I am your biggest fan I study you every day

Absolute unit at Fortnite, it's the main reason he has not played this season.

The lebron of fortnite

He wins every time

34 RiceGum Bryan Le, known by his online pseudonym RiceGum, is an American YouTube personality and musician. As of May 2018, his main YouTube channel, RiceGum, has 10.4 million subscribers, with an additional 1.5 million subscribers on his second channel, RiceGumExtra.

Fake youtube videos

Every time he does the one kill one strip he gets 23 kills

Underrated at Fortnite

Sick at the game

35 Ghost Aydan

Bro you're the best player that I ever met I play ps4 can we please play duos

Aydan gets lots of kills really good in scrims as well as normal games

Ghost Aydan is 100% the best console player ever played so I think he is better

Too Underrated.People think that most Pros are PC player but that's not true. Ghost Aydan and Nickmercs is an example. The edits,the aim, the builds heck Console players have more potential than PC players.

Coming from a Xbox player

36 SSSniperwolf SSSniperWolf is an American Youtuber. She makes reaction videos, unboxing videos, Q&A videos, and Fortnite videos.

U are sexy give me u number so we can have sex

Imagine if she read these comments LOL! - Unnamed Google User Remade


You are sexy lets have sex in bed, wear something sexy

37 SSundee

I love you so funny and if you watch his videos, FOOT that like, subscribe and bell!

Ssundee has always been a well rounded player. He is very good at sniping and shoulda been at pro am. His strategies are unique and genius. The only thing is he plays 2 much creative...

He almost wins every video he does because he is good at fortnite and in his videos it is hard to kill him.

I watched his videos on YouTube he does really good at sniping killing other people the best spot to land on

38 TBNRfrags

you're the best ever youtuber ever to play fortnight so keep up the good work

You are the best and I love you’re videos. And I have subed too you so has my brother.

My favourite he should be #1 he is better than ninja he is best

I love your YouTube Chanel a am 8

39 Iamwildcat

I love him he is funny and really good fortnite player and should be at top 10.

He is the best and I've seen him destroy ninja and he killed faze sway with a snipe from 213 meters

Hands down one of the best players who deserves to be on top. This man is just a beast on fortnite who plays the game without a sweat. His content allows the viewer to see entertaining content rather than just sweaty games, which makes his content unique.

He should be in first not ninja wildcat should be known as the best fortnite player ever

40 Nickmercs

Great entertainer and is legit 100 with the community and his plays are gang gang

This is unfair becaz he is famous twitch streamer and a member of the 100 thieves accosiation, but the only thing that bothers me is that he talks rubbish and uses alpt of foul language

Understands the game on a different level, and has the best shotgun in the Fortnite. No argument. Kinda sucks at building though.

He should absolutely number 1 he has killed ninja and won many tourneys

41 iDanstarr

Excellent player love watching all his videos yeah definitely an underrated player

Get him off this list

What? He did not won for a once

Didn't won for a once

42 AP2NT

How is Ali A higher?

Definitely not as good as Ninja but he should be higher then rice gum who fakes his videos.

I was honoured to be killed by him

Definitely not the best Fortnite player but should be higher then 16

43 Faze H1ghsk1

Hi I am a big fan can you play fortnite with me my account is Bmxgirl258

Because me and Highsky are basically the same because we like the same skin and we love the flintlock so please

I think he is like top 5 best faze member

Bro he's an amazing player! By far the best at his age!

44 Noobmaster69

He got to talk to thor

Thor will whoop you

He is the best

I don't even know who this is! lol

45 Ambrew

He does 2,3,4 hour videos on fortnite he is the best at fortnite he works really hard and concentrates on fortnite in my books ambrew you are number 1 asunder is no 2.Keep working hard AMBREW!

I love sounded and him

Search him up - StrikeOfLight

Why is Ssundee not on this list but him, is good too.

46 Diamond Mamba

He and his brother is good.


47 Dr DisRespect

He will disrespect you

Dr Disrespect My Wife - pos_van

Why u disrespect

Incorrect placement

48 G18

Doesn't get enough recognition. Not a top 10 player as of right now, but well on his way to be one.

Don't sleep on the dong

He's the G


49 Pack A Puncher

He is a great fortnite player but now he’s not cause of the damn blackout we need to sue epic games people have spent to much money for it to shut down

Should be 5th god sniper streams a lot and he loves the rpg and scar and bolt action sniper rifle

I think he is pretty good one of the best in my opinion

He is the best console fortnite player, builer and sniper

50 LosPollosTV

He is really good at sucking and raging and blaming it on other people.

He's not too bad - B1ueNew


So the beatest

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