Top 10 Funniest Video Game Moments


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1 The Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day The Great Mighty Poo is a fictional character appearing in the 2001 video game Conker's Bad Fur Day. He is a giant, opera-singing pile of feces that appears as a boss in the sloprano chapter.

While this entire game was extremely immature (not even fully mentioning this scene) it didn't stop itself from being the funniest game ever. - kempokid

It's funny... Crap is producing music, while modern mainstream musicians are producing crap.

2 Girlfriend - Brütal Legend
3 Dr. Nefarious' Audition For Galactic Idol - Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
4 Francis Dates Peach - Super Paper Mario

"I love going on message boards and complaining about games I've never played! " This game is great.

5 Hellevator Music - Earthworm Jim
6 Andy Forgets What An Airport Is - Advance Wars
7 Getting Dunked On - Undertale

Why oh why Sans? ;-; I got rekt

Geeet dunked on!
if we are really friends, you won't come back.

8 Rainbow Road - F-Zero X
9 Beedle Expressing His Gratitude - Zelda: Wind Waker
10 Wario's New House Is A Birdhouse - Wario Land

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11 Buckle Your Pants - BattleBlock Theater
12 Riki's Introduction Scene - Xenoblade Chronicles
13 Reyn's English Voice - Xenoblade Chronicles

Now it's Reyn time!

14 Knocking Out Mysterio In One Hit - Spider-Man 2

I will destroy you utterly, human. you will... blah blah blah lets fight 5 seconds later, ahhh plese don't hurt me, really funny.

15 Isaac Washington's Severe Swearing Problem - House Of The Dead: Overkill
16 "Toodle-LOO!" - Kid Icarus Uprising
17 "You know, those happy pills work a whole lot better if you grind them up and inject them into the folds of your scrotum!" - MadWorld
18 Funky Kong's Voice - Mario Kart Wii
19 Killing Ganon In One Hit - Zelda CD-i
20 All Toasters Toast Toast - Hotel Mario
21 Balls Of Brass - Conker's Bad Fur Day
22 Getting Drunk And Urinating All Over People - Conker's Bad Fur Day
23 Still Alive - Portal
24 Bad Endings - Wario Land 4
25 Luigi Wins And Gets Absolutely Nothing - Luigi's Mansion
26 Beating Up Hippies - Earthbound
27 Reconstructed Fassad - Mother 3
28 Stretching Lesser Dog's Neck - Undertale
29 Alphys X Amalgamates - Undertale
30 "Just goes to show, BRAWN is better than BRAINS!" - Xenoblade Chronicles
31 The Mustard Of Your Doom - Mario & Luigi
32 Kefka's Death - Dissidia Final Fantasy
33 Captain Qwark's Personal Hygienator Commercial - Ratchet & Clank
34 Courtney Gears' Music Video - Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
35 Dr. Nefarious' Death - Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time
36 Banson Battle - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
37 Birdie The Scarecrow - Conker's Bad Fur Day
38 "It's-a me, Mario!" - Assassin's Creed 2
39 Gary Turns Out To Be The Easiest Boss In The Game - Bully
40 Alphys Roleplaying As Undyne - Undertale
41 Mettaton Crossdressing And Singing A Love Song - Undertale
42 Dating Alphys - Undertale
43 Dating Undyne - Undertale
44 Dating Papyrus - Undertale
45 Sans Literally Using Nothing As His Special Attack - Undertale
46 Snow-skeletons - Undertale
47 Sans refusing to pick up his sock - Undertale
48 Mettaton Revealing Alphys' Crushes On Live TV - Undertale
49 Shooting Face McShooty In The Face - Borderlands 2
50 Butt Stallion - Borderlands 2
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