Most Frustrating Assignments in School

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1 Essays

"I hate essays so damn much"

You are not alone.

I hate essays so damn much

The way to make an essay easy is to have a topic and an argument. And with that argument, support it with what you believe, and take account of the opposite side of the argument too. Essays are frustrating, but in a way, if you write forum posts online, they may not be so bad if you are good at arguments. - NuMetalManiak

How about those essays that have to be several pages long? Ugh.

2 Presentations

I don't know exactly why but even though I'm too shy to talk to most people, I can easily nail down any presentation I do even though it's on a subject I'm not fond about. - Kwaysar

I'm a extremely shy person so I tend to have a hard time being loud. - Arcxia

Trust me, when you do a presentation on something you know and love, it will be a piece of cake. - SwagFlicks

Yet if your assigned something your not very familiar, and tend to get tense in your spine then the tension begins to build in the moment of panic. - htoutlaws2012

I hate these because I hate getting up in front of people.

3 Projects
4 Read a Whole Book In a Week

If you have a gaming addiction, you're done. - Kwaysar

Easty, I read 300 pgs in a day, 3 times 7 is 21. 2,100 pages in a week. even 100 pages a day is 700 pages, a book that long can't be for high school, even 50 pages a day, 5 times 7, 350 pages, or 400, if you add an extra 50 one day.

5 Science Fair

A type of project that makes kids use common household objects in ways no one will ever use in real life. I never liked these at all. - NuMetalManiak

6 Stoichiometry

The most frustrating part of chemistry, involving lots of higher-end math. - NuMetalManiak

I actually really like stoichiometry.

Having to do with higher chemistry. - htoutlaws2012

7 AP Euro notes
8 Pop Quiz

I'd rather take a quiz I study for than a sudden pop quiz. - Kwaysar

We didn’t even study yet! ”

9 Probability

I'm not really sure how to describe how difficult probability is for me, but put simply, it's easier said than done... At least for me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It is the most easy subject in mathematics - Ananya

Well there are those who may not understand it completely. I'm not alone either. - htoutlaws2012

Statistics is even harder...1/2 of my class struggled in this class, including me. It was a college-level class.

10 Homework

Especially when the teacher assigns stuff that we haven't learned in class yet

The Contenders

11 SQ3Rs
12 Analyzing Literature
13 Statistics
14 Critical Thinking
15 Choosing a Topic
16 Public Speaking
17 Short Answer
18 Analyzing poems
19 AP Calculus
20 Trigonometry
21 Chemistry
22 Addiction studies

I took this class thinking that it would be easy but NO! I had to memorize a bunch of chemistry terms that I don't even understand!

23 Typing without looking at the keyboard

I tried that and I ended up typing "dahsknckchsdkacjad"

24 World mythology

Greek mythology is the easiest.

25 British literature
26 Sociology
27 History
28 Coding/programming
29 Web design

The basic one is easy. The mobile one is BLOODY HARD AS HELL

30 Mobile Web Development

I am legit failing this class right now :(

31 PEE Paragraphs

Or worse, PEEZO. - Muffet13

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