Top 10 Funniest Video Game Glitches

The Top Ten Funniest Video Game Glitches

1 Heavy rain - SHAUN
2 Red Dead Redemption - Manimals
3 Sims 3 Demon Babies and Pets

PBG did a video where this was featured, and I practically died laughing! It's hilarious!

4 FIFA Faces
5 Call of Duty Talking Corpses
6 Sherlock Holmes Creepy Watson

Slender... Sherlock Holmes edition - aarond09

7 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mannequins

The fact that your Mannequin can move on its own is very creepy... - Tony-Anodrac7

8 Luigi's Mansion - Luigi's Shadow Hangs Himself
9 Grand Theft Auto Ghost Cars
10 Super Smash Bros Move Set Mixups

The Newcomers

? Infinite Reverse Acceleration - Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

The Contenders

11 Red Dead Redemption Mannemals

Donkey woman is so funny

12 FIFA Love Glitch

Once when I was playing I saw 2 guys humping

13 Rocky Face Glitch

Damn the glitch gremlin - Tgamez

Can the glitch gremlin - Tgamez

14 Goldeneye 007 Lets Get Down

I could not stop laughing

The name of the glitch is GEDDAN. And yes this glitch is funny but if you do it too much longer it can broke your game!

15 Level 100 Duck Hunt
16 Stuck In the Wall (Gamegrumps What Is This?!) Sonic 06/sonic Next Gen
17 Penguin Yay 1/Penguin Yay 2 - Crash Team Racing
18 Fallout 3 Floating Heads
19 Donkey Kong Humps a Grey Version of Himself
20 Cancan Xenomorph - Aliens: Colonial Marines
21 Giraffeman Battlefield 3 (Beta)
22 Swing Set Catapult - GTA 4
23 Hercules Check - NHL 13
24 Meta Knight Super Down B - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
25 Breakdance Police Cars - Driver 3
26 All support playable in Naruto Storm Generations

Support-only playable characters in Naruto can be playable with a glitch

27 Eating Baby Mario - Yoshi's Island
28 Demon Baby - The Sims
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