Worst Games for the Nintendo DS

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1 Elf Bowling

Animal Crossing: Wild World is on here? It is by far the best DS game. It keeps sucking you in and it's really fun, but the best part is, it never ends!

I didn't think I was going to vote in this list. Then I saw this and thought "oh yes, it's that ridiculous game I played once".

What a stupid game! I always ask my friend to delete this game. This is worse than kicking someone's butt.

This game is so bad that I would jump off Mount Everest than play this game or brake my ds instead!


There are a lot of games on here that don't deserve to be here. This isn't one of them. Why? Because it makes you have to pay for what's essentially picto-chat. Yeah, I'll stick to it being free thanks.

This game shouldn't have been multiplayer only.

This is like ping pals.

3 Pokemon Dash

Pokemon Dash may be a bad first party game, but there are a buncha terrible bootleg games out there. This is a bad game, but it's not the worst.

If it weren't for the bad touch controls in this game, Pokemon Dash wouldn't be in this list!

4 Deal or No Deal

I got this game on the R4 and it's just a ridiculous concept making a DS game from a popular show. There's limited gameplay, it gets very boring after a while and I'm just not a fan of it at all.

I owned this game as a kid, I remember it being quite boring.

My Mum had the UK version with Noel Edmunds. I assume it the same game with a different guy on the front and different colours etc (UK has red boxes.)
I voted because I don't like seeing New a Super a Mario Bros on the list, although I think it's a joke.

Not even once

5 Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue
6 Disney's Planes
7 Pokemon Ranger

Okay I think this is the worst in the trilogy but I think it is a great spin off series. Now while the idea sounds stupid the story in the games are great! But the capture system in this game is not good. Also the sequel was my first Pokemon game and I really liked it. It's sort of like Pokemon rumble in my opinion how the first game was okay but the sequels were great! While I don't like this particular game I do think the series is really good in fact the third Pokemon ranger is one of my favorite games ever and the stories are dark and great so stop hating on this spin off series.

It has no point and no end! All you do is make circles over a Pokemon for 1 minute, and bravo you caught a Pokemon that's going to have to leave soon.

Why would you put a Pokemon game made for the DS on a bad game list of games for the DS? Apart from the bootleg Pokemon games and the Pokemon TCGO, there are no bad Pokemon games!

This was extremely boring with a crappy design. Almia is ten times better than this .

8 The Incredible Hulk
9 Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash
10 Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 March of Minis

This is one of the only games on this list I think is pretty much crap.

This game shouldn't be here. It is awesome!

I love this game! This shouldn't be on here!

No this was great

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11 Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (DS)

Yes it's the worst

12 Iron Man 2 (DS)

I reckoned the game was great. I don't see what's so bad...

13 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Defiance
14 Bolt (DS)

Why is Ratatoullie: The Videogame way more common than Bolt: The Videogame? The mobile version is even more low quality than this. The mobile version only takes less than 10 minutes to beat.

If you buy the limited edition, you get 5 extra levels not part of the main game.

I own this game... and I do not even want to remember playing it.

15 Powerpuff Girls Z the Game

I knew at the instant that this is probably Japan exclusive.

16 Lego Battles: Ninjago

Good Show, bad game

This game is as confusing as Theme Park when it comes to the boss levels which were made almost impossible on purpose. If you search how do I beat act 1 level 6 of this game, a few people will say it is impossible. I am considering selling this due to the amount of confusion and boredom this game has brought me to and I only got it as part as a 3 preowned games on discontinued consoles for $15 deal because there was nothing else that interested me otherwise I had to pay $3 more to buy only the game I was looking for and it definitely was not this. This would have to be 4th in the top 5 worst games of my opinion as shown below:

1. Fortnite Battle Royale
2. Race With Ryan
3. Theme Park DS
4. This game
5. Love is in Bloom

And the 2nd worst game I have ever played. Another list of the worst games I ever played are below:

1. Theme Park (Too confusing and suicide game over in the ps1 counterpart)
2. This (Boss levels too confusing)
3. Super Mario Bros* ...more

17 King Kong

I got this game thinking it would be awesome. After I finished I was like... no... the hell is this! I threw it out the window, wet it, smashed it with a hammer and let my little brother play with the little pieces to use as a garbage for his toy trash truck!

Just terrible graphics, hit detection and controls.

This is no fun at all

18 Bigfoot: Collision Course
19 Petz
20 New Super Mario Brothers

This is a really good game, in my opinion! I mean, each to their own, but, while the story is still the same as the other Mario Bros. games, the cool power-ups, good graphics and fun gameplay make it, all in all, a great game.

I think this should not be on this list because it's a pretty good game. If you agree with me say something positive about this game. I hope you agree bye

Definitely not. I'd argue that this game is actually the best one in the New Super Mario Bros Series. It's a simple, but fun little platformer that remains fun every time I play it.

Are you KIDDING me? This is anything, but a bad game. IGN gave it a 9.5 out of 10! Who would do such a thing?

21 Brain Age

The glitchy number-reading was enough for me... it thought my 7 was a 9. Methinks it's time for Brain Age to get a brain of it's own.

This game is enjoyable despite it lasting less than an hour.

When will they make a new Dr Kawashima's Brain Training game on the Switch?

22 House, M.D.

Really they made a game of an adult series on Fox about a professional doctor? You gotta be kidding me...Games are for kids...What now?! Business Mario Trading?!

"Games are for kids"

Says this about a game rated T for TEEN.

23 Animal Crossing: Wild World

This was the first Animal Crossing game I ever played, and I've been addicted to the series ever since. I'm sorry, but if you find this boring, you probably aren't the target demographic

You gotta be kidding me...

24 My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party

I remember playing this game once on my sister's DS when I was really young.

This game is the reason the earth will end some day.

Does...it is...is this game about the old MLP? The one that was 3 times better than the old one?...Yo...or it is not?

25 Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
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